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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Those of you who practice tarot card reading,would you mind giving me a reading?

Serious only

I’m not looking for answers like the bible says this and Jesus said that.This question only applies to those who practice tarot card readings.
Tarot card reading is a spiritual practice.Please only apply if you intend on doing a reading.

Answer by willblueeyes26
Then you should go to mythology&folklore


Answer by bclehnert
Technically, all religion should be in mythology and folklore, seeing as its brainwash. But to your question, I wish I knew how too, it seems interesting.

Answer by dani_kin
I do a lot of tarot reading, and i can’t do a reading for you over the internet, it jus wont work. In order for it to really work, you need to physically touch the cards before we start, kinda like imprinting them with your spirit. Also, a lot of tarot is like therapy. I’ll tell you what the card means, and then we’ll discuss issues from your life and past that might be relevent to it, then move on to the next, and try to tie that card to the previous ones. You also need to be able to see the cards for youself in order to really understand them.

Tarot doesn’t “tell you your future”, it is a tool to clarify yourself and your present with some suggestions about which direction to move. Don’t buy into anyone who tells you otherwise or who claims to be able to do it over the net/phone or wants to charge you money.

If you’re ever in Madison WI, I’ll give you a tarot reading. But if not, sorry.

You might want to think about getting into tarot yourself, cut out the middle man. There is a great website for things tarot, might help you get started.

Answer by chrysalystic
I can do readings online and have for many years. Please contact me privately and I would be happy to read cards for you.

Answer by peternal
You have a bright future!

Answer by Steppenwolf
Yes,Yes, I can see your reading now and it says you are going to go to Hell if you don’t change your ways.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does any one else pick up messages from TAROT cards?

Hi I pick up “messages” from tarot cards, I’m very opened minded, and can pick up messages within messages etc.

Does any one else have the same gift? And can you explain?

Please only answer if you have used tarot cards, if not I will report you.

Answer by Furious Unicorn
No tarot cards are nothing but bits of cardboard with pictures on, if you are getting messages they are from your own imagination only.

It is not a gift to imagine things that are not true.

It is not permitted by Y/A to threaten other users with reports or to say who may or may not answer your question.

Answer by Not a Member
I used Tarot Cards for 20 years… and then I found I no longer needed them to “see” what I saw. They are simply a tool for training the mind to pay attention to the intuition.

Answer by Adrian

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Relavance of tarot cards to fifth buisness (robertson davis)?

i have to do an english essay on how charecters reflect cretain tarot cards and i was wonderin if any body could help just some ideas would be greatly apreciated and any good quotes would probably get you an automatic best answer thank you soo much whoever answers this

Answer by Graybeard
I’m not sure what you’re asking. Tarot card reading is a complete fraud. There is no truth to it at all, and the cards themselves have no meaning whatsoever. WWW.CSICOP.COM might help.

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Tarot Card Readings for Wednesday, 17th April 2013 – All Sun Signs

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