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This is strange.

I had a dream the other night that I saw 2 20p pieces on the ground that were really shiny. Then a woman popped up and said ”can I have one” I said yes and gave her one, she said ”this is for good luck”

as I looked at her she had tarot cards in her hand but they werent neat, just all messy in her hand, she was head to toe in purple, purple long skirt, top, jacket and a necklace made of purple shiny gems/beads, she had grey/platinum/blonde hair.

Years ago I was told by a psychic if you see random playing cards in the street have a look and see what they are and they mean something.
Well the morning after that dream, I got on the bus and on my seat was a playing card – 6 of spades!! what does this mean please?

thank you

Answer by many owls
wow,i wouldnt even guess.
but ill bet its going to become clear
one day.
it always does

Answer by erisian trubble
Challenges regarding communications, also, possibility of sudden travel under unexpected circumstances.

Answer by chlo_chlo
the 6 of spades would be the 6 of swords in tarot cards. . . heres what it means

General Description
The 6 of Swords shows a change through which we reach new shores. As a card of parting, it falls between the joyful departure of the hero, as shown by the Chariot (VII) and leavetaking with a heavy heart, which is represented by the 8 of Cups. For this present card, it is very much dependent upon us whether the indicated change makes us excited and curious, or whether we experience it fearfully. In any case, it deals with our reaching new shores and having to leave the old ones, without knowing what is really waiting for us on the other side. In this respect, it shows the grief of parting, insecurities, fears, and worries, but also a certain curiosity and tension about what is to come. It is important to see that this new land that we are approaching does not necessarily mean leaving our existing situation. It could just as well indicate an inner step: entering new areas, learning the unknown rules of the game, unfamiliar ways of life, or encountering other cultures and religions. In the I Ching and mythology, crossing water always means the step from plurality to unity.


Moving away from turbulence towards calmer times.

Answer by MelanieJade
What a cool dream! I am a professional tarot reader, and in tarot, the 6 of spades is the 6 of swords. When combining the generic message of the card with the uplifting message of your dream, I would say it means that you are headed toward an easier time in your life. Things have been rough in the past, but you’re moving toward experiencing more peace and “good luck”, especially in financial matters (based on a card I just picked out for you and the coins in the dream). If you’ve been concerned about your finances lately, take heart because everything is moving in a positive direction.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone help me with the meanings of the Tarot cards mentioned in The Night Circus?

I don’t read Tarot, but I did read The Night Circus. I’m writing an essay for school on the symbolism in the Night Circus, and am having a hard time figuring out the meanings of some of the Tarot cards mentioned, but I know they are significant to the story. So I was wondering if any of you either read Tarot cards or the Night Circus and had any ideas on that that could help me out?
Specifically, The Tower-I was wondering if that could relate to a cruel “game” the main characters are forced to play or the end of two characters’ romance-and Temperance/The Angel, which is mentioned often in the book, yet I still don’t quite understand its significance.
Thanks so much for your time and help!

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
I read tarot, never read The Night Circus.

It’s fairly easy to look up possible meanings of the cards. Here is a website by the ATA (American Tarot Association) that lists some ways of looking at and interpreting the cards: http://www.ata-tarot.com/resource/cards/

Quickly, though:

The Tower – This card often represents a crisis. It usually depicts a lightening-struck tower in flames with people falling to (presumably) their deaths. The messages behind this card can be many, but one that always comes up when I see the card is that it is dangerous to build towers on poor foundations. The Tower is sometimes associated with the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, the idea that human pride and hubris can cause us to try to build things or assume things or create things that go against the wishes of God or against the tendancies of nature… The Tower card shows us that such assumptions or institutions or aspects of our lives that are built on poor foundations or faulty assumptions or pride alone will inevitably crumble. This can be very traumatic or very freeing, depending on whether you can land on your feet again after the fall. (I wouldn’t be surprised to see this card come up when a relationship ends if that relationship was founded on misunderstanding.)

Temperance – The title of this card gives away much of the meaning. What is temperance? Moderation? Balance? The traditional image on this card is that of an angel (usually thought to be the Archangel Michael) performing the ritual of temperance (“tempering” water by pouring hot water into cold and back again until both cups hold luke-warm water.) It signifies a particular kind of balance… taking two opposing extremes and merging them until neither extreme exists any longer to be replaced by something moderate, in-between and, often, easier to deal with.

Hope that helps and good luck with your paper!

Answer by Edward O
You say you don’t read tarot cards- good for you. Make your essay about “The Night Circus” mentioning that you don’t read tarot cards because you don’t dabble in dark magic (or you can word it in whichever way you like i.e. satanic.)

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The Tower – A Video Description of the Tower Tarot Card

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