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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : The 10 of cups tarot card everytime i shuffle the pack i pull the same card out?

I have asked my cards the question how is live goibg to be for me soon? How is life going to be for me soon? And everytime i pull the card out of all of the tarot cards i pull the 10 of cups this has happned 3 times and it has freaked me out. What does it mean? And how long will it take to happen?


Answer by Genuine Female Behind My Avatar
10 of cups is a great card. It indicates happiness and soon. While one cannot always predict timing with the tarot, I believe it will be soon, as little as 10 days from the date you asked.

Answer by Epiphanies from the Dark Tarot
Upright – 10 of cups is ultimate happiness. It’s mostly a card of family, but it’s also a card that flat out says “life is good and nothing can rain on my parade.”

Was it upright all 3 times?

If it was reversed on the other hand it’s telling you to appreciate the little things in life, like the stuff you may take for granted everyday.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I buy tarot cards in the Bergen County area, New Jersey?

I live in a small town right next to Passaic, and I’m dying to get tarot cards. I don’t really want to get them online or from places such as Barnes and Noble. Anyone have any idea? I don’t really care about price range.

Answer by loufinlay
OK you need to decide what deck first… Radiant rider waite are a good started… but take a look at www.aeclectic.com – you can see samples from 100’s of deck.. they also have links to places to buy them – mostly online shops i’m afraid but getting the right deck choice is important ­čÖé
I dont know anywhere in NJ sorry

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
The best place to buy Tarot cards is at a New Age or Metaphysical bookstore. They always have them. The choices you have will depend on the size of the store.

A good idea is to find a deck you like and then the bookstore can order them if they are not in stock. www.aeclectictarot.com is an excellent site to compare decks.

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