Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot: What does the death card in reverse position mean?

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Answer by PaulCyp
It means you have the deck upside down. Which provides just as much real information as holding it right side up.

Answer by Amber
um. I think it means….life? I’m not sure.

Answer by Stephanie K
Total panic and disruption will be around the person’s life. Inform them there is a light at the end of the tunnel and they should keep battling.

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Answer by MissDementia
The Death card doesn’t represent actual death. It represents Change. I read runes, so my experience with the Tarot is limited, but I would imagine the reverse or opposite of Change would be Stasis. Stasis – things staying the same.

Answer by sunshineview
It represents out with the old and in with the new influences. Change.

Answer by Sakura Chan
There’s a lot of things it could mean. Tarot cards tend to answer a person on a personal level, so you should read into it while thinking about your own life.

But traditionally it means the beginning of something natural. Maybe a new relationship or something; a lot of times it deals with usefulness

Answer by Boba Fett
What do you think? Tarot cards are paper and ink. Enjoy the pretty pictures but they don’t know anything and they couldn’t tell you if they did.

You’re so gullible.

Answer by vid
People–both readers and querents alike–are often afraid when the Death card pops up. However, the more experience/knowledge the reader has they realize that the Death card doesn’t usually mean physical death. I say usually because I do know when this card is next to one or two certain other cards it can indicate physical death, but that is rare and most readers will never see this happen.

The Death card reversed usually means–this is generic since I don’t know if you would like just what it means for finances, romance, etc.–the person might be trying to resist an inevitable change. The person could also be delaying or avoiding the end of something. By doing this they could be prolonging their pain. Also, it can indicate that a person might have fascination with death.

This card often represents worry and distress and it’s usually concerning something that is considered bad or harmful by the querent. They could also feel as if something or someone is pestering or plaguing them.

Concerning health, again, this doesn’t usually mean death, it usually can be an indicator of menopause, constipation, infectious diseases–primarily STDs–and also surgery. Getting too much sleep is also indicated by this card. I mention the health aspects because as you can see it’s far from the meaning of physical death and I wanted to show you that.

Generic keywords can be stagnation, immobility, pessimism, depression. The end or the destruction of hopes, dreams, and/or plans. Keep in mind that the reversal of this card is usually more likely to be about a more pessimistic attitude or state of mind instead of something actually happening.

I hope I’ve helped you. I do not allow people to email me, so I do not have my email available for people on here to email me.

Answer by tarot_realms
Death card reversed means that you are holding yourself back from maturity, or growing. You could find it difficult transitioning into the next phase of life. It could also mean that you are back from the dead, or have been resurrected in some sense. You could be feeling that someone is suffocating you to ‘death’.

What were you asking when you drew the card really holds a lot of weight too, into how we would interpret the card. These are only traditional meanings, but it could mean something completely different depending on your situation.

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Marcus

That would depend on what card position the cards was in?

On the whole it is quite a positive card.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the chances this one will be a boy?

I had a miscarriage almost 4 years ago. Since then I have had two beautiful girls. I am now 9 weeks with my forth pregnancy. I will be happy with what ever God gives me and be very happy that it will be healthy, but whats the chances that this could be a little boy? I know that there is a 50/50 chance, but I would really like to have a boy. Is it a greater chance to be a boy? I cant wait to find out, I just not sure about the if you have this many girls or that many boys than chances are stuff. Any answeres are nice and I know that only an u/s or brith will tell, but I just wanted to know some chances. Thanks and I wish everyone that is pregnant to have happy and healthy pregnancies and babies!!!
I know its a 50/50 chance as I have already said. I just didnt know that if I had two girls already that that would make it more likly to turn out a girls or not. I has heard that the more of the same sex you have the greater the chance to have that sex again. I didnt know if there was any truth to that or not.

Answer by redpeach_mi
no way to know what you are having. it’s all up to your husband.

Answer by makin_the_same_mistakes
actually, it’s about a 49% chance of being a boy, the same as with any pregnancy. having already had two girls doesn’t make any difference

Answer by Erika
The number of previous pregnancies has no effect on the gender of this baby. It’s all just a matter of whether an X or Y sperm reaches your egg first, strictly 50/50

Answer by puppy
50 – 50% like anyother pregnancy

Answer by crazyjmommy
It really is always a 50/50 chance. Try to remain open to either gender and not get too attached to one wish because you will get whatever you get, not neccessarily what you wish for. I hope your baby is healthy and you too.

Answer by Marketa
I went to tarot card reader, she told me I was pregnant with a boy and she was right {my pregnancy wasn’t planned, I laught at her when she told me that, but week later I found out I was really pregnant – I got pregnant on birth control pills}. Also the old wives tales say that if you crave sweets in the beginning, it is a girl and if salty and sour foods, it is a boy.


Answer by luv3dbb
LOL you never know!! I have 4 sets of friends that have 3 kids

set # 1 had 2 girls first then they had a boy

sets #2 – 4 had 2 girls then had a 3rd girl

with the experience I’ve had I would say it is a girl, but you never know!!

Congratulations and good luck!!!!!!!!

Answer by motherhendoulas
Its not 49% its actually 50.5% – 51% There is a slightly higher incidence of boys born….at every age cohort, males are more likely to die… it’s thought that ‘Mother Nature’ evens the odds by making more baby boys. But that is not a happy thought to dwell on….there are some men who make only one-sexed sperm…like Henry the 8th!
Good Luck….try the math board for statistical significance!

Answer by Dawn D
Nope, there is no way to figure out the odds. Also, just because you’ve had girls is no determination that the next will be a boy. A friend of mine had four girls and finally, and accidently, I might add on her 5th baby she ended up with a boy. Luck of the draw.

Sex of the baby is determined by the husband since he has that Y chromosome.

Looking though family history doesn’t really tell you anything either, unless twins run in the family. Other than that, sex of the baby is pretty much a guessing game.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can horoscopes really be used to predict the future? Or is it just pure nonsense?

How does it work?
Is there any science behind it?
I don’t want to step on peoples’ beliefs. I wish there was a way to accurately predict the future, but if there’s a system that can do this; I want to know how it works and whether it’s reliable.
Ok, James. My DOB is August 4th 1986. What am I gonna have for breakfast tomorrow?

Answer by James
I have a PhD in Astrology, and I can tell you, it works. I actually knew you’d ask this question, and I just copied and pasted this from a text file on my computer. I typed this up and saved it, waited a week, and then opened the file and went to Yahoo! Answers and found your question.

It’s all about complex astronomical observations, and meticulously keeping track of the positions and changes. It’s a lot of work, but you can potentially see anything in the future, if you know where in the sky to look and take enough time.

EDIT: There is a system, and it is reliable, but it isn’t something you can learn in five minutes. If you spend hours learning about it every day it will be years and years before you can predict that it will rain tomorrow. Even I couldn’t predict your additional details, and I’ve been doing this for 32+ years.

Answer by pUnK LoyAL GrL
Yes . Stars and horoscopes predict our future that may be happen in future but it does mean that they forcing us to do such things . Its only a prediction about what is good for us , what may happen in future , which time is good or bad for us … And rest depends upon our hardwork too

Answer by vitriol
In my opinion (and from my experience), astrology cannot and does not imply that it can predict the future, but is can tell you what sort of influences you have in certain areas of your life at any given time depending on your own personal chart (which is why simply looking at your Sun sign’s astrological forecast isn’t very accurate). For instance, it can tell you when is a good or a bad time to set out pursuing something new in an area of your life, or when you will be challenged a certain area of your life. But if you don’t actually take any action, the stars won’t make things happen for you! I see a lot of people here asking when they will get married according to their chart. Well, even if they have the most positive astrological influences, if they don’t go out of their home and meet that “special someone” they won’t be able to find him/her: s/he won’t come knocking on their door simply because the stars are offering a positive influence for meeting someone new πŸ˜‰

In order to accurately predict the future, we would have to assume that the future is written in stone and that we cannot change it. That would be extremely fatalistic and I have never heard a professional astrologer claim that what will happen in our lives is dependent on the stars. Even in tarot readings, the cards are showing you what influences are around you and it is up to you or the reader to know through wisdom and intuition which events can and which cannot be changed by our actions. In other words, no one can predict what you will or will not have for breakfast tomorrow; that’s up to you πŸ˜‰

I cannot say if astrology is a science as in order to scientifically test its reliability, a series of statistical tests and inferences would need to be conducted. But the theory behind forecasts has to do with the placement of each planet in one of the constellations (zodiac signs), and in which House of your astrological chart you have that constellation (zodiac sign) and therefore the planet at that given time. For example Mercury is thought to be the planet of communication and at the moment is in the constellation of Leo. Depending on in which House of your astrological chart you have Leo, Mercury would be influencing that area of your life. If, for instance, you have Leo in the 4th House of home and family, Mercury there would indicate that you are likely to have discussions with your family, getting closer to them, or feeling very warm and cozy in your home, having people visit you in your home, talking about moving home etc etc.

I had once heard an astrologer use an analogy and talk about how the Moon has the power to cause the sea’s tides. Our bodies are 60% water. So according to this astrologer, the planets have an influence on us just like the Moon has an influence over the sea. That doesn’t exactly sound as scientific to me ;P BUT, I have made astrological charts for a number of people and have had a lot of people asking me to tell them about the personality of their Sun sign, and in every occasion they told me that I was very accurate in describing how they really are. And I don’t think it was a case of confirmation bias or cognitive dissonance as many of these people would have loved to prove me wrong πŸ˜‰ Plus, my descriptions weren’t just about the good qualities of their Sun sign’s personality so it wasn’t a case of them being flattered and willing to accept ANY complement no matter how inaccurate. All in all, I don’t know how it works, I just know it does.

Just my opinion.

Answer by Intothecrossfire
It’s not so much about prdeicting your future, like you are suggesting with that question at the end of the paragraph, but more about predicting what characteristics / features a person might have. It may also give you some insight into what sort of paths would suit you better, and even details about your personality, or how you come across to others.

If you don’t believe in it, fine; but maybe try it first before you dismiss it as bullsh*t.
Here are some good websites to check your astrology charts. It’s easy and it’s quick, so just give it a try.

Answer by SaggiMC
Scientific evidence validating astrology

β€œThe following are some of the scientific discoveries that have validated astrological concepts:

(1) Serial killers can be identified through a person’s astrological birth chart.
(2) There is a correlation between a person’s chosen profession and their astrological birth chart.
(3) Mental illness can be predicted by astrology.
(4) Fetuses might be affected by the movement of the sun, moon, and planets as they interfere with the Earth’s magnetic field which may have an influence on the fetuses occupation later in life.
(5) Women can use the lunar cycle for purposes of contraception.
(6) Many terrestrial phenomena are influenced by electromagnetic and gravitational effects originating within the solar system.
(7) Sun spot activity affects the molecular structure of water.
(8) Sun spot activity affects the molecular structure of blood.
(9) Potatoes, rats, fiddler crabs, and oysters are all governed by lunar periods.
(10) A theoretical model using principles of mathematics and physics may account for human consciousness and process as it relates to the zodiac.
(11) The concept of karma was demonstrated to be a reality in a study which confirmed that acting selflessly has rewards.”

Validity of astrology thread;_ylt=AuqIgftGkJMH30sGzXP6bVfty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120420012737AAPfCwm

Is astrology respected by a good portion of people, or not?

Is anyone else sick of people bashing sun signs?;_ylt=AmuMlYzOnMpuMTBtiqiQ5RM8.Bd.;_ylv=3?qid=20120603165304AAYIAyc

Why do people come in the HOROSCOPE section expect to convert people?;_ylt=AoNnHFI.opISuv2XRvuIiQQ8.Bd.;_ylv=3?qid=20120812235425AAhy9vS

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