Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : TAROT READERS? Please? I’m hopeless..:/ I just need one reading please?

About my future.
My name is Katie. :/
And please don’t tell me online readings aren’t possible i’ve had them and they were accurate so far

Answer by Amethyst Moon
email me off list

Answer by Misunderstood Romulan
Why don’t you pick up a pack of Tarot Cards for yourself? They are easy to learn, and many come with a guide book. You can order them online like at or are sometimes in stock at your local Barnes and Nobel or on occasion at Borders.

Answer by DearDeath3
East and West have great stuff like that too

Answer by Tigger
Your Name is Katie

You will be successful in what ever you do

This is a Free Reading for you

Answer by vid
Online readings are possible, but it’s rude to ask for a free one because you are asking a person to use their energy and time for you. You wouldn’t ask a car mechanic to give you a free oil change would you?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Looking for a palm readers or a mediums or dream interpreters Advice?

M name is Antonio born Dec, 10th ,1991, left handed
every since i was young there has always been something different about , Ive always been the stay to myself type , been very calm and relaxed, i have visions ,well i don’t know if you could call them visions they are more like signs , when i was 16 my mother died about six months prior to that i had performed a tarot card reading i got the death card , i think if i remember correctly if i read it right that is said soon my life was going to go thru a change i BIG change which it really did my life took a whole 360 after my mother died change of schools change of houses Etc , also the night before my mother passed away i began to get vibes that weren’t normal , i was sitting in my room watching TV , i kept channel surfing and i noticed everything had to do with death , when i found a channel to watch there was this guy , it was some show about therapy he was crying about how when he was a young boy his mother passed away and how much he missed his mother , then i thought to myself what would i do if i lost my my mother, and sadly enough the next day on November,23rd,2008 she died ,
also there has been an occurance in the past on the birth of my mother, march 24th 1969, my grandmother stated that she seen the grim reaper , she said she was holding my mother and he held his arm out reaching for her .

i talked to my mother about the visions i was once having , i told her that i sat in my room and i imagined opening a present on Christmas day and that Christmas it all came true , i was wearing the same outfit , the scenery was the same everything was the same as i imagined it it was like i made it happen every detail was the same down to the wrapping paper of the present i was opening . she didn’t think much but she said it happens to her too

another weird thing also happened when i was younger , my mother told me , she was driving in the car with my aunt , they were driving in the back-rodes of the dark cornfields lost they were playing music loud then all of the sudden there were voices she couldn’t understand these voices neither did my aunt my whatever it was it scared the shit out of them

another odd thing that recently that has occurred to me was when i was in new york city , i was 19 in a big city all by myself , i had just had a huge break-up with my lover so i was very vulnerable i met someone online he said i could hang with him , i spent a week hanging out with crazy people i didn’t know but i wasn’t afraid of anything , the day i was leaving i was on the subway i was very sleepy at the time but i heard my mothers voice loud and clear she said ” Antonio Be Careful” i immediate woke up with chills looking for my mother but of coarse she wasn’t , i got off the subway and there was a guy he approached me i was already running late for my greyhound , the guy tried to lure me into the mens bathroom he said he needed help with something all i could do was think of my mothers voice , i told him to go find someone else , about 10 minutes later the guy came back very persistent and tried to lure me into the bathroom again i rejected again , and got on the bus , when i arrived in Chicago i was in the greyhound station i over heard the news , about the number of recent victims who were being robbed and pic pocketed and stabbed in the men’s bathroom at the port authority bus terminal they had a picture of the guy who looked exactly like individual who tried to lure me into the bathroom ,
i don’t know if anyone can help me figure out these odd things that happen i don’t know what to call it i know this all may sound very bizarre to some but im just looking for answers

Answer by planner
it doesn’t sound bizarre to me since i have been having such things happen to me all my life. the thing you need to realize here is that satan is after you to try to get you to be part of his camp, but the things that are happening to you are because you have a prophetic calling from God.

satan’s counterfit to God’s calling is the tarot card and spiritualist route, but God wants you to follow and serve him with the gifts and callings he has given you, which is going to require you to surrender your life to him through Jesus Christ.

if you continue to follow satan’s counterfit spiritualist route you will end up being deceived and deceiving others, all the while thinking it is not deception, because satan is the father of lies and a master at deception.

but if you give your life to the Lord and allow him to perfect your gifts and callings and move through you, you will end up doing great good in your life and receive eternal rewards for it.

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