Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot readers help: Can anyone tell me when is it that i am going to leave the country in which i am living?

Am I going to leave any time soon and what will be the consequences of such a change of residence. Seriously. I need HELP!

Answer by Hippie of Awesomeness
I cannot read your fortune unless you’re present or you have your fortune read, you list the cards in your question, and you want me to interpret it.

Answer by Celtess
cast the cards, silly. if you can’t, find someone who can- like me.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : okay a question about my new tarot cards?

i just bought some tarot card from the local book shop but i’ve been having second thoughts about them ever since. i tried to use them once but its just i don’t like the artwork and that dislike distracts me.
is it bad that i don’t like them like that? where can i buy better ones that anyone would like to recommend?
also is it necessary to ground yourself after using tarot cards?

Answer by Liberal AssKicker
I use pinnocle cards, myself. They work just as well.

(Come on! Aren’t you smarter than a pack of hardened paper? Do you REALLY need some inanimate objects to tell you how to live or is it just a party favor?)

Answer by Miss Nikki
its not bad it just means you don’t have a connection with them. i would google pagan shops in your area, if you live in the denver area message me and i can point you in the right direction.

i’ve never grounded myself but i’m kinda new to the religion.

Answer by Ishtar
It really does work better if you have a set of cards with art you like. Most stores that sell them have sample cards you can look at to find a set with pictures you can relate to. There are also web sites that have pictures of cards to look at.

I always ground before and after reading, and clear the cards in between readings if I’m doing several people one after another.

Answer by Young Buck
I have several friends who use tarot cards, I don’t follow them, but from my understanding, the best deck to purchase is the one that “screams” at you, like it says “Hey! Use me you twit”! That was the explanation I got. My best guess would be to find a Pagan shop of sorts, or even online. And grounding, though I’m not familiar with the terminology, my friends say they ground themselves after they use there decks. Again, this is second hand information, so it may not be as accurate as others here.

Answer by vid
Well, it does help to like the artwork. I would suggest the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck as that is a great deck for beginners. Also, you might not have a connection yet with your cards. Many readers often suggest sleeping with a new deck under your pillow for a few nights, and I do this as well. Although there are some readers out there that don’t believe in it. The wonderful thing about Tarot is there are no rules. You do what makes you feel comfortable. If that deck makes you uncomfortable, get a new one. I do suggest the RWS deck though as it’s one of the best out there. I have numerous decks, but I always go back to the RWS deck.

You can buy decks online. I often will buy new decks from either or–depending on which has the deck I want for cheaper. Plus you can look at some sample card images at amazon, but not all the time. If you find a deck that might appeal to you, but there really aren’t many pictures of it, you can always do a search for that deck’s images! Hope that helps…

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Michelle

You will not be the only Tarot enthusiast to buy a deck which you dislike the artwork off.

Spend some time with them & you may find that they are not as bad as you first thought!

It isn’t bad that you do not like them in any way, it is simply a sign that 1: the art is not to your taste or 2: you have been brought up to believe that they are bad, which is making you find fault.

Relax with them & spend time looking at them & shuffling them for now.


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