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Tarot question for experienced readers?
ok I am looking for a card to signify a man who is 53—blue eyes–salt and pepper hair (mostly dark and curly) and born under the sign of Aquarius.
The King of wands is blonde/blue but the signs do not mesh—and the king of swords is aq. but the looks do not mesh.
Personality: smart, affectionate…controlling….and nasty if crossed. But he is not nasty otherwise…very into cars and collects watches…
just trying to give a bit of back round because I struggle with this each time I do a reading….thank you!!
he is fair skinned btw—-not olive and tall….6 foot one—and a tad overweight

Answer by Marina
You don’t pick the cards, the cards present themselves to you. I’m not sure why you’re trying to do this….the card would automatically come through for this person if he was a factor in the reading, wouldn’t it? I have a hard time reading the cards for myself. I tend to manipulate them to get the outcome I’m seeking.

Answer by Put on ur big girl panties!
I would say to go with the King of Cups as his significator. That card is symbolic of the warmth and affection in the man, not so much his intellect and physical appearance, or his zodiac.

For example, my normal significator is Queen of Pentacles..I am a Capricorn and this is representative of my zodiac.
But my rising and Mars are in Pisces, and the cups best express my emotional nature, so I will use Queen of Cups when I’m asking a love question, or something emotions related.
I also have Moon in Aquarius, which aligns with Swords, so sometimes, when I’m asking a question I will use the Queen of Swords.
So, you don’t need to struggle so much with the significator if it doesn’t match the person’s appearance. One of those Kings should “jump out” at you as the right one, regardless of suit, and that one is the right one.

Answer by Lillith

I do not associate physical features to cards when trying to apply them to a person.
I work with the basic nature of the individual as well as what they are astrologically.
One can use the Sun sign, in your case Aquarius, or the rising sign. You know the time and place of birth? This will provide you with the rising sign.
As an a Aquarius- I would choose something from the suit that corresponds with Air.
Aquarius is an Air sign, and typically Swords is the Air suit, but depending upon the deck you use, this could be a different suit.
Just because this is an older man, does not make him a King, if, as a man, he is more ‘nurturing’ as in ‘motherly’ he could be a Queen (not queer! – let’s be real now people).
You may also want to consider using the Star card to represent him, for the Star associates with the sign of Aquarius.
Are you looking for him/his card to show up in a reading? Or are you looking for a significator for him?

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Okay, HI everyone
I made a spread for my self
Question: How will I meet my first love?
Celtic spread
1. 7 Pentacles
2. The Fool
3. 10 cups
4 Knight of pentacles
5. 6 wands
6. 4 swords
7. 10 pentacles
8. 3 wands
9. 8 pentacles
10. the last one was ether 7 of cups or 6 of pentacles i can’t remember
all right sided
I am a beginner in tarot and not good at reading intuitively
Using my knowledge i will read the spread but please tell me what was wrong or right. Or how u read it

Answer by tarot_realms
Didn’t we just answer this question? Here’s the answer I posted before 😉

I’m seeing things a bit differently than you, but if you don’t mind, I will interpret your cards the way I would have if I had drawn them.

The King of Pentacles is your foundational card and what the question is about… the man. This could literally be the person you are looking for, or it could mean that you will find this person at work. But I feel it is literally speaking about the person you will find. He is a hard worker, older than you, very supportive and has great morals and values. He is a family type of man.

Your question was How will you meet your first love. The seven of pentacles is telling you to ‘be patient’ things will come in a process. Don’t rush anything. This is crossed by the fool telling you that you need to enjoy life and be willing to take that leap of faith when the time comes. Sometimes when you want to jump too quickly, though, and not be patient you could get immedate victory (six of wands) or lose your chance for the right guy (four of swords). Meaning.. ‘ missed your chance’.

The 10 of pentacles again suggests to me family, and I can’t help but wonder if there is a family friend or friend of a friend that may introduce you to this man. You do seem to have strong values.. keep this in mind when presented with potential suitors, always hold close what you value the most in your family.

The three of wands is suggesting that you need to get out there and be willing to meet people, no matter what you ‘think’ and I’m getting the impression.. ‘ what you think about their looks’. Be willing to meet people and stop hesitating !

The nine (?) (assuming this is the 10th card) of pentacles suggests that you keep yourself sheltered too much. So…to me, everything is pointing that you will meet the guy from someone you know because you just don’t get out enough and not willing to just go out and meet someone new.

The 10 of cups and 10 of pentacles suggests you are about to have a change in your family and love life that will bring you blessings.

I don’t know if you are aware, but you had your 1st and 10th card as the same card.

Hope this helps
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now i dont want fake answers or silly ones i want a real anwers i would really apprieciate it . ok now heres my question i have ask for a promotion in my job amd im wanting to know will i get it or will i remain where im at thank you for your answers

Answer by bregweidd
no honest tarot reader will be able to answer this online and not in person – you’ve got to sense the “aura” of the person, and they need to have contact with the cards

Answer by Maus
I realized how divination must work. You simply look at something from a different point of view. I can’t answer your question though.

Answer by limendoz
This answer has nothing to do with Tarot.

I say, no, you won’t get the promotion. But, you will not stay where you are, because you will take other action that leads you elsewhere.

Answer by TasnimOfKuwait
There is a website that I use for tarot readings (I have my own cards but for emergency and quicky readings I use this website). It’s free and I have tried other services and they are not as accurate. Now my suggestion is go to other websites for more explanation on the cards but to do your own reading with explanations attached to it go to and go to the Tarot section. I like it, maybe you’ll find it useful.

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