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Ok, I’ve recently finished the first section for my self-guided tarot study… I’ve gone through all the cards once and now I’m working my way through the numerological significances and have gotten to the court cards and have several questions for tarot enthusiasts, pagans, witches and diviners:

a.) Why are Pages considered “earth” of the suit and Kings “air” of the suit? I’ve always interpreted this opposite since pages are thinkers/students and kings are manifesting types who are grounded and practical. Also, by the usual arrangement of elements, air comes first and earth last, which would mean pages (first) should be air and kings (last) should be earth. So why are they said to be air? Does this matter? Does my own calculation and interpretation over-ride EVERYTHING I’ve seen written about court cards here or can someone help me understand the mystery behind the classical implications…

b.) When viewing the court cards through the lens of their elemental associations… what do the combined elements mean? Take the Queen of Pentacles, for example, usually said to be the “watery aspect of earth”… so does that make her mud? How does she differ from the Page of Cups (assuming he’s the “earthy aspect of water”)? I mean aside from the usual associations with pages as youthful and queens as feminine etc… How does one apply the aspect to the element?

c.) How do you read court cards? As people in the seekers life? As aspects of the seeker? As attitudes the seeker must take (or has taken) in regard to the question? What is the recommended method for reading the appearance of a court card in a spread? This has always confused me. Not looking for you to do my homework for me, just looking for perspectives from more experienced tarot students and readers. Thanks guys!!

PS: I’m looking for answers that go beyond “Just disregard the associations and use your intuition.” I hear this a lot and I appreciate that, but all the literature I’ve read mentions these associations and I’d rather make an attempt to understand this teaching about them before deciding whether I should disregard it. I’d like to learn about the classical, traditional and systematic methodologies before I consider scrapping them. I’d like to learn the lay of the land and what paths lay ahead before striking out and blazing my own trail. I do plan to read intuitively and interpret the cards in my own way, but I wouldn’t be taking the time to train with them semi-formally as I am if I was going to ignore all the literature about them from the get-go. Besides… it appeals to me intuitively and I feel it may help me,
Thank you!

Answer by love and peace
In those days Mary arose and went with haste into the hill country, to a city of Judah, and she entered the house of Zechari’ah and greeted Elizabeth. And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and she exclaimed with a loud cry, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! And why is this granted me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For behold, when the voice of your greeting came to my ears, the babe in my womb leaped for joy. And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfilment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.”

Answer by LabGrrl
The whole ‘disregard the associations’ thing is a bit of bunkum. The reason people in the know say ‘throw out the book’ is that the traditional way to read them is to know each of the meanings of a suit and a case. So, for example(and using fake numbers, etc.), if the number 30 meant ‘cake’ and the suit of ‘frogs’ meant ‘treachery and deceit,’ then the 30 of frogs would mean something like ‘the cake is a lie.’

I’ve never heard the ‘watery aspect of earth’ thing before, but then again I haven’t picked up a tarot card in more than a decade, so who knows what the latest fashions say. So, for example, a queen can mean a woman, power, feminine power, leadership, etc, and wands means masculine power, fire, fertility, etc, then depending on where she is, she could mean everything from a pregnant woman to a powerful strong leader….

Answer by Jessica Bowman
I’ve been where you are before, and since you’ve specifically asked for information and not the old ‘trust your gut’ line, I’ll only answer your last question.

I read the court cards as people in the querent’s life. Occasionally they represent particular aspects of a person, and not necessarily the entirety of a person. I’ve had them come up representing different aspects of the querent, like warring personalities or head vs heart sort of situations. It took me a while before I was really comfortable reading court cards, though, and I still have some issue with them now and then.

If you’d like you can email me, idk if answering this will show you my email address.

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are each tarot cards for spreads different? how many spreads are their in total?
its not nonsense because i have done readings for my brothers and got them perfectly right and also my dad, i found out my dad is being competitive at work and that he has a true friends who never lies.
so it is real.

Answer by Elaine M
There are thousands of different spreads. A google search will find you a number of sites listing basic ones. Most readers end up doing their own spreads based on the question being asked.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Spreads are just a tool for reading the cards. You can use any kind of spread with any deck. There are a nearly unlimited number of spreads that you can use… I’ll bet an old one is forgotten and a new one is created every day. Card positions are like words. Spreads are like sentences. Using familiar words, I can create a sentence no one has ever heard before (like: “Why is there a blue hippopotamus in the refrigerator hiding behind the bacon?”)
Using the idea of tarot, I can come up with a spread no one has used before (like: a three card spread consisting of “If I take the blue pill” “If I take the red pill” and “If I kick Lawrence Fishburn in the nuts and run like heck.”)
Experiment with a few spreads and find ones that you like. Then stick with those for a while. Experiment with any spread you come across that seems interesting and feel free to come up with your own spreads to fit unique situations. I’m find of designating a position to each choice in specific situations, as demonstrated above with the toungue-in-cheek “Matrix” example.

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I recently learned How to read tarot cards after receiving a “Rider-Waite” deck for my birthday. I have learned a few spreads, and how to channel psychic energy. Now for my friends and relatives, I don’t charge any money. I was thinking of charging money for readings on people I know. NO, I don’t want to “Get rich” or “Swindle people”. I just want to pay for gas for my car. Nothing more, nothing less.

What do you think I should charge for, say, a 10 card spread?

and please, don’t come at me with all that “Fortune telling is evil” stuff. I know the risks of what I’m getting into.

Answer by ♫ Mad Luv ♫
devination can be done by many many forms tarot is one way. As the pagens say it’s not good to ask for money, but donations are accepted.
but if you want make them use their gas and come to you instead.

Answer by Helen
For starters, look to see what other people in your area are charging.

As a beginner, you would charge less than someone who is experienced.

Ask people what they would be prepared to pay for a reading.

Ask yourself what your time (and gas) is worth to you?

Answer by vid
I bet the 10 card spread you’re speaking about is the Celtic Cross. You shouldn’t charge for reading until you’ve really learned. I didn’t charge until I’d been reading for over 15 years. As for the gas for your car–get a job!

Answer by Beca
I don’t know what to charge and I don’t think tarot reading is evil I read tarot cards but I think it’s wrong to charge people especially if you are not a professional. Actually I think it’s wrong for anyone to charge becuase really anyone can do it if they took the time to learn. Tarot cards can not tell the future because the future is not yet determined. Tarot cards are meant to be a meditation tool and people who use them for anything else are abusing them and it’s one of the reasons tarot gets such a bad wrap.
check out to get more of my views on Tarot and I’d love your stories as well.

Answer by Biddy_Tarot
Your question prompted me to write a blog post on this topic…

Many avid learners of the Tarot work tirelessly to practice their Tarot reading skills with friends, family and even strangers, but when is the right time to actually starting charging for your Tarot readings?

Here are seven tips to help you identify when you are indeed ready to become a Tarot professional:

You know all 78 Tarot card meanings without having to refer to a book.
You have at least three different spreads you can comfortably work with. The Celtic Cross, Horseshoe Spread and Past/Present/Future Spread are excellent places to start.
You can tell a ‘story’ from the Tarot cards.
You rarely draw a blank when performing a Tarot reading. Drawing a blank is when you see the cards laid before you but cannot for the life of you piece together what they all mean (it can happen to the best of us!).
You have sought constructive feedback (i.e. what is and isn’t working well) from your friends and family and you have acted upon their feedback.
You have read the Tarot cards for strangers. An excellent way of doing this is to join the Free Tarot Network where you perform free Tarot readings via email, with the support of a Tarot mentor.
You have been certified by an appropriate Tarot body in recognition of your Tarot skills (however, certainly not a mandatory requirement for becoming ‘professional’). Tarot Guild Australia, Tarot Certification Board of America and other organisations offer certification. Read this article to determine whether certification is right for you.
Once you have made the decision to become a professional Tarot reader, you need to consider how much you will charge. Some possible options include:

Accepting donations only.
Offering a reduced rate for first-time clients (particularly useful for when you first become professional and want to build your client base).
Charging on an hourly or minute basis.
Charging per card drawn (e.g. at $ 5 per card a 10-card reading would cost $ 50).

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