Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Cards-Whats another way to predict the future? Help!!!!?

From the book Tyler On Prime Time Tarot Cards are used. On a study guide I was given it says find another way that people use to predict the future. Besides Daily Horoscopes what is another way to predict the future? Please help as I am lazy to look this up with Slow Internet.

Answer by MaroGraffito
Dreams probably

Answer by jenee d

Answer by thepatclap
There are a couple ways. You can use a regular deck of cards if you don’t have tarot cards….
Basically the 4 suits represent different aspects:
Hearts= love, relationships
Diamonds= money
Clubs= conflicts, war
spades= health
also, the number of the card represents the intensity or severity of the suit. For instance, the 9of hearts indicates a relationship stronger than the 3 of hearts indicates. Consider aces as 1 not 11.
Then there is the face cards… Usually they are considered to represent actual people in your life.
.A simple way to get answers is to shuffle the cards and lay 3 cards face down on the table. While shuffling concentrate on your question.
The first card you lay down is the past root of the question, the second is the present condition of the question, and the third is the future, or resolution of the question.
.Other ways to see future events include tea leaf reading, i-ching, rolling dice or even a bag of bones.
.Of course the simplest way to prognosticate is to simply flip a coin.

While I do not believe the future is ours to see, the human mind can use things like tarot cards and astrology to open conduits of thought that can shed light onto future events.

Answer by shaoranjen
Unfortunately, no one can really predict the future accurately. However, if you’re interested to learn, there are sights that teaches you how. There are also sites such as that allows you to experience digital fortune-telling.

Aside from Tarot readings, there are those who say they can predict the future using ordinary playing cards. You could also get in touch with psychics for answers. Another method is palm reading, for this, you need to look up a person who practices palmistry. I-ching is an ancient Chinese fortune-telling method. There’s also numerology, though it gives more insights to your personality than to your future. Crystal balls or tea-reading are also known fortune-telling methods, but you have to be really gifted to be able to decipher these.

Answer by Pam R
Hello Smash

There are many divination tools available

tea leaves
coffee grounds
playing cards

+ loads more


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Answer by karamell08
Your intuition.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do people think Tarot Cards are part of the Devil?

Just out of curiousity. There is nothing evil about them in my opinion. I think that they are fun. I read them, and I am just good at reading people and they are general. I mean, a regular deck of playing cards comes from tarot cards. Do you consider them bad as well?
Misconception is that tarot cards only tell of the future. Yes, there are spreads that do that. But there are spreads that will discuss a current issue that you are going through. O, I am not a Christian. Please do not tell me to find God. I was just curious as to why Christians and others find them evil.

Answer by potobebo
Tarot cards, The Constitution, same thing…

Answer by Debra M
The devil? I do not know of that but we are warned against seeking divination. We are to live each day as it comes. This moment, now.

Answer by J.P.
Morons, er, I mean, Christians, consider them evil because they believe that anything that is not of God is of the Devil, and they believe that tarot cards hold some magical power or some mumbo jumbo like that, and fail to see that tarot cards are just a form of assisted cold reading.

the devil is not real

Answer by Doc8
Tarot cards, weegee boards. All a lot of innocent fun, and I know no one who takes them seriously. Work of the devil? LOL

Answer by Shepherd
They are not of God. The old testament warns to stay away from such things!

Answer by poppysgirl70
no i do not…depends on where u get ur energy??

Answer by gayathri88red
Thats because it has a link with witchcraft..many people think that witchcraft is bad since ancient times..this may be the reason why..

Answer by rainbeauclown
I think that’s just ignorant. The same people who think that Tarot cards are of the devil also think that hypnosis is of the devil, which is ignorant also. Hypnosis is ALL self-hypnosis and every person on the planet finds him or herself in a state of hypnosis at least once or twice a day.

Answer by HotBellyDancer
Tarot, magick and the like are not “of the devil” or evil. An object or idea only has the meaning that you put into it. If you believe them to be tools used with good intentions then they are just that and nothing more.

Answer by Danielle Süßkind

<... I know that what most people fail to realize is that a lot of the picture cards of the Major Arcana are directly from the Bible. For example, The Tower Card represents the Tower of Babel when everyone was speaking in different tongues and in a state of confusion. Also from the Bible is The Judgment Card, which represents Judgment Day and the Archangel Gabriel. We also have The Temperance Card, which represents the Archangel Raphael and looking at the cup that's half full, not always the one that is half empty.>

Answer by Prof. Virgo
because the Devil is part of Tarot Cards.

Answer by jimi4950
The bible warns against such things,when you use such things you are getting in contact with demons. King Saul lost his battle because he went to a witch to find out from the spirit world if he would win! Tha bible warns against such things. God wants you to put your trust in him to answer your prayers.

Answer by spicy girl 1
I think people that can do this stuff are given gifts but its the way that the are used that make some of them evil.

Answer by adnilcomplicated
they are considered tools of the devil…we are not supposed to know the future. I think regular playing cards probably can be used the wrong way, but, for playing cards, just for, rummy 500 etc. is okay…but to use them for gambling purposes i dont think they are of God used this way.

Answer by Preacher
Tarot cards is divination, which is witchcraft. It is trying to get answers to life’s questions apart from the Bible. Tarot cards and the like will attract evil spirits to you. I suggest that you avoid them and like methods of divination all together. What you may consider as harmless fun the devil considers serious business. Be on guard for anything that takes you away from God and his word. Jesus loves you.

Answer by fievelal
people use tarot cards to tell future happenings, playing cards are for game playing. there is a difference. and people are not to know of the future. its not natural, believe what you want.

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Tarot lesson : The Celtic Cross Spread

Written by Ashnadel

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