Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot cards: What does it mean when it says reversed position and upright position? Which one do I read?

I have heard it means which way the card is facing but i shuffle my cards all in the upright position? So I’m confused.

Answer by Atheism Fails Again
It mean’s bullsh*t. Hope this helps.

Answer by Chelayil Jayakrishnan
In a few quests in Astrology using the “Prasna Margam”, I have sometimes observed some importance with the directions that the Astrologer faces while performing the act of “Prasnam”.

When the astrologer is facing North or East the results that gets revealed randomly seems to be having some immediate effects, whereas if the Astrologer is facing South or West, the results seems to be coming in the long run perhaps after putting in a lot of efforts.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
This is an option for reading cards. Some readers shuffle so that about half the cards are “reversed” and there is a mix of cards that face the opposite direction and come up “up-side-down” when dealt into a spread. When they come up “reversed” there are several ways to interpret it… it could be the opposite meaning of the card, it could mean the same meaning as the card but over-exadurated or it could mean the more negative aspects of the cards meaning. The guidbook that comes with your deck already suggests “reversed” meanings and you can use that book to help you figure this out.

Many tarot readers (and all of the professional ones I know) tend not to read reversed. A lot of tarot readers think that 78 cards contains quit enough symbolism to provide a good reading and doesn’t need to be confused by flipping cards up-side-down… besides, the artwork generally is intended to be viewed right-side-up (no painter or artist I know thinks about what their painting would look like “reversed” while creating it.)
It’s a personal choice. I choose to read all my cards upright and know plenty of readers who agree.

As far as “which one do you read” out of the book? PUT THE BOOK AWAY! Don’t use the book when interpreting your spread! The cards are meant to be read as-is… the book is merely a study guide for when you are familiarizing yourself with the deck and the system. When doing a reading, forget the book, even if you get “stuck” on a card. My young freind demonstrated this to me very clearly when she bought her first deck and the guidbook it was supposed to come with was missing from the package. She had no experience with tarot but gave me a spooky accurate reading straight out of the box and pulled a lot of the traditional meanings out of the cards just by examining them and talking through the symbolism she noticed out-loud to herself.
Try that… look at your cards and verbalize about the symbols you see and what they might mean… then apply your observations to the situation in question.

As far as studying, try this… get your guidebook and maybe another tarot book and go through your deck. Try laying out seven cards at a time in order (start with 8, including the Fool and then 7 cards at a time after that) each day… you could also do just one or two cards a day depending on how much time you have and how long you are willing to take. Examine each card and read what the books say about it, yes, even the reversed meaning. Journal about what YOU see in the card and how you see the guidbook meanings in the card and what other meanings they might have. If you can figure out WHY a card means “X” or “Y” and can come to a personal understanding of what that card means to YOU, then you will never need the book again!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to read the Tarot Cards? (ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOWS ABOUT THIS!!)?

I know every pack of each Tarot Cards have its own instructions to understand their meaning. But, for some people it is easier to read and understand what the cards are saying. Are there easier ways to interpretate these kind of cards? . I have Rider Waite Cards.

Answer by SuZanadoo
There are variations, but all tarot is basically the same. You just follow a formula based on the suit and the numerology. The position in the layout tells you what it refers to. There is nothing supernatural involved.

Answer by PaulCyp
People do not “know” superstition. They are simply controlled by it.

Answer by thorndrose
Throw out the little white book. Now look at the cards, really LOOK at them. The rider waite has all sorts of symbols to tell you what the card means. Learn a little bit about symbolism and most tarot decks will become much easier to read.

Note: The way I learned was to learn a story for each of the majors and each of the suits. Then I had to put it into practice almost immediately. I don’t recommend that. 😀

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
You don’t have to actually throw away the little white book, but you really should hide it somewhere when you are doing a reading… don’t read your spreads from the book, use the book only to study the cards, not to interpret readings. The book only gives you a vague list of some common traditional meanings of each card, it can’t read your spread for you. The best way to interpret tarot is to look at the actual cards and read directly from the images. The answers you get may not have anything in common with what the book says and that doesn’t matter. The point is to get your intuitive mind engaged in the reading.

What is the person on the card doing? How is that person feeling? What would happen if you (or your seeker) were to behave in the same sort of way as the person on the card is behaving? Go from there.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on meaning of tarot cards

How to Read Tarot Reversals in the Rider Waite Smith deck of Tarot Cards Book by Amanda Goldston

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