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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot cards: What Card do you find expresses jail time?

Hello Tarot Readers:

I was wondering in your experience, what card implied jail time or what combination of cards imply this to you?

Blessed be.

Answer by cheir
The one headed ‘At Her Majesty’s Pleasure’.

Answer by Amy Geddon
Stolen credit card.

Answer by Upasakha Jason
It’s not a single card. But if there were, I would suggest 8 of Swords. For major arcana, I would look to the Hanged Man reverse, or the Devil with Justice.

Answer by TheMadProfessor
The Eight of Swords could be interpreted as such in the right layout…the swords sticking into the ground around the woman could be viewed as representing the bars of a prison.

Answer by Miss 6
I agree the 8 of Swords is an imprisonment of a sort, most likely a mental one. A combination of cards would be more likely to imply jail time. If 8 of Swords and judgment or justice R came up that could indicate prison.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what is the best tarot card deck to buy?

i’ve always really wanted to buy myself a tarot card deck and learn how to read them, mostly just out of interest and curiosity, but i’ve come to realize that there are many types of decks out there. i’m seeking both personal and professional advice as to what the best tarot card deck to buy is?

Answer by CoShoe
Just get a cheap one, and a book from the library that tells you what they mean.

Answer by Kenzie
I LOVE the Gilded Tarot. It’s easy to read, gorgeous pictures. It’s incredible. It’s my first deck.
And only so far. I feel such a connection, and it always steers me in the right direction.

You want something that you really feel a connection with though.

Answer by Pretty in Red
Not really good idea

Answer by wee falorie man
If you are just starting out, I would recommend buying a Rider-Waite deck; this is considered to be the standard tarot deck. Once you get the feel for it, you can look around and see which other deck (or decks) appeal to you personally and take it from there.

Have fun!

Answer by Miss 6
Pick the one that call out to you. There really isn’t any right deck there is just the right deck for you. That’s the one you pick out for yourself. Look over the decks and which ever one stands out the most to you is the one for you.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
The most recommended tarot decks to learn from are based on the Rider Waite deck (a deck which I’ve always found rather ugly in its original form)… the Hanson-Roberts deck, Morgan Greer deck, the Fenestra deck and the official Los Scarabeo deck are all good decks that are very close to the Rider Waite in their images. Any deck will do though… find one whose images appeal to you and that “speak” to you.
To choose a good deck for yourself you’ll want a deck that first of all you find appealing… something that will motivate you to use the cards. More importantly, however, you’ll want a deck that “speaks” to you. Find a sample image of one (or several) of the cards. Ask a somewhat random sample question and then look at the image… how would you answer your question if you pulled that card? If the answer comes fairly easily, then it might be a good deck. If it’s a struggle, then it might not be a good deck for you, even if you find it really beautiful.

Remember, tarot decks tend to lead to collecting. The varieties of decks and the amazing artwork that can be found on them are enchantingly beautiful in so many different ways, and they’re not super-expensive usually. If you study with your first deck and find it doesn’t “speak” to you as much as you hoped, you can always pick out a new deck once you are more familiar with the cards and know better what you are looking for. In fact, you might pick up a “mini-deck” at first… a pocket-sized deck that is usually under $ 10… usually no more than $ 15. And if you do end up collecting, mini-decks are a great way to accumulate a number of lovely decks without breaking the bank and are great for travel… I keep one in my purse at all times for whenever I need a reading on-the-go or run into someone who knows I read and asks me for a quick casting but haven’t brought my full-sized decks.

Answer by WARREN
One of the most popular tarot card decks for beginners is the Rider Waite deck. Another good deck for beginners is the Sharman-Caselli deck which for me has better designs on each card. Each deck comes with a basic guide booklet giving a brief description of each card as well as brief instructions on card reading.

Oracle Cards are slightly easier to use than Tarot Cards and as a result make a good introduction to the art of Tarot reading.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What Tarot Card would be best to symbolize someone I don’t know all that well?

What Tarot Card would be best to symbolize someone I don’t know all that well?
I’m not going to state my reason for asking this as it is personal business but I am just wondering what Tarot card might represent somebody of whom I don’t know enough about to assign them a Tarot card representing them as a significator?

Answer by Latirus
I don’t remember much about Tarot but I think the Hanging Man?

Answer by daughtereponymous
Not of G-D don’t use them.

Answer by ~Wolf of Wisdom~
Well, I would suggest The Fool, if you’re staying with the Major Arcana. I wouldn’t recommend this if the person you’re assigning this is easily offended however, as one can quite easily jump to conclusions based on the name.

The Fool symbolizes the beginnings of a journey; someone on a quest for development or in search of experience — perhaps symbolizing the development of something between you and the other person? Even its number, 0, is symbolic in this way. Zero plus anything equals the same thing. It is the “tabula rasa”, the current blank slate between you and that other person to develop a friendship, or a professional relationship, or rivalry, or what have you.

Answer by George
The significator isn’t necessary in my opinion. I never use it when reading cards.

If you really want to use one and want a card then here are some suggestions.

The Queen’s refer to women of all ages if it’s a woman.
For men use a Knight if he is a youth (16->35) and Kings if it’s a mature man (35+).
Pages represent children.

If you know the profession of the person then choose the suite from the following.
Pentacles – business man, accountant, banker, sales man, entrepreneur etc
Swords – Any profession dealing with law, military or medical professions and academics/teachers.
Wands/Rods – Engineering, construction, tradesman, farmers, horticulture etc.
Cups – counsellors, psychologists, firemen, fishermen anything to do with water or feelings/emotions.

If you still can’t choose a card then go on their appearance, which card looks like them if any?
Choose based on hair colour, facial expression etc matching the court cards in your deck.

Answer by Golddew
I personally never pick Significators myself for a reading, whether it be for a stranger or a close friend, for several reasons. Firstly, picking a Significator for a person means you have to ponder and decide what card you think fits them best, and then you have to root through the entire deck for the card you want, and then you have to re-shuffle the deck, all of which take time and energy that I’d rather put into the reading itself.

Secondly, and most importantly, I have found that the cards, or whatever force communicates through them, often pick better, more accurate and more interesting Significators than I could ever think up. So I recommend that you just deal out the Signficator the same way you would any other card – it’s not only easier and faster but it gets better results, and it also shows the person you’re reading for that you’re not assuming anything about them. In your case, this sounds like just the kind of feeling you want to give the person you’re doing the tarot reading for.

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