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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Cards – Rider Waite – What manual is best to learn?

I have the tarot cards and the book that comes with them, but it is really hard to decipher. Anyone know of a manual that actually shows photos of each card and interprets each? It is soooooo confusing when I look in this 100 page booklet with no identifying photos, and try and figure out which card is being referred to and how to actually do this!

Answer by fooles.troupe
Have you tried Googling for this info?

Try looking here for a start.


Answer by WebWeaver
1st off understand that it does take time, and practice. One of the best books for a beginner, and that has RWS (Rider-Waite) pixs is Learning the Tarot.

I suggest this book because the layout of the information is really well designed. You can use the exercises or just use the card information pages. The pages for the cards also has room for a person to make their own notes. You can also test it out online 1st. I’ll put the link in the source list. I used the book for about 2 years before I could afford it. It’s always easier to have the actual book, cuz you can’t take a computer to bed with you 😉

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the lovers tarot mean as feelings?

I askes how a guy feels about me and i pulled out the lovers tarot card…what does tht mean?

Answer by ScoTT
it’s not a good sign for the relationship – the imagery is of adam and eve just after eating the forbidden fruit, and about to discover their nakedness, and the angel is about to throw them out of the garden – if it was part of a larger spread, i could tell you more, but the lovers by itself – well, that’s what you drew

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