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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Cards. Please help?

I am very much into Mystical things, such as Tarot, fairies etc. I have recently purchased a Tarot card set along with book. The problem is i am becoming very frustarted with it and find it very difficult to understand. I purchased these so i can do Myseld daily spreads and not to give others readings. Wondering if anyone can enlighten me on the Tarot thing.

Thanks in advance.

Answer by Laura
I do not have much experience with tarot cards but I am very much into the Mystical thing. The problem with the tarot cards and other means of divination is that you can not be to “literal” with the meaning of the individual cards. The literal meaning of them is important only in the way they relate to one another and their position in the spread you favor. It is important for you to do the daily reading for yourself because that way you can compere your personal experiences to the position of the cards in the spread and then you will understand the relationship between the cards. The other thing you have to remember is that the tarot cards are only an outlet for your internal talent and knowledge.

Answer by contrarycrow
Learning tarot is tricky. You have to be very careful of an age-old problem called “lust for result” meaning you want the answer you want, not what the cards are telling you, so you miss the true meaning. I’ve decided personally that they are so many variables influencing things at any given moment, that any reading that may be accurate at one moment is completely inaccurate a minute later. But they can be fun and interesting if you don’t take it too seriously and base major life decisions around them. This site may help you out:

Answer by P D
My grandmother was a fortune teller many years ago. While this may be a superstitious thing, I was always told that tarot cards are to be given as a gift. Not an item to purchase for oneself. The second thing is that reading your own cards is a big no-no. It takes a lot of discipline to learn the meanings of each of the Arcadia. The reverse meaning happens when a card falls “upside down”. You can determine seasons, months and even days depending on the “suit” of the cards to measure time. I believe that one has a gift to do these types of things. It seems to come naturally to them. Learn the cards in groups of 12. Break each Arcadia down and when you know the cards both forward and in reverse, go to the next. Patience is a must here or you will never be able to give an accurate reading.

Answer by WebWeaver
Draw a single card. Read about it in the book, and then look at the imagery, and write what you think the card is about. Then that night, think through your entire day, and write anything that could possibly fit the card.

This is a way to connect the cards to everyday life. Not to tell you what will happen in your day. I suggest you go through all the cards like this. Then start drawing an energy card, for the energy of your day. You can then write down if it fit or didn’t.

You can of course also study the cards individually while doing the daily. So you learn more cards in a day then one, however applying the cards to daily life is best done one card at a time.

Tarot takes time, practice, study, time, practice, study. It something that continues to grow. Everyone can use the cards, not everyone puts in the effort to do so.

Answer by Pam R
Hello Buddah

Tarot is a deep subject, do not expect to master it over night. I teach the tarot & frustration is common amongst student – me included at the start!

Tarot is best looked at as a slow & pleasant journey, one not to be rushed.

Take one card at a time, dont confuse yourself with elaborate spreads, one card can hold all of the wisdom that you need.

In Peace

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Answer by goathead
Getting familiar with tarot takes some time.
Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to get it all to sink in. Some people learn by pulling a card, writing down what they see in the card and what thoughts about the day the card brings to mind. Then there is the stuff that is in the book, that could or should be written out, it helps to remember the cards meaning. Then after the day is over, the card is re-viewed and what is entered into the journal is how the days events are reflected in the card. Having personal experiences with the cards is also an aid in understanding and feeling the cards meaning.
There is no way to read a card, it is a personal thing in how you best connect to the cards.
Reading about all the ways people learn and understand the cards can be done here-

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should i get rid of my tarot cards?

well started feeling weird when i go into my room and my dog dont wanna go in there any more and people are saying i should burn my tarot cards . but i want to be sure tht i should because im verry attatched to them. i spent atleast 50 dollers on books and tarot card set at my local book store. and im 15 so 50 dollers dont come around everyday. and i just love them im verry into stuff like this and healing crystals so i dont wanna burn my cards. wht should i do?

Answer by ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一
Give them to me, I’ll troll people and use tarot cards instead of yughio cards.

Answer by Fattymus
Tarot cards are not intrinsically evil, any more than a hammer is evil. They are simply tools.

Answer by The Whistling Gypsy
Sounds like you need to stop listening to nonsense. If you keep your mind so open that you believe anything that someone tells you, somebody’s going to come along and fill it with trash. In your case, that’s already happened. Tarot card reading is a complete fraud, as is garbage about healing crystals. You really need to learn more about reality. The thought of teenagers spending fifty dollars on this kind of deception is disturbing.

Answer by may_his_peace_be_with_you
When God found me and I thought I found Him I binned everything I didn’t have Tarot cards they were too expensive in my day but I had a stack of books on spiritualism palmistry Chinese astrology and dream interpretation and all of Dennis wheatleys stuff he’s a horror writer or at least he was. I have never looked back I’ve been used in exorcism for about 15 years if you knew what I know you would bin everything immediately

Answer by Bryce A-Q x the-man
Tarot cards describe highly probable, general scenarios which can apply in a wide range of situations. And the human mind projects what is lacking in order to create it’s own semi-personal interpretation. It isn’t legitimate ‘magick’. I would encourage you to sell them and follow Christ. But even just selling them would make sense if you unfortunately rejected Jesus still. But then giving them to someone else is sinful as well. You should sell em and write to the person that believing in ’em is misdirected or something. That way, you can retrieve your $ AND soul.

Answer by Elaine M
They’re commercially produced by the thousands, they’re ink on cardboard, NOT possessed. Keep your cards, they were an investment. Burning them is a pretty stupid thing to do, if your friends are superstitious, that’s their problem.

Feeling weird about your room can have a base cause related to something physical – an improper working heating unit, carbon monoxide in the home, fumes from something in the walls, etc. NOT your tarot deck.

Look, just put your deck in the car or in a different room, it’s not what’s causing the problem here. Frankly I’d never listen to someone who told me to burn my books, art, stories or anything. Superstition has no place in modern society and I don’t let others force my actions like that.

Answer by Granny Tea

That’s just superstition.

I don’t know why your dog doesn’t want to go into your room but I can guarantee you that it has nothing to do with tarot cards.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot cards, self readings?

Serious answers wanted.

Some object to the idea of self-reading, but I’m totally for it and would like to give it a go. I’ve read somewhere that you must be ‘objective’, but what does that mean exactly?

I’d like to do my own tarot readings, but I would like some pretty accurate results. (I’ve been told that your results are not accurate if you do it yourself) Sometimes I doubt the cards because I doubt their accuracy, but at the same time I think it’s just me being ‘picky’ with my results. (I.E. if one card suggest I’m being overly stubborn.)

I do not usually like one card readings; those ‘yes’ or ‘no’ depending on which side they flip; as they are not as in depth as I would like them.
I like to look at the full blown picture.

Any helpful information or experiences appreciated.

Feel free to contradict me if you feel I’m going at it all wrong. :]

Answer by Danielle
Huh, I’ve always done self-readings. I’ve thought they were more reliable, since you know what they mean to you.

Just as a side note, I don’t believe that supernatural forces are at work there, but I do think they are a good way to focus your mind on one issue at a time.

Answer by Auntie·Christ {Eristheati}
Honestly, reading for yourself is one of the best ways to learn and really become comfortable with the cards. In my experience (13 years worth), I found that doing my own readings helped me to really enhance and provide more in-depth readings for others.

I’d recommend the book “Tarot for Yourself” by Mary Greer. It’s a very good book on this very subject.

I enjoy having others read for me, because let’s face it, sometimes we don’t want to look at the pink elephant in the room. But I continue to read for myself never the less.

I’m not a huge fan of one-card readings either. I started with three card readings, and worked my way up to more complex ones.


Answer by Safyre
If you can’t read the Tarot for yourself, then how are you supposed to learn?

I read for myself, long before I started reading for anyone else; and then, it was family members before I had enough confidence to go public.

As for one card draws… I’ve never used them (per se). I started with three card draws, then progressed to more complex layouts. Although, I will often draw one single card to gain more insight into a particular area of a layout that isn’t quite clear.

The only word of advice that I would give is to be careful when doing self-readings. Try to remember to be as thorough with the bad as well as the good. If there is a negative in the layout, don’t pretend that it’s not that bad.

In la’kech

Answer by The Passenger (RIP LeRoi)
I’ve read the cards for 10 years and I am terrible at reading for myself.

That does not mean that it is wrong for anyone else to do it for themselves. The reason people say not to do it for themselves is for a couple of reasons –
1. It *is* hard to be objective. You are so close to the situation (you) that it is very easy to interpret the cards how you think they *should* read rather than how they really do.
2. It is very easy to become overly reliant on the cards. A person that can read for themselves may find it tempting to pick up the cards and do a quick reading before making any decision. While it’s fine to do a reading here and there you don’t want to become paralyzed by the decision making process and unable to make a move without first consulting the cards.

If you can keep those two things in mind there is no reason not to read the cards for yourself. Go for it and if you find yourself able to read accurately for yourself and it’s beneficial, do it. I’m not a fan of a one card reading either. I use a modified Celtic Cross spread often. Here’s a nice site for Tarot – link goes directly to the page on spreads but the whole site is a really good resource – http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/learn/spreads/
Don’t forget that you can make up your own spreads too. Just as long as you decide what each position means beforehand. Experiment and see what works.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Being objective means being detached from the question & the outcome.

A one card reading can be full of information & extremely indepth – it depends on how you read it. If you were to meditate into it, clairvoyantly it would take you to where you need to be.

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Answer by Lori G
I find it very difficult to read for myself as I seem to be able to see only what I want to see in the cards.
It is important to try and detach yourself – perhaps you could pretend that you are reading for someone else? Maybe that would work.
Good luck.

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