Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : tarot cards need help with.?

where can i get (but) good tarot cards?

some that are like of this nature.

Answer by AverageJoe
I personally like the Rider-Waite deck. It’s good for beginners.
You can buy tarot cards in bookstores like Borders, Barnes & Noble if you don’t have any specialty stores in your area.

And after you’re done practicing with that deck you can continue using that deck or you could choose one that is more personal to you. What I was told to do was to look through a selection of decks and pick the one that has a connection with you. Whether you get a good vibe from it or the illustrations draw you in more so than the other decks then that will be the deck for you.

Good luck.

Answer by Allison
THere are many places to get a good set of Tarot cards. Online, or at stores. I would recomend actually buying the cards in person. The reason I say this, is so that you can feel their energies. You’ll know the right one for you as soon as you pick it up. That’s how I got mine. I tried the Rider White deck and I didn’t really like it. I just went with what spoke to me and I felt a connection with instead. I’ve had very good results in doing that. Though it is a personal choice. Hope this help.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can the Tarot card the “ten of swords” have any positive meaning?

don’t laugh…if you don’t like Tarot cards, just don’t answer. Thanks.

Answer by elaynekicksass
All the cards have positive and negative meanings.

It’s a card of complete loss, but with complete loss is a chance to start completely over. When you are at rock bottom, the only other place to go is up.

Answer by faeire888
A man lies in a desolate place, pierced by ten Swords. Unlike the Eight of Swords, where the swords merely surround, here they actually pierce flesh – the ultimate result of unchecked strife and conflict. However, note the sunrise beyond the dark clouds.

This card is about failure, loss, defeat, sudden misfortune or the ruin of plans. The focus is on stagnant conditons that must be cleared away – unfinished business that must be resolved before progress can be made. Don’t give up or consider the situation hopeless. Accept what is, but don’t give in to negative thinking. Have faith in both yourself and God. Things are going to turn out different than you anticipate. The future may look grim, but hope is on the way.


Answer by VA Mamma
Upright, the ten of swords indicates the end of a cycle. For example, a divorce or ending a job. I could also mean the end of something such as an illness or perhaps the end of a pregnancy (which can be a good thing, leading to a birth).

Reversed means that the cycle of change has ended. So, this could mean a steady improvement of health, or perhaps if you’ve gone through a divorce (as in the upright meaning of the card) then it has been finalized and you are ready to move on to bigger and better things.

Either way, this card can be a bad thing AND a good thing (as with most Tarot cards, both in the major and minor arcana). What kind of spread are you doing? You must remember that ALL the cards in your spread work together, and the ten of swords’ meaning can be more easily understood by the outcome of the other cards.

Answer by Old guy 124
Yes, you’re at the bottom of a cycle of bad luck from here on it gets better.

Divinatory meaning
Upright – Ruin, desolation, disruption, although generally this refers to a group rather than an individual. Sorrow, sudden misfortune, accidents, muggings or personal robbery. There is some cause for optimism; as the lowest point in the cycle, from now on things can only get better the worst is over.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Only an illusionary lifting of burdens or release from afflictions as suffering will continue. Sometimes death and violent and extreme change. Only temporary good fortune.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe that tarot cards really predict the future?

I don’t–or well, I didn’t. But my Dad got me a set of tarot cards for my birthday (I turned 19 yesterday).

My friends and I have been doing readings for laughs, but I’m starting to get REALLY concerned.

Because we’re girls, we’ve been focused on our love lives. (Shocker, huh?)

I had four readings tonight. Only two focused on my love life, one on my educational career and the other as just a general consult of the future.

They said that in my current relationship status, that my long term friends and relatives weren’t going to approve. They just met the new guy in my life, and they don’t. The cards went on to say (in every situation, even the non-love readings) that the obstacle I’m going to have to face in the future is a pregnancy. Each reading predicted the times of 10 months and 19 months. 10 months when it was just about the pregnancy, and the two times that it went beyond the pregnancy, the time was 19 months.

My question is: Who out there actually believes in the art of tarot card reading? Do you really think readings can be accurate?

And don’t worry, as for the pregnancy thing, I guess this is just a heads up to be CAREFUL. Haha.

Answer by lanimar3417
I have learned how to read Tarot Cards from books. They do not foretell the future specifically. They just show somethings like your feelings showing if you are sad or happy. It is always your final decision with what you do with your life. Those that read Tarots do not see anything but the cards in front of you. They are not gifted. Its like having an interpretation of their own. Like art. There are no time frame too. Pregnancy will be your decision like always. Is like just having reminders like when you have been overspending, maybe the coin cards will be reversely placed. If you are unhappy, there will be swords or cups reversed. Never the details.

Answer by Navero
i have my reading done by are friends all the time i believe in the tarot cards i have ben messing with them for about 1 month so far in i have been starting to pay more attention to what the cards have to say,

Answer by tequarium
I consider myself a pretty logical person with most things, but I have dabbled in some supernatural stuff, especially as a teenager.

I have to say, I have gotten some strangely accurate/enlightening results from tarot before, but I’ve also noticed that if I feel very strongly about something, I can’t read about it myself, and friends that are close to me don’t seem to be able to get very clear answers either. I think our emotions can skew what we see in them AND I think the querent has to be open to the reading. BUT I also think they can be an interesting tool for advice, if you ask the right questions. It’s kind of fun to play around with them…even if it’s all in our heads….at worst, the cards have made me think about certain aspects of a situation in more depth.

I have done readings for strangers where I got “the feeling” of a very specific/unique situation from certain aspects of a card (I read about 50% intuitively…not all traditional meanings), and I threw it out there tentatively, only to have them stare at me in shock, because it was actually accurate. Weird….

I wouldn’t invest in a stock, buy a new house, or start buying baby clothes just because of tarot cards though!

Answer by TERRY S
Yes, it is fact and not just hit and miss, for, when you are relaxed, your own higher spiritual self guides your hand to pick the card which reflects the answer to the question you ask..

We exist on several different levels, spiritual, emotional, mental, astral etc, and time exists differently on those higher levels of *reality*, for spiritual us exists in 5D and in 5D we can glimpse flashes of our near future potential, although nothing is *set in stone*, and virtually all things can be changed by our choosing differently..

Some people have a natural *gift* of reading the tarot as with other divination modes, but when used seriously, they can be a very useful tool to help us in our lives..

Answer by Saddo.
Tarot were used from the mid-fifteenth century in various parts of Europe to play card games such as Italian tarrochini and french tarot, back then…

And now it has been associated with mystism and magic.

I don’t entirely believe in them, but sometimes i do believe they have something related to the future 🙂

Answer by CriminalMind91
I’ve seen my Tarot cards time and time again spell out the future. They haven’t told me “this will happen then, and then this and then this”. But they have described my past, my feelings, my friends, my foes and a general outcome. The outcome has always been like De-ja-vu. I haven’t understood it, then slowly got to understand it and by the time i have a grip on it – it’s smacked me in the face by happening.

So my answers yes.

Answer by Seeker26
How I think it works is that the cards pick up the energy you give off at the time of the reading, and if you continue on the path you were, the cards can tell you where that path is leading you, but if you are not happy with what you see or want to change it, you can do so, since the future is yours to shape. They are there as guidelines. They are not definite but they can tell you likely outcomes, which for many people then do come true. But sometimes, simply knowing about something ahead of you can change your future. It has happened to me before.
Can I ask you how you do the timing spread? Many tarot readers who have been doing that for years do not like giving timeframes for events because in the Spirit world there is a different concept of time…. 🙂

Answer by The Snake
Tarot cards and Runes are used as a GUIDE only!

Answer by Girl Raphael
They are oracles used to guide and serve. Its a tool, known as the rock or tarot tree based on the tree of life teaching of the kaballah. I love mine and have several sets, I find them to be very helpful and very insightful. Enjoy them. They are great.

Answer by Crystal R
I beleive them and have read them for years. Just remember that you have the power to change what the cards have predicted. For instance, you can be celibate and avoid the pregnancy at this stage in your life.

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