Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Cards….I want to know your experiences?

What do you think about tarot cards? And what are your experiences?

Answer by Laura B
most of the time they r right on….i have 3 decks

Answer by Girl Wonder
I have a set of Tarot cards and will do readings for myself and my friends sometimes, just for fun. I don’t really believe that they predict the future, but they do make you think.

Answer by Sharry
I have a deck and to be honest they don’t seem to say much. They’re pretty to look at though!

Answer by medgirl
My friend, was into them and she would read them on a daily basis, and she would read mine, and one day some lady came up to her in a store and said I know what you have been doing and if you don’t stop reading them bad things will start to happen and she freaked, and she burned them…

Answer by Carol M
You are toying with the devil whey you use those cards.

Answer by baby *cakes
BTW i am NOT xander_f you silly girl i just love winding them up and why would you think that?

Answer by wazup1971
They tell you 2 things, one, everything is going to be perfect BUT could be bad, second, everything is going to be bad BUT you can change it to good.

I know a woman who retired from our factory just to work with cards, she made a lot of money and had the housewives in the neighbourhood addicted to her readings and they were giving all the money from the household to her.

Answer by Sage B
I have a few decks and they are pretty accurate. Don’t work for everyone – some people seem to be more tuned in to that type thing than others. Realy pretty general – more of a guidance than predictions..

Answer by ladybug.leah
I have a deck and consider myself a christian. It is usually the same message just a different out let.

Answer by whynotaskdon

A lady in our family believed in the readings so hard it ruined her life.

She missed great opportunities — waiting for what the reader told her was going to happen.

She died VERY LONELY because of TAROT..

It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to True Christians!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Fellow tarot readers, can you give me a spread idea?

Hey everyone, I need help from fellow tarot readers. I need a good spread for planning a path to a goal. The one that I have in my book just doesn’t fit the situation. If anyone has a diagram of a good spread for this I’d appreciate it.

To everyone else: Tarot is fake, tarot is stupid, tarot is of the devil, yada yada yada… Just spare me the rants please.
I’m using the Mystic Faerie Tarot book.

Answer by !!!
No rant. Just that Jesus is God.

Answer by Deadheart
You cant read cards! XD

Answer by Dr. Powdersky
an eagle spread will work
I don’t know how to do it though O.o

Answer by Praire Crone
What book are you using?

I like to keep mine as simple as possible. I can’t think of a suggestion right now but I will ponder it. I will star you to see if some of my contacts can help.

Answer by MC Burlap Sack™
Uno cards are funner !!


Answer by …
why not experiment with different spreads make up some of your own, or maybe a different book, Idk i was very never gifted with taro cards. Now scrying dowsing reading tealeaves THAT i can do. I can also do some cloud reading and some other stuff. Good luck

Blessed Be )o(

Answer by english rosethorn
My dear, it rather sounds to me like you are using and re-using the cards in a hope that they will spell out what you want rather than what is to be.

That is not the purpose. The cards and their ‘translation’ is not the whole. The user has to interpret and part of that is with the psyche.

You can not use the cards to read for yourself either (despite what others tell you) I can do your cards for you or you can do my cards for me. It takes two to get a true reading.

Even what appears to be the worst spread showing terrible things may not be so. Likewise a wonderful joyous spread is not going to mean a life of utopia.

Perhaps tarot reading is not for you. Your gift may well be elsewhere.

Answer by Littlemswright
I have several different patterns or spreads so it would help if you could tell me what you’re going for.
If this one is not suitable for your purposes then Yahoo email me through my profile and I’ll send whatever will help you best.

the cross spread

the cross spread involves six cards laid in a five card cross with the sixth card placed to the side.
The spread goes clockwise with the first card directly in front of you card 2 at 9 o’clock card 3 at 12 o’clock card 4 at 3 o’clock and card 5 in the center. card 6 is put to the side.

Card interpretation
1 = the past and the influence the past still has on your question
2 = obstacles in your path
3 = influences working in your favor
4 = The near future
5 = The long term future
6 = the eventual outcome of your life.

Answer by Sweet Bear
Hi, I use the celtic cross often as it gives me 3 points in the future as well as hopes and fears and others points of view. There are several versions of this spread. I would also encourage you to set up your own personal spread just for this topic. Hope this helped : ) Sweet Bear

Answer by Mystie010
A really great spread is the Celtic Cross as it covers your past, present, immediate future and what you can expect in the next two years. It really is a great spread to begin with.

Answer by Maralee Fox-Heins
I have created literally thousands of different spreads for most any situation but without knowing your situation, it is difficult to determine which spread you would need. If your path is problematic to get to the goal, then you may wish to use my When You’re Between a Rock and a Hard Place (version #1) © 1992 Maralee Fox-Heins

1. Current situation –
2. Your best option for now –
3. The obstacles you face –
4. What you can do to improve your situation –
5. What you should not do regarding your situation –
6. What you need to do to physically change or alter your situation for the better –
7. Near future outcome –
8. Probable outcome 6-12 months from now –
9. Unexpected Surprise –

The layout looks like this:


Or you could try using my Basic Goal Planning Spread (version #1) © 1987 Maralee Fox-Heins

1. Goal –
2. Best way to get to the goal –
3. What stands in your way –
4. What/who will help you –
5. What/who will not help you –
6. What you can do to help yourself –
7. Unexpected surprise for good or bad –
8. Probable outcome –

The layout looks like this:


Whenever someone tries to tell you that you cannot or should not read for yourself, please take it with a grain of salt because it simply isn’t true. In my many years of experience, I have found that all this claim really means is either they cannot read for themselves and are projecting what they are unable to do onto others or they are just looking for a way to make money off of you.

Joy to you,
Maralee Fox-Heins

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do Tarot cards actually work?

I just got a big, shiny deck of tarot cards. I read the book it came with and gave myself a “reading”. It was superbly accurate. But I tried some other readings and sometimes the answers seemed confusing, even silly. Sometimes the answer was accurate, again. So what I want to know is, do tarot cards actually work?

Answer by Safÿre
I’ve been reading Tarot cards for many years, and have always found them informative. Sometimes, the accuracy freaks you out. Other times, the confusion and oblique answers only make sense long after the event, and plenty of time spent mulling over the reading.

There are also times when the Universe is not in the mood. No matter what you do, the cards make no sense. Then it’s a case of shrugging your shoulders and leaving the cards for another day. However, I will say that when the cards are being difficult, the Runes, Mayan wheel, or my crystals seem more than willing to oblige.

The only true answer is persistence, and learning as much as you can.

In la’kech

Answer by beermug70
Yes for (entertainment purposes only)

Answer by knows a vampire + a werewolf O_O
yes, they really work

Answer by BioHazzard
They do work. They rely heavily on their relationship with the reader, though. They can also be tempermental.

Some reasons you may get confusing or silly answers:
1) You need to have a clear head. If your thoughts are confused, you likely won’t get a straight answer, or if you did, you won’t be able to interpret it properly.
2) They usually don’t like being asked the same question repeatedly. Asking a second time can get a sarcastic or rude (or silly) response.
3) Reading too often can cause the cards to respond with a shorter time frame. Describing a 24-hour period of time with a 10-card spread is generally overdoing it. (Not saying daily readings are a bad thing, but stick to 1 to 3 cards for them)
4) A lot of readings simply won’t make sense until later. Sometimes, a LOT later.

Don’t forget to take care of them. Keep them wrapped in a silk cloth and/or a wooden box when you’re not using them. (the box they came in will wear out long before they do)

Answer by Emolishus
Yes. But only if you do it EXACTLY right. If you mess up the slightest bit it will cancel itself.
Here’s how I do it: I shuffel the cards three times (power of three), touch the top card three times and say my full name, kiss the top card three times, shuffel it three times again, then lay them in the celtic cross spread.
Usually what it portrays comes true. Once I had my future card say suffering. Two days later my friend was in a car crash and I broke out in a huge rash.

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