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Do tarot cards have affinities or correspondences to other things such as the zodiac, elements, planets, colors, ect.? And if so, what are they?
Whoops, I forgot to be a bit more specific! I’m referring more to the arcanums of tarot cards as having links, not tarot cards in general.

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There is meaning in EVERYTHING depicted on each tarot card! Way to many to list on this forum! I would suggest you partake of the free on line class “A 20 week beginner’s course in Tarot” offered at:

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Answer by David P
I think it is suppose to be more about what you sense the connection is than what you actually figure out like a formula.

Answer by kclightman
Yes, they do. It actually can vary a little from style to style, so you should study closely the deck that you’re using. Each card is crafted with many layers of meaning.

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Answer by Lillith
Most decks follow a traditional Astrological correspondence for the Major Arcana
Which are:
Fool – Uranus
Magician – Mercury
High Priestess – Moon
Empress – Venus
Emperor – Aires
Heirophant – Taurus
Lovers – Gemini
Chariot – Cancer
Strength – Leo
Hermit – Virgo
Wheel of Fortune – Jupiter
Justice – Libra
Hanged Man – Neptune
Death – Scorpio
Temperance – Sagittarius
Devil – Capricorn
Tower – Mars
Star – Aquarius
Moon – Pisces
Sun – Sun
Judgment – Pluto
World – Saturn

There is also the Sign/Planet connections, the planets that rule the signs
Mercury/Gemini & Virgo
Venus/Taurus & Libra

For the Minor Arcana Suits (some other thoughts have different correspondences)
Pentacles – Earth, physical/material, Winter, Midnight
Cups – Water, emotional, Summer, Noon
Swords – Air, mental/intellect, Fall, 6pm
Wands – Fire, creative/spiritual/action, Spring, 6am
Some decks will swap the Wands & Swords, so Wands is Air and Swords is Fire (I like these better for myself)

The Court cards also have signs associated to them, but not everyone agrees what they are. I feel that this is more a personal thing, or how it fits the deck.
For me I use these associations
King- Capricorn
Queen- Virgo
Knight- Taurus
Swords- (using swords as fire as I do)
King- Leo
Queen- Sagittarius
Knight- Aries
King- Pisces
Queen- Cancer
Knight- Scorpio
King- Aquarius
Queen- Libra
Knight- Gemini

None of these associations are set in stone, again tarot and associations are a personal thing and can be altered as needed and as your intuition inspires.

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trying to learn how to read tarot cards, and saw an example of one in a manga (uta no prince sama, in around the seventh chapt-i don’t know, the beginning of when they do the play) anyways, it showed a 7 card spread in the shape of a diamond but i can’t seem to find it. can any one help?

Answer by Jamie
This website should have all of the info you require.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card

Tarot Card Meanings – Minor Arcana Three of Wands to Four of Wands

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