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I recently got some tarot cards and i was just going to mess around with them i wasn’t gonna go all out with it you know nothing like witchcraft i just wanted to see what the where like and i was shuffling them and my mom went crazy saying they where against my religion (Christian) and there practicing witchcraft and I said hey im just playing there just cards im sure playing with them isn’t a sin and then she said would you like to explain that to god????? PS shes not all freaky religious at ALL

Answer by Howard Edwards
No,just against intelligence and reason.

Answer by digitallicus
The simple answer is yes , Tarot is a form of divination.I understand your fascination though, maybe your like me and just interested in them intellectually and would not follow them for life decisions – that’s a slippery slope.

Answer by Tea
I’ve been a tarot reader for 15 years, so I can tell you for sure that the type of tarot cards you are referring to (divinatory tarot cards), are not a game, they are part of the occult. There are a lot of occult things that Christians believe are evil.

However, I have never experience anything but positive results from using tarot, and I’ve never experienced anything frightening or evil because of using them. However, you should probably respect your mother’s feeling about tarot cards and wait about exploring their use until you are no longer a minor in her care.

If you’re ever going to use tarot cards, you should always use them with an attitude of respect, just like you should do your best to show respect for your mother’s wishes. You’ll be an adult one day, and that is probably the best time to explore whether you want to seek a different spiritual path than your parents.

Answer by Cosimo )O(
Yes, it’s hard to credit, isn’t it, how a pack of cards – and that is basically all they are – can be regarded as evil by a rational and reasonable adult.

I assume she’s going by the Bible, which allegedly says that witchcraft is evil (it doesn’t, it’s a deliberately false translation). However, the Bible does condemn the practice of divination, and tarot can be (and often is) used as a form of divination.

I am sorry, but I suspect nothing would make your mom happier than if you repented your sin and burned your tarot cards in the back yard.

It is your mom’s house, and while you are living there, you will have to put up with her views about sin, divination, witchcraft, God and the Bible. It’s going to be hard to swallow, but you just have to be patient. One day you will have your own place and you’ll be able to be your own person.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are Tarot cards evil..?

I was planning on buying some tarot cards next week but some people say they’re bad. Are they? Why or why not?

Answer by Babyobesity
What are Tarot Cards?

Answer by IronMan of Rome
Are they?
–They’re just cards.

Some people are paranoid idiots.

Answer by Diamond Dog
Not bad or evil unless you are a fundie.

Supposed to receive them as a gift though, or make them yourself. Can’t remember why, but bad luck to buy.

Answer by al_bristol2007
No…there cards.

Answer by Emily C
No, they are cardboard

Answer by Warumono 悪者
No, they are not evil, they are just a set of cards. It is all in how you use them. The only way they can be evil is if you use them to hurt others, by giving a reading that you know will hurt them. I own three decks.

Answer by Pablito
They’re up there with ping pong balls in terms of pure vile evilness.

Answer by me
no unless you believe that if you use them you are selling your soul to the devil or some bs like that. They aren’t evil since they are inanimate cardboard pieces that can’t act on their own.

Answer by Ranye
no, it just depends on your point of view. if your christian or catholic the power of fortune-telling is “EVIL” and comes from the devil. but other than that, tarot cards are just cardboad a nd nothing else.

Answer by jdspoonworthy
Only if you use them to play high stakes poker and lose your mom’s house.

Answer by lexG
No, they are just dumb.

Answer by byHisgrace
Yes. God forbids any means of fortune telling. It’s the occult.

Answer by Atheissimo
Tarot cards don’t have power or ‘evil’ or anything supernatural like that (just like Harry Potter isn’t secretly converting children to Satan), it is primarily about the art of bullsh1tting.

I found some tarot cards in my attic recently and, once I’d learned the basic interpretations of the cards, did ‘readings’ on my friends.

Essentialy you elaborate the tenuous connections between the cards you deal and make up a running theme of a prediction based on the way the cards ‘interact’ with ecah other based on contradictory or supplementary interpretations.

Once you’ve had a bit of practise and you know a bit about the person you’re reading you can make up quite a detailed ‘prediction’ by elaborating on connections between cards you’ve made before (and so have rehearsed) and incorporating what you know about their personality into the prediction.

Answer by Crystal clear
As evil as the deck of playing cards you use to play “Go Fish”.

Seriously, this is like asking if a screwdriver is evil. It is just a tool!

Inanimate objects have no life, mind or soul, so they cannot be evil.

Tarot cards are a tool that combines symbolism, color, numerology, sometimes history, among other things depending on the deck, to help one access their conscious mind and bring information forth to the conscious mind.

Answer by summerlandtarot
The only way tarot cards are evil is when the intent of the person reading them is of evil, IMO. Still, the cards themselves are not evil. To help prove it, get a deck, burn it and watch and wait for them to scream….it isn’t going to happen. Just consider your intent and be sure to not lose focus on your higher power. Still seek that.

Answer by philebus
No, they aren’t evil – the best way to see why is to look at their origins.

Tarot is surrounded by many myths but if you consult history books, based on evidence, this is what you get…

Tarot cards were created in mid 15th century Italy for the Milanese court. The packs consist of two parts: a standard pack of Latin suited playing cards (preexisting tarot in Europe by about 70 years) and an extra suit of picture cards. These extra cards took as their theme a triumph procession, hence their early name of trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trump. And that is what they were, a suit of fixed trump cards for use in a family of games that continues to be played throughout continental Europe to this day! Indeed, for their first 350 years, the cards were only used for game play.

Contrary to popular myth, the Church had no objections to tarot (outside of gambling anyway). Of course, some of the cards do seem heretical to use on first inspection – but we are looking at them with modern eyes, coloured by popular stories. If we want to understand what the images really are, we have to examine them in the context of when and where they were created. Consider The Female Pope, often cited as an heretical image. If we look at 15th century Italian pictures, we find the Female Pope everywhere – she was, from the 14th century through to the early 19th century, an established figure in Christian art, being used to represent things such as the New Covenant and the Virtue of Faith.

It was not until the end of the 18th century that a Parisian occultist, unaware of the cards real origin, published his belief that the cards were from Ancient Egypt, containing lost wisdom and carried to us by the Gypsies. He also published the first account of how the cards could be used for divination.

For about 100 years, the idea of an occult tarot was limited to just France. However, at the end of the 19th century, some British occultists began to introduce the cards and occult writings from France to the English speaking world, which had no recorded history of the games. English speakers had only ever had the cards presented to them as occult objects by the media and so it was easy for this to become popular. In the early 20th century, occultists began to produce and market some dramatically redesigned tarot cards, specifically intended to represent their beliefs and to aid in divination.

Without an occult origin, divination with tarot is no different in kind from divination with tea leaves or dominoes. The objects themselves cannot be called evil whatever someones belief about divination – no one is going to tell me that I can’t drink tea because someone else uses the leaves to learn the future!

So there we are – no evil at all. If divination works – and you’ll have to make up your own mind about that – then it is not because of any power in the cards, or tea leaves, or whatever. It must be from the diviner. And the rights and wrongs of divination are quite apart from the items used in that practice.

However you chose to use the cards, I hope that you enjoy them.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Questions about tarot cards!!!?

First i would like to say if you are a non believer or against what i do please do not waste my time or yours posting me your opinion. thank you!

I am a beginner at learning to read tarot cards and i am having trouble reading court cards. any advice on them would be great! I recently did a celtic cross spread and got a lot of court cards. if anyone could help me figure out what it means it would be greatly appreciated.

The question i asked is how is my relationship and what should i do about it?

These are the cards i got:

1) knight of cups
2) queen of swords
3) the lovers
4) justice
5) knight of swords
6) 10 of cups
7) 6 of penticles
8) the fool
9) page of cups
10) 9 of wands

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