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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : tarot card to put on Candlemas altar?

what is a good tarot card to place on my Candlemas altar? one that is a good representation of the holiday.

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In my opinion, The Empress would be a good card to put on your altar for this celebration. Candelmas originated in ancient Europe as fertility rite, and the Empress is all about fertility and celebrating that aspect of the Goddess.

Answer by Max Marie, SFO
Candlemas is was and always will be a CATHOLIC celebration. Candle MASS. The mass on February 2nd where sanctuary lights are blessed for home use through the year.

Also called Feast of Purification. Mary’s purification (Luke chapter 2) exactly 40 days after Christmas – Christ’s Mass – the birth of Christ. Per Jewish law given in Leviticus, chapter 2.



If you’re going to celebrate a Pagan holiday, try Imbolc. February 1.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the name of this young adult novel?

It is a novel for teens/young adults about a girl who lives in a trailer park and her mom reads Tarot cards for a living. Their neighbors set their trailer on fire because they think her mom is a witch. If anyone could give me the title, I’d be so appreciative! Thanks!
I found it! It’s called “Body of Water” and the author’s name is Dooley.

Answer by Sammy+Kakashi
Could you maybe give us a little more details? There could be thousands of books with the same description as that one!

Answer by Brenda
lol i have noo idea but thats so mean!! why would someone just set fire to a trailer 🙁

Answer by tiandron
Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor
“It is about neglected sixth-grader Addie, who has just moved into an RV with her troubled mother. Once she has gotten over the move, Addie befriends some girls at school and a large lady named Soula who runs the gas station mart. Time passes, and Addie’s stepfather and two half-sisters visit less frequently than she’d like. Suddenly her mother gets involved in a romantic relationship, though she doesn’t say so at first, and vanishes for days, sometimes weeks at a time, leaving Addie alone. Soon Addie’s mother reveals that she is pregnant, despite their poor living conditions and financial situation. During one of her mother’s disappearances, Addie accidentally sets the RV on fire, which leads Soula to call social services. Soon after, Soula dies of breast cancer which causes Addie much grief. Social services briefly place Addie with her grandfather before she happily agrees to be adopted by her stepfather and his new fiancee. The novel ends with Addie merrily approaching her new home, the exterior of which has been decorated with a welcome banner made by her young half-sisters.”


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you know a lot about Tarot Cards?

I am looking for a deck of Tarot cards that has a card that says conception on it. Does anyone know of a deck that has this card? I used to have one, but someone lost it .

Answer by Blue Foots™
Yes, i know that they’re fake. 🙂

Answer by PaulCyp
I know enough not to seek answers to important life issues in a stack of cardboard.

Answer by Lucinda S
I don’t know. I have the medival Scapini, maybe its in that.

Answer by The Passenger
Is it this deck – http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/da-vinci-enigma/review.shtml

There is a link at the bottom of the review where you can view some of the cards. This is a good site to look at different decks. You might try the forums there if this isn’t it. Someone there likely knows.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Mandy

Haven’t a clue – was it a traditional 78 card deck of tarot or an Oracle deck?

Psychic Community ~ http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/forum

Sadhara x

Answer by darkness
me deck called to me i can feel when to stop shuffing my deck but no i just read form the book

Answer by helenadiosa
HI Mandy,
I am a professional tarot reader and a tarot enthusiast. I had a check of the traditional decks and a few more in my collection with keywords or titles on them and I can’t find a conception card, many tarot decks don’t have keywords on them anyway. The only one that comes to mind is the Oracle Tarot. If you can remember the art work or anything else about them you can look on www.aeclectic.net. Even if you can’t find the old deck you had there are loads of amazing new ones to choose from. The only important thing when you’re reading tarot is to choose something that you like the look of and go from there. The meaning of conception would be in one of the aces or maybe the empress or even one of the queens, depending on the art and philosophy of the deck. If you need any more help choosing a deck let me know.

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