Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot card readings are they believable?

I just had a reading and it told me my ex and I were going to figure out our problems and definatly end up in a better place. I was also told I would get a new job very soon.
Are tarot readings believable?

Answer by mhiaa
Depends upon you and the connection you have with the reader.

Answer by Kurraga
They are exactly as reliable as horoscopes.

Answer by IntuitiveImpressions
They can be depending upon the gift or knowledge of the reader.

Answer by Lady Love Tarot
I’m a big believer in the philosophy of the Tarot as a tool for self-improvement. How did you feel during the reading? Did the reader seem interested in your issues or was he/she rushing you through to finish in the allotted time? You don’t give a lot of details about the session (or sessions) you had with this reader, but normally, in my experience, each of these issues (unless there is some connection) would require its own separate reading. Whether she is gifted or not, know that you ultimately make your future. Good luck to you and many blessings!


Answer by Miss 6
Yes it just depends on how good your reader is.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate is Tarot cards readings?

Are there any Tarot experts out there? How accurate is Tarot Cards readings? Could it be as accurate as what we see in James Bond’s “Live and Let Die 2” movie? Thanks.

Answer by Pea123

Answer by Mystic
Unlike astrology were certification can be obtain to a high degree of standardization, there are no guilds that bring about that type of certification for the tarot. I have been working with the tarot for over 50 years, and professionally for over 40 years. Throughout this time, I have had the privilege of meeting Eden Gray who wrote the first best seller book on the tarot. She was a dear friend of my teacher. Over the years I have met many tarot readers, and sadly some very bad ones. Many are self taught, some just say what they think the card means. Some admitted to me that they don’t need to study the cards, they speak to them. Which is fine if you are holding some accuracy rate, but many do not hold much accuracy rate, as clients seldom return. Yes, they can be as accurate as it was portrayed in the James Bond movie. However, it is truly dependent on the reader. The tarot was underground for many years due to ignorance and fear that religion has place upon them. So basically I would suggest before going to get a Tarot reading ask questions, such as referrals. One cannot give a percentage as no true studies have been done on the topic.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Would you let someone dress in Drag around your Toddler?

I’m helping my older cousin that needs a new start in life. Former crack addict and little education or training. Hes a 33 year old gay male that cross dresses from time to time. Though I accept his alter ego (Diamond Bezel Star), I told him flat out when he arrived all the rules of my home. I have a two year old so I told him, no drugs, no cross dressing!! I told him when my Son is gone on the weekends…dress the way you want. He came for a new a start and to help me watch my Child at night because I’m in Law enforcement and I work overnight. Keep in mind I charge him no rent. I put out for everything. I’m a single Mom too.

Just yesterday he told me he wanted to speak with me about me helping him pay his probation off and expectations. I listened and I kinda got the hint he wanted to really speak about something else that was bothering him. So I told him to hurry up and get to the point! He stated that he felt like I don’t accept Diamond. He told me that he spoke with a tarot card reader and the reader stated that a Women in your Family doesn’t approve of his Alter Ego. Crazzyyyyyyyy! Then he began to yell. I told him that these are the rules to my Home, I’m the Parent and if he cannot respect my rules….leave my home now!

I remember when I was calling him to come help me with my Child months ago. He never returned any of my call or gave me the time of day. Things went sour for him back in March and called me out of desperation, of course I said yes he can come. I’m just trying to give some history. But would you let someone dress in like that in front of your Child.

Answer by debra
Honestly, I would. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. If you’re son was like that you’re saying you wouldn’t let him express himself ?

Answer by Jamie
This is a tricky problem. I would not anyone, man or woman, dress.. inappropriately.. in my home, around my child. No sagging pants, no revealing necklines… Because I don’t want my child to dress that way. If that’s the way Diamond wants to dress, Diamond could dress that way elsewhere. But as long as it’s /tasteful/ clothing, I wouldn’t mind her(him) wearing it.

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what I would do.

You’re right. This is your home, and your child. You get to make the rules. (One of mine would be if you yell at me in my house again, you go out the door and don’t come back, but that’s just me.) You get to decide everything that happens in your home. Legally, you have that right.

He’s an adult. And (hopefully) so is Diamond. He (I’m going to keep saying he, for convenience of typing) has made his choices for HIS LIFE.

I know that you love him, regardless of that choice. But do you really accept his choice and his right to make it?

I’m.. very very straight, so I can’t say for sure, but if someone told me that they didn’t want me to be myself in front of their children, I would wonder. If I can’t do.. whatever it is.. in front of the kids, that means you’ve decided it’s inappropriate. What about ME is inappropriate to you?

Do you think who I am is so bad that seeing me be myself would /harm/ your /child/?

If you truly feel that strongly about it, it’s your right to make that decision for your home and for your child.

But I would seriously look inside myself and try to figure out why I can’t really accept this person who had done so much for me AND my child –

Again, that’s just me. Not judging, just saying how I feel/would feel.

Answer by Brittney
nope you are only thinking of your child and sense you are a single mother he has no father influence and sense you are letting him watch your child your child might see him as a male influence you have to be careful with these especially witha young child because they are stil llearning the concepts of life and how it works you dont want him thinking boys have to dress like that its not being mean its just being protective over your son so do what ever you think is right for your son

Answer by Rooster
Your house, your rules. end of discussion

Answer by Cough
Oh for the love of God. Seriously? No, I would never let my TODDLER be around someone who dresses in drag.

Answer by Ally
He is probably ignoring you because although you think it is ok for him to cross dress around you, but not your son. That makes him think you beleive that his alter ego is not a good impression and therefore, are not accepting of who he truly is.
I say, let him be a drag queen around your boy! It’s important to teach kids that all kinds of people make this world! And everyone likes to wear different clothes and act differently, and that’s ok. Kids more exposed to different types of people are often much more accepting, and this rubs off when they they go to school. if he is more accepting he won’t bully anyone for being different, because everyone is already different and that is great. Being around a cross dresser won’t mean he’ll start wearing dresses and playing with dollies, it just means he will see people in a new light, and understand that everyone is different and special, no matter what they believe or look like!

Good luck! Xx

Answer by Canadian Snowgirl
Normally, I don’t believe it is my right to dictate to other adults how they can and cannot dress. I probably would not have invited him to live with my and watch my child in the first place. Not because he’s gay, but I wouldn’t really relish the idea of a former crack addict watching my child, or someone who yells at me and asks me to pay off their probation.

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