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what exactly is a tarot card reader cause i have absolutely no idea

Answer by Gene
well it is a person that can interp. tarot cards, the cards come out of the deck difrently for each person and can be read diffrent ways but simply a person that can interp the cards

Answer by philebus
A tarot reader is a fortune teller who uses tarot cards. Other fortune tellers use regular playing cards (tarot cards are also playing cards used for a large number of games in Europe), dice, dominos, tea leaves or anything else with a random element.

To learn more about their history:

To learn more about tarot readers:
http://www.randi.org (for the sceptics)
http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/ (for the believers and some historians)

To learn about how the rest of us use the cards:

Answer by The Druid
I consult the cards quite often, i you want to know more, contact me thru my profile.

Also, I AM NOT a fortune teller, they do it for monetary gain, I do not.

Answer by freetarot
I don’t know that a reader is a fortune teller — depends on how you define “fortune teller”. A tarot reader is definitely not someone who predicts the future — unless it’s something of the “If you don’t get off your butt and do something about your problem you’ll never get it solved” variety.

A good tarot reading helps a querant think through an issue. It does this by presenting varying perspectives about the issue and helps the querant “step outside himself” to view his issue the same way an outside person would. Ever think about how easy it is to give advice to a person — but it’s really hard to think of good advice for yourself? You’re too close to the issue — there are things you know but try to avoid seeing. Tarot helps you get past this. Tarot can help give you confidence in yourself (by illustrating how capable you are and the strengths you do have).

A common reading experience I’ll have is to find the querant originally only sees one solution to his issue. A Tarot reading will help them see many possible ways to view his issue — including things like “Why, this issue isn’t as critical as I originally thought.” Things like “My loser boyfriend left me — how can I get him back?” become “Have I been dropped on my head?!!! He’s a loser, why in the world would I want him back!”

It’s not what the Tarot reader sees in the cards that counts. The Tarot reader simply helps the querant see what the cards mean personally.

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What happens then?

Answer by Hal Roach
By then, you’ll hopefully stop posting this question like you have been doing every single day.

Answer by Magpie
Well, everything looks pretty good so fa….OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. I’ve honestly never seen that be…Christ on a crutch!!! I would NEVER have though…this is just nuts,

Um….you have Paypal, right?

Answer by MALACHI
You will not live to that age. You will die and your love one will buried you. You will be history.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot card reader?

My mom went to a tarot card reader, because she’s into the whole tarot/astronomy thing, and I went with her, but I was asked to walk out of the room because of my “negative energy” interfering with the cards, or something like that. probably because i wanted to go home, anyways the tarot card reader saw me in the cards, and said i was very bright, and good with money despite the fact im not the best at math. the whole math thing is so right, im terrible at math, but confused about the money thing. Im almost 16, no job, i have money saved, and sometimes spend it on things i want, but what can this mean that im very good with money?? does this mean ill have a financially stable life? or does this just mean im sure all the pennies make it to the piggypank?
im an aquarius, february 4th

Answer by Sharia206
Dear, why not provide us with your date of birth?

Answer by Gemini Rising
You probably haven’t even had enough experience to know whether or not you are good with money or not…but from experience, I will tell you that the Tarot doesn’t lie. You’ll probably discover how good you truly are when you get older and have bills and budgets to handle.

Answer by theminchiman
It means that tarot card reader SUCKED.

You are like any 16 year old: terrible with money and still grappling with higher mathematics because your brain is simply not wired to compute it quite yet.

That reader said nothing that would not apply to any other 16 year old.

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Tarot Card Reader , Mr.Gaurav-sir

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