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On a website I won a free tarot card reading. However I am suppose to ask her ONE question regarding my future.

My question is what types of questions should I ask her?

I was thinking : When will I get married?

How many children will I have?

What state will I live in?

What career am I destined for?

Are any of those questions good to ask?

Answer by XXX
Whats my dogs name ?

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So my new tarot deck came with a little book (as they all do) but this book doesn’t say anything about if you read the card upside down the mean the opposite as it usually does. In the other tarot decks I’ve worked with, when a card was upside down it meant the opposite the the cards original meaning, However in the deck it says nothing about it. In my oracle card deck it said that if the card comes out upside down, just change it back to right side up and read it as you would normally.

So what do I do? Help quickly please, I have a lay sitting here waiting to be read lol.

Answer by Just Plain Bob
Get a better book, or let your cards talk to you, inverted or not. go with your gut feeling as to what the cards are saying.

Answer by thorndrose
Decide how you want to read the deck, or try it both ways and see what you like best.(I usually ignore the little book that comes with the deck in favor of using numerology and symbolism to read the cards.)

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Reading cards up-side down is called “reversed.” Reading reversed cards is optional. Some tarot readers chose to read cards with their reversed meaning (which is not always the “opposite” of it’s usual meaning… sometimes it’s merely the shadow side of the card or a darker, more severe aspect of the card) and other readers chose not to. It doesn’t matter what deck you have, you can chose to read reversed on any deck and you can chose to ignore the reversed meanings on any deck.

You shouldn’t have to look at the guidebook every time you do a reading. Let the actual images on the cards be your guide. IF you are just reading out of a book, you are not allowing your intuitive knowledge to flow, which is the whole point of reading the cards this way.

Answer by Charlie
Short answer:
I often read reversals as the energy of that card is “stuck.”

Long answer
Not all deck creators actually create reversed meanings for their cards, either because they don’t read reversals themselves or because they assume the reader will come up with their own reversed meaning.

There are a couple “standard” reversal meanings for the cards, you could pick one that resonates with your style and try it out. I would NOT try to read all of these different systems at the same time.

Energy of this card is blocked
For this the energy of that card is not being fully expressed. So for example if you got the Page of Cups position is “in the future” it MIGHT indicate that your artistic nature or creative side isn’t going to be fully expressed.

“Reverses” the normal meaning of the card. So if Death appeared reversed in a “future” position it might indicate that a situation isn’t being allowed to end and things get stagnant.

Lesser Extent
Not one I see often but some people read reversals as the energy of that card being felt to a lower degree than the upright version. So for example the Four of Wands reversed in the Future might be some happy times ahead but less happy than they could be. A reversed Tower would be less catastrophic than an upright tower.

I don’t often read reversals but I will say that Mary Greer’s book Tarot Reversals is an AMAZING read on the topic.

Answer by Biddy_Tarot
Reversed Tarot cards can be very helpful in providing even more complexity and depth to your Tarot reading. However, if you are new to Tarot, I recommend mastering the upright meanings first.

When you are ready for reversals, you can read more about it here or find the reversed Tarot card meanings here

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