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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot card paranormal?

A few years ago, me and my cousin were playing tarot card. My cousin was asking some question and so. And when he ask can we leave, it gave us the knife in the chest one and i was shocked and we didn’t play it again. But the aftermath of playing tarot card, i started seeing things i shouldn’t see and i see death of a person before that person is actually dead. And now my cousin are seeing things they shouldn’t see, is it possible that playing a tarot card open a realm of evil or pararnormal?

Answer by wildflower
yes it can. but not always just depends on if you protected your selves or not and what kinda questions you asked. and if you closed what ever you opened.. tarot card are just like a Ouija broad if you use it protect your self and close what ever you open or stuff can happen that is not the norm. so plz get your cousins together and close what ever it is you opened and i hope you do it soon

Answer by eri
It’s a deck of cards. Originally a French game similar to bridge. Still is actually. It can’t tell the future – nothing can. It’s just a superstition. If you’re seeing things that aren’t there, either your imagination is running away with you or you need to consult a doctor.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Card Reading Meaning Past, Present and Future?

(Only for individuals who belief in this divinatory system)

I have been studying tarot card as of late and the diversity of the cards meanings are extensive. I usually go by what my gut tells me and the details of the cards. I usually try to meditate prior to looking at the cards.

I did a 3 card spread for my present, past and future regarding an ex-lover that I have been running into a lot lately and has been reaching out to me.

The spread was as follows: Past = Death Present = Justice and Future = 3 of Pentacles (All in upright position)

Since it’s a reading for myself I feel bias depicting the significance of the cards and their relationship. I know Death the most accurate of the 3 cards because my relationship ended a while ago. Justice in some instance talks about either a decision to make or trying to bring things into justice. The future card is what throws me off because 3 of pentacles usually refers to career moves (good omen but not customary of these type of readings). Other than Death (representing the #3 which is the # of transformation) and 3 of pentacles (transformation as well??)

If someone is able to add meaning to this spread, I would appreciate it.

Answer by Cautopates
Tarot cards are superstitious nonsense like astrology and Christianity.

Answer by Elaine M
I also agree with the Death as the end of something and the start of something new for both of you.

And the Justice can mean the reaching out will put something to rest on his part, or let you finish completing the process on your part. Since you phrase the question as being ‘about an ex-love’ I’d take the card to be meaning him though.

The 3 of Pentacles is usually about working with another, knowing what to do and how to do it. Since you’ve broken up it could just be an indication that you’ve gotten on your own path and need to remember that it’s you, not you and him. Operating ‘in the know’ so to speak. Keeping that in mind as whatever he tells you may pull in another direction could be the purpose of this card coming up.

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