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tarot card meanings>

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Tarot Card Meanings: Fundamentals (Paperback) http://t.co/9cknSheR

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Re: Tarot Card Meanings http://t.co/iabpLilR #generaldiscussions

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I’m trying to write a Batman fan fiction with a scene were Batman goes to a fortune teller for information, so I need a list of specific tarot cards and their meanings. Can someone provide me with that?

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go to yahoo horoscopes

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You knew it would happen! Everything you ever wanted to know about Tarot cards and more! Here is the link for the main, and most significant, tarot cards listing and meanings.


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Go 2 yahoo horoscopes

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I think the tarot card readings are right next the Easter bunny prediction page.

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I personally find them very “Demonic” and if you’ve ever believed in Jesus, its not a good combination to get into!!! my sister is a Muslum, but yet she practises, “Tarot Card reading’s with all of her friend’s and family” and she’s being paid to do “Girlfriend Fun Bedroom toys party’s!!!” And alls I can think of is what a “Hypocrite she is, about her stupid ass religion first of all, wearing that stupidest ged-up!!!! She just looks frickin” rediculous, and then to find out she’s does these other things!!!! My gosh in their country, they would “Have Her Beheaded!!” For the things she does on the side!!!! I’m sorry but this is a sister I have never liked in my whole life, she’s always been just flat out full of crap all her life, and to use some foreign religion and to do Tarot Card reading’s on the side, is just beyond me and my friends!!! Sorry, is all “Satanic” is far as I’m concerned!!! Including her so called “Religion!!”

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Well that would depend on the cards you are using. There are several different kinds of tarot cards, I myself have three different sets and all are different and have different means with them.

Some of the most popular face cards would be The Emperor, Justice, Strength, Death, The Devil, The Sun, The Moon, The Star, Judgement, and many others. All together there are 22 Major and 56 Minor cards. Explaining all of them would take quite a long time.

If you go to the local book store they should have New Age Tarot Discription books. You could also use these sites:

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For really fortune type meanings I’d check out:
The site has some of the older books, that have the tall dark stranger type meanings versus the newer more self aware meanings.

Answer by goathead
As one who knows tarot, I would start by asking what do you want the reading to say?
Just the meaning of the cards is only half of it, you need a spread too. The more cards the more complex, yet packed with detail. Fewer cards can be direct or could sound generic.
If you want to get a bunch of good info for your scene, go where tarot readers hang out.

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