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#Tarot Card Meanings & Combinations for #Love & #Romance – INDEX #relationships

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List of Yes-No #Tarot Card Meanings for #Love & #Romance Questions

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Get your handy list of Tarot card meanings:

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I would like someone to copy and paste the meanings ((both upright and reversed)) to their answer…i need the major AND minor arcana, its bothering me, i have not been able to find any site with something like that, they all involve me to go to seperate pages for the seperate cards. Please help me, and i don’t want bull shit about the stupid bible like my last one, please help, and thanks

Answer by chad
start with this

since youre starting out (i presume), i suggest you just do them all upright. But if you do wish to do reversals just think of the opposite of what they upright means. honestly it would be best if you read detailed descriptions of every card, that way you can gain deeper insight on what the card may be saying. It will take you a few months to really get the feel for accurate readings. good luck

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