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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot card meaning help?

What would The High Priestess card mean for how a man is feeling about a woman?


What would the 6 of Pentacles mean for how a woman is feeling about a man?

Thanks for any help.

Answer by auntb93
The High Priestess suggests that he is respectful, perhaps even in awe of her. All to the good, unless it goes as far as to fear her.

Six of Pentacles might suggest the woman is mostly interested in his prosperity, and how well he can take care of her, spend money on her. She wants a provider.

Answer by Slightly Amused 7th Account
I agree with auntB93.

Answer by Helen
To get the best results your readings should focus on you (or the seeker if you are reading for another), not someone else. You are essentially communicating with your Higher Self and your HS knows more about you than it does about anyone else.

The High Priestess could be telling you to look within yourself for answers. She represents wisdom, mystery, intuition, the subconscious mind.

The 6 of Pentacles is a card of abundance and charity but relating to physical matters (health, finances and security) not emotional matters. This could mean that she sees him as a financial provider, or possibly feels sorry for him and thinks she is doing him a favour giving him her attention. What makes more sense in the given situation?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : The world tarot card meaning on….?

I asked the cards is I was going to see a friend that I havent seen since over 2 years and I got the world on my rightest

Also I did a 3 card spread my left was the empress middle was the hanged man and right was the world. All were upright. and im analyzing them in past present future. Can someone interpret what the future card means in terms of seeing my friend??

Answer by alikat
It means you picked a picture card out of a deck of picture cards…..nothing will come of it.

Answer by NOTHIN
You believe in tarot cards?…..

You must be delusional.

Answer by Beau Nobo
Tarot cards don’t tell the future. You have to interpret them yourself for them to have any meaning, because the meaning comes from you. Think of them as a storytelling aid for amateur psychotherapy.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the Death tarot card mean in a travel reading?

I’m planning on traveling this summer, with little money and little actual plans. My question to the cards was. ‘How will travleing go for me this summer?’ and as the final card I got the Death card. I just want some insight on what it can mean.

Answer by rhia.
probably death.

Answer by Mikey, just Mikey
It means loss of genitalia.

Answer by Leopold Stotch
it means death tarot

Answer by My†h ß۞mber
Absolutely nothing.

Answer by ShōjoBakunyū
The death card means change, not “Death”.

Of course… Tarot is nonsense and doesn’t “predict” anything.

Answer by Mary Kontrarry
The “death” card usually means some kind of change, generally an ending of something to make way for the beginning of something else.
It could be that your way of thinking of the world might change through your travels. It could mean the end of your wandering and the beginning of your finding (finding yourself, finding love, finding a place to belong).
It really depends on what all the other cards showed.

Answer by MC2=E
It means a ‘change’

Answer by Voodoomoonchild
Well it doesn’t mean Actual Death so don’t panic. Death is all about change, transformations, and endings. So this card may be indicating that your travels will bring unexpected change for you. The change and transformation could be anything from the way you view your spirituality to the way you handle money. But something major will shift in your life. In this case via this travelling.

Happy Travels. 🙂

Answer by Mein Herz Brennt
Death, mean rebirth/change, you are going to shed something of your old self,

you might have a amazing experience and come back a differnt person, more relaxed.

Answer by Gaius P
Well this means that you will have a life cycle change: You will come back a changed and hopefully better person. Good travels :o)

Answer by Fly My Pretty
The Death card is also about letting go & shedding all the past baggage to make way for new ideas & experiences. So I think it could also be telling you, that you need to make sure you leave all that past emotion baggage & what not behind to fully enjoy & get the most from your holiday.

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