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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Card Meaning Help? Please?

After coming off the phone, to what i would say quite a positive and accurate reading from a psychic who had good reviews, im still mystified about the tarot cards that came up, and was hoping that anyone could lend some insight and answers to cure my curiosity.

The tarot cards that she mentioned was the following

1. The Lucky Love Affair Card
2. The Marriage/Proposal Card
3. Aquarius Card.

Answer by Just Plain Bob
what deck was she using? Never heard of those cards.

Answer by Susan Smith
Don’t put stock in Tarot cards, they’re just cards.

Answer by Fiery Phoenix
I have never heard of those cards before. She is probably using terminology that she came up with for traditional Tarot cards, so as to avoid having you go look up the meanings of the cards for yourself. Either that, or she is using some weird deck I never heard of.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : The Emporer – Tarot Card Meaning?please help?

well i was with a psychic i asked her one question, and the question was will i ever meet my soul mate?…and for the answer i got ‘The Emporer’ card.. i really wanna know what the meaning is too get that

please can someone explain abit about the emporer card, is it something to do with a boy coming into my life?

Answer by HotNarutoGirl
Hmmm…I think you are going to be a Queen soon.

Answer by Deacon_227
“is it something to do with a boy coming into my life?”

No, it’s about you being gullible. Stop paying money to con artists and liars. No one knows the future. Those who claim to know are con artists and liars, when they are not just self deluded kooks.

Answer by Insidious Letters
The Emperor Tarot Card means you were scammed.

Answer by White Raven
Without additional indications, it’s hard to apply the Emperor to your situation. It could have any of several meanings, including:

1. You need to take responsibility for finding what you are seeking,
2. Your common sense will lead you in the right direction, or even
3. You are seeking advice rather than experiencing your own destiny.

Those are just several that come to mind. As I said, without further indications, it could be any or none of the above.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the death tarot card inverted mean?

Today i got read with the tarot cards. I did one that is called “past, future, and present” and on my future, came out the death tarot card but inverted. I want to know what it means since the meaning changes a bit when a tarot card comes out inverted. Please tell me what it means, and please i don`t want any comments about how i should not believe in these things, i just want to know what it means. Thank You in advance

Answer by Gorrillaman
It means the opposite of what it usually means..

The death card means the riddance of habits, people.. Something that ends..
So I assume this means the start of a habit or you’ll meet someone new.

Answer by rescuer of spiders
It means that you’re not willing to accept change. Some kind of drastic change or transformation might happen in your future, and you will have a hard time accepting it. It might not be what you hoped for, or it might be an unpleasant surprise.

Answer by Harrison Bergeron
It means nothing in reality. Ask a superstitious person.

Answer by BOB
Actually, it is a very positive sign of rebirth. Possibly being reborn as a Christian.

Answer by science
1) the tarot is fake, but for the sake of knowledge here it is.

“Reversed, Death indicates that we may in fact be refusing to change or creating large obstacles against any element of change that may arise. There is a sense of stagnation, of being stuck in a rut, of being unwilling to adapt to a new situation. Assess the way in which you are approaching change in the coming week. You may find that you are in fact halting the very change that will be too your benefit. You may fear the new, but rest assured the time is right to accept the new. Cleanse yourself and flush out the old. Get rid of those cobwebs!!”

Answer by Remain Close to Jehovah, while you still can
Some fortune-tellers work with Tarot cards. These special cards include 22 “Tarots” (or trumps) and 56 numeral cards. The numeral cards are divided into four suits. Each suit is given an overall sense and each card is given a specific meaning. The cards are interpreted according to their assigned meanings, modified by the combination of one card with another when dealt, drawn or spread out.
Tarot reading, too, is connected with astrology. The book How the Tarot Speaks to Modern Man explains that Tarot readers “base their interpretation of the cards upon the structure of the universe, particularly the solar system as symbolized by the Holy Cabala.” The “Cabala” (a body of Jewish occult doctrine) divides up the universe into three elements (fire, air and water), seven planets and the twelve signs of the zodiac—22 in all, corresponding with the 22 trump cards of the Tarot deck.
There are many other methods of fortune-telling by omens, including the way tea leaves settle at the bottom of a cup, the configurations of drops of oil on the surface of water and the fall of dice or dominoes.

Answer by hoodoorocket
Death card interprets as change, new beginning. Inverted it means stagnation, being stuck in a rut.

Are you a creature of habit? Do you fear being stuck in the same relationship/job/city?

Good luck.

Edit: To scoffers- there’s nothing more hilarious than watching a skeptic sit down to their first real reading. Smirking amusement turns to squirming in their seat which gives way to crapping their pants. You actually feel sorry for them as they try to hide their extreme discomfort after unexpectedly having their pretenses ripped away to reveal their naked fears and hidden yearnings. They are never smug about knocking tarot readings after that.

I can’t recall how many times something that was supposed to be a few minutes of fun diversion has turned into ruining someone’s whole day, because they were suddenly and without preparation forced to face that big something that they have been hiding from themselves for so long.

For that reason I always insist they never ask a question they can’t handle an answer to, and I’m always judging whether I’ll actually give a reading or not. My advise is feel free not to believe, but don’t knock what you have not experienced or have no knowledge of. And for the record, I don’t believe in fairies, ghosts, angels, or devils- but I have seen some astounding things revealed by the cards, even with my amateur mucking about.

Edit: While some readers do predict a future with a reading (gypsy readers are scary), I have found that most readings will point to a possible outcome, but more accurately and more importantly reveal the source of an issue, what the trouble is and where it springs from- an area that the querent can work on to bring about the desired outcome. Tarot cards do not have to negate free will.

Answer by Marika H
It means stagnation, basically. You’re stuck doing the same old crap every day.

Of course, you do realize this is all superstition, right? You future is what you make it, not what some card says.

Answer by Ankul Barar
The death card basically means transformation in an normal sense but as you have got an in versed or a reversed card it temporary stagnation and being stuck for the time being in the present scenario. This also means the seeker is bounded to habits and activities and is not able to get his or her way out of it. The advice in the card is to get rid of usual and be aware and active about new and exciting things rather than continuing the same monotonous work . Love around and find new areas.

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