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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot card interpretations? Relationship spread?

Right now im lost on whether or not i should break up with my bf and if it truly will ever work in the end between us. I want him to remain in my life, but i think he’s fighting more for his dreams first, rather than our relationship (at least right now anyways…). I did several readings and i think i had a negative outcome(as in the relationship is over, but there would be hope?) every single time. I’m not sure how to read tarot cards lol, so I’m asking those of you who know what they are doing to please assist me. So i decided to do another and post exactly what i got. My question was if I will remain in his life..


The way i see you – Two of swords
The way you see me – Five of swords
What I need from the relationship – The wheel of fortune
What you need from the relationship – King of Swords
My beliefs about how/where our relationship is evolving – Page of Swords
Your beliefs about how/where our relationship is evolving – The Star

From what i read of my pov, it seems pretty accurate, although I don’t think i understood mine to its full meaning..

Answer by humanistheart
Tarot cards have no validity.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot card deck printing service…?

I’m looking for a professional printing company that will print my own customized tarot deck (about 72 different cards). Something like shutterfly or overnightprints that will ship a few printed decks to me. Not looking for playing cards. Thanks!
*note* I’m not looking to use these for myself.

Answer by lauren3895
You can’t use Tarot cards unless they are given to you, otherwise they won;t work correctly and it’s possible that you will anger the spirits.

Answer by Cheetah T
As far as I can tell, so far the only available options online are for actual playing cards, however you could print them yourself.

And as for the person who commented above, yes, you can make your own tarot and use them yourself (though I see that’s not your intention). Personally I think it will give better results because you have a direct bond with your cards. Whether you anger any spirits or not is purely personal superstition. I find it harmless 🙂 Best of luck in your search!

Answer by Ryan G
If you have custom cards and you have them in a PDF file…you should be able to upload them and get them printed thru http://www.quickonlineprinting.com

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate is instant tarot cards?

I have an app on my phone that instantly gives you an answer yes or no. Whenever I ask simple questions like did I get an A for the class it would come out accurate but I am kind of scared to ask serious stuff and everytime I ask it bounces from yes and nos. I remember I asked if my friend would accept me if I told her I was gay and it kept saying no but when I told her everything was fine and she was happy that I trusted her enough to tell her and she was very supportive of me, she did not avoid me at all, she started inviting me over her house for dinner every week and she did not discourage me to change despite that she is a Christian and helps out at the church she just told me God will love me no matter what. when I asked that tarot cards after, the answer Yes kept popping out. A few years ago I had a professional tarot reader do a reading for me, He asked me what kind of men I like and I told him masculine straight acting guys and he said thats good because I will find one in 4 years and he will love me. I was happy at first but people told me to listen carefully to what psychics say because sometimes the outcome does not come out the way you took the information. I kept asking if the guy who was predicted to love me is a guy thats my type and it kept saying no and then a couple of yes when I kept asking. Are electronic tarot cards accurate or is it better to consult a professional?

Answer by Miss 6
Its always better to consult a professional! Electronic tarot is not accurate at all. People think the cards are random and that’s why its OK for a computer to generate them. Your app is not reliable! If I were you I would not listen to what other people say. You were fine about going to a reader and you felt good leaving – its just been my experience that when you go to a psychic or a tarot reader and you get good news – people try to tell you not to believe it. When you get troubling information then people try to tell you that none of its real. I think that you should just go about your life – only time will tell how accurate your reader was. Also STOP asking about your guy in 4 years – just let that be! Don’t ask about him anymore don’t ask any readers or psychics or apps or anything about him at all just let the time pass.

Unless you’re looking for a solution to a problem – its best to just take in the information given to you. So the tidbit about a romance – that’s a nice bit of info and it puts your mind at ease about love. So don’t go around trying to rush it or figure out who it is. Just let life flow and it will come to you. If you were asking about work or how to handle a person then you would take action. At that time its OK to ask additional questions because you’re trying to improve upon a situation.

I have consulted people on and off over the years in Tarot and many people just listen to what the cards said and then forgot about it. Then depending on the situation – maybe a few days or months go by and I get a phone call or an email and they say “OMG I forgot all about your reading but guess what happened….” & in some way the cards played out. So you see don’t do anything about it just go about your life – it will just play out.

Written by LoveadvisorJoyce

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