Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Card Eight of cups…?

Yesterday….this card came up when I chose the one card option on

I asked “what kind of day will today be?” What do you think this card is trying to tell me?
Or should I say what do you think the Universe is trying to tell me by drawing this card? I have been planning a move…but several other things are going on in my life at this time too I need direction on…

Answer by Libra ♎ Forever
huh, perhaps it’s the time that you should know the truth: cards dont speak

Answer by dee w
When I see the eight of cups card I think of a woman that has loved and has to give up on a love relationship. No black-mail or trying to bully a way into making someone love you. Depression and abandonment is embodied in the card. A one day “what will happen to me today” that might be what needs to happen or what did happen or what is going to happen soon. Sometimes we just need to let go and see what happens. Best wishes, Dee

Answer by George
Through developing myself as Tarot card reader I learned numerology and I’ve found it extremely useful in gaining further insights into the meaning of the cards.

8 is the number of executive power, control, material concerns and is considered very lucky in east asian cultures.

The common interpretation you’ll see in the books for the 8 of Cups is an upset in an emotional relationship and moving onto other better things.

The imagery in the 8 of Cups is often one of someone walking away from the cups.
It’s a card of rejecting emotional ties to move on in life and further yourself.

Pay close attention to the imagery of the cards, gain a good grounded knowledge of the symbology of the elements and the numbers and you’ll find Tarot a lot easier to comprehend.

You can do online Tarot spread here but with the difference that you can save them with notes and the question to come back to whenever you want. It’s free too!

Also if you want to know what kind of day you are going to have try this numerology forecaster along with the Tarot or on it’s own to see if you can relate to what it predicts for you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : When you get your tarot cards read…?

Bare in mind i am 15 ..

How old do you have to be? UK.
What cards is there?
Can they speak to the dead?
Tell you when your going to die?
If somebody around you are going to die?
What your job will be?
How many kids?

It means that tarot cards are a game not real life if they were true and reliable you could shuffle the deck 100 times and get the exact same cards in the same order. I bet you can’t even do it twice. Open your eyes and join us in the real world

I’ve got a set of those just don’t play solitaire with them last time I did that four people died

Answer by J Christ
They’re what I like to call bullsh*t. Age doesn’t matter but you always have to be a gullible fool to believe in that bollocks.

Answer by Howard Edwards
You still should be a bit more smart at 15,tarot cards are nonsense,go and get a reading from 5 different tarot card experts on the same day,they should be identical.

Answer by Pam Richards
Hello Kay

As a UK Clairvoyant, most of us insist that clients are 18 or over.

To be a Tarot card reader, you do not have to be Psychic. You can read them from the meaning alone, or you can of course be Clairvoyant / Psychic. There many ways to read tarot, they are simply a tool when used by a Psychic.

Those Psychic’s who contact the dead are called Mediums.

A good psychic, of any kind would not tell you about your death, or anyone else’s. We are not all seeing beings, we see what we are given & this often depends on how the psychic works, as well as the issues which the client presents.

You can visit 10 different ones & we will all work in different ways. Some work in a more fortune teller manner, some as psychic counsellors.


Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
How old do you have to be?
I’m not sure, but if the laws there are anything like the laws in the US, there are no rules about how old you have to be to have your tarot cards read. There might be some regulations about having to be “of age” in order to get them professionally read, but I doubt it. If you know someone who reads cards for free, then there should be no trouble at all. Honestly, I offer online paid readings and I don’t usually ask the age of my clients… I’ve read for people allover the world and never gotten in trouble for it.

What cards is there?
There are 78 cards:
40 numbered suit cards, 16 court cards (page, knight, queen and kings of each suit) and 22 “major arcana” cards that don’t belong to a suit but consist of a string of interelated cards such as “The Lovers,” “The Hermit” and “”Strength.”

Can they speak to the dead?
The cards themselves can speak to no one… they have no mouths, no voices of their own. Everything that happens with cards requires an interpreter who “reads” them intuitively. The same set of cards can say many different things depending on the context, they’re not like pages in a book. Some interpreters might chose to use them to attempt to speak to the dead, but most that I know of, do not use them this way. Usually, it is just a tool for someone who is intuitive or psychic.

Tell you when your going to die?
Generally not. Any reader that tries to tell you when you’re going to die, who you’re going to marry etc etc is probably taking you for a ride. The cards aren’t meant to be strictly predictive… as I said, they’re interpretive and they provide perspective, not a distinct portrait of some set-in-stone fate.

If somebody around you are going to die?
Again, not usually.

What your job will be?
The cards can be helpful in getting perspective on what career options you have and can help you work through a decision-making process about what to pursue, but no, fate is not set in stone and the cards can’t tell you anything for absolute.

How many kids?
See above about the predictive capabilities of the cards

See above… they can help give you insight on how to approach your finances, but they can’t tell you in advance whether you will be forever rich or forever poor… fate is not set in stone.

Again, they can help you get guidance on health issues, but no, they can’t “predict” health problems any more accurately then a reasonably observant friend.

Answer by Maiko
When I do a reading I SPECIFICALLY tell people, this is for entertainment only! I do it for fun. The last thing I want to do is scare people or ruin their day. I focus on the positive aspects of a reading. I never tell people “This thing WILL happen to you!” Instead I phrase it like, “This kind of energy is surrounding the situation.” I also never give advice on personal issues. Instead I try to help the person focus on making the choice that is truly right for them. As far as your other questions:

1) Not sure about the UK. In America I don’t think there is an age limit.

2) The cards depend on the kind of deck the reader is using. You can find the photos and meanings of most of them online. Many tarot websites exist.

3) The purpose of tarot cards is divination. They are not intended to communicate with the dead. I suppose people could use them this way but I have never heard of it.

4) Nobody can tell you when you are going to die. If they claim to know this, they are full of crap! Even if there were people who magically knew the date of every person’s death, it would be morally wrong to go around telling people this. We are all going to die one day. We are probably better off not knowing this. I don’t know of any “psychic” who would tell someone this. For one, it is scary and secondly they would probably lose customers!

5) See #4 above…nobody can tell you when someone will die…and if someone actually did know this they probably would not tell you!

6) What your job will be…this might possible. A good psychic would not tell you what you will do for a living. BUT they might suggest that they see you becoming interested in a certain field, or making money. There are cards that can indicate travel, wealth or labor. There are many jobs in the world and there are not cards for all of them! In a really good reading, the person might be able to tell you what you might be good at but they probably won’t get that specific.

7) How many kids…Maybe. Anyone can take a guess at this. If I was doing a reading for a 15 year old girl, I don’t think I would want to go there unless she asked about this specifically. Having children is a very big decision. I would hope that someone 15 years old would wait before having kids!

8) Rich or poor? Again maybe. People go through phases in life. People get money and people lose money. The cards can only tell you what influences are at work in a situation. We all have to make the right choices, whatever the cards say.

9) Health? This is a possibility. Though again, it probably won’t be specific.

Getting your cards read is like anything else. Some people you will connect with and some you won’t. If you are going to get a reading done it should be something fun and positive. Go in with the attitude like you are there to learn and have an open mind…you aren’t going there to have someone “tell” you your future. You are there to be enlightened and entertained. Tarot is an art form. Any good psychic does readings to entertain and help others…not to cause fear and doubt. Whatever kind of reading you get, take the good from it and don’t worry about the bad. You don’t have to believe any of it if you choose not to. Best of luck!

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Tarot Card Reading Layouts: Celtic Cross Layout Part Two

Written by Ashnadel

About Me:
I’ve always ‘seen’ things that people would say are psychic and paranormal – and as a child, I had predictive dreams of ‘things to come’. Being that age, I was growing and playing but being a kid, I never really questioned this too much. Not until I got to about fourteen, when for some reason, I became very aware of it all and began to question. It was then that I suddenly started to realize that not everyone was having these dreams. Or that no-one else had their own ‘Cosmic Teachers’ who would come along, dressed in white and teach me.

I am not as anyone here, you can try by yourself, I am an expert in a different way, holding in my hand the secret of your life, I am from Land of the Pharaohs, I am Egyptian, we going to see together what is going on with you in your life, let’s start our journey into your deep inner and search into your Past, Present, and your near Future, only, for your own highest good. I used many tarot cards, I know lots of spreads, I hold lots of secrets, I can contact with your inner angels, to bring you your best thing for yourself and for your life.

Since being here on Oranum I have already been able to give guidance and spread the healing seeds of positivism, which I am a great believer of. Happiness is achievable for all of us if we learn how to ask for it.

You are at the right pace if you need to talk to someone about your worries and dilemmas, if you are you having self-esteem issues, and feel low on energy.

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