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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Card: 9 of Cups? What does this mean?

I’m in love with my best friend, but wouldn’t dare profess my love to him…not yet anyway. I did a 5 card spread and asked the tarot simply, “how does he feel about me?”. I received the:

9 of cups
3 of cups
The Lovers
9 of Pentacles
The Hierophant

Is there anyone familiar enough with tarot card meanings and combinations to figure out what these cards are saying? Any chance my friend is interested in me romantically? Any help would be very much appreciated!!

Answer by Heavy Metal Jesus
He’s madly in love with you. So say my Pokemon cards when I dealt them out.

Tarot cards don’t work, dear. It’s superstitious nonsense.

Answer by Manda [suspended re-add]
Hun, do you know what a Celtic Cross spread is? That will answer your question more efficiently.

You don’t specify where the card are placed…if it’s just in a line that doesn’t do much for meaning.

Tarot isn’t just based on card meanings and there are ways to infuse your essence with the question being asked. It isn’t like the games we played in school.

But here goes anyway:
9 cups: Sensual pleasures, security
3 cups: Sensitivity, healing, joy
The Lovers: Coupling, strong sexual attraction, lust
9 pentacles: material comfort, financial success
The Hierophant: Tradition, protector of ancient practises

Cups are emotionally charged and also easily changeable. They are whimsical just like us.

Doesn’t help much does it. If you can’t read cards, you really need to sit down with someone who can, it’s how you will get a more in depth answer

Answer by Clayton
It means whatever US Games wants it to, since they make the cards.

Fine, thumbs-down the truth. US Games Systems makes most or all currently-sold decks. US GAMES.

Answer by Maggie.
It means you will get your wish, be patient.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : tarot cards: I’m getting conflicting meanings online for the Devil card. anyone care to help?

some say it is misunderstood and actually means I should NOT exude so much control and allow myself to give in to desires, others say letting desires run rampant and not showing restraint will hurt me and now is the time to exercise restraint. which is it? It is upright, if it matters.

Answer by Mitch
If the card is upright it means that you are using a piece of cardboard with a picture painted on it to try and deduce some ambiguous meaning that relates to your life because you are a boring, weak person who would rather pretend that what card ends up on the top of a deck determines your life than to take any responsibility yourself.

If it’s upside down it means that someone close to you is having a bad day.

Answer by JJ
Ruled by Capricorn. Do you find yourself doing things that you know will ruin your chances with someone, eating food that you know will make you fat, making yourself late when you know you need to be there on time? The Devil is about sabotage ans the temptation to be wicked. He whispers in your ear to try and tempt you, but this is the extent of his power over you. Eve had every opportunity to refuse the apple, and so do you. This is about the power to see what’s really stopping you getting the best out of your life. Once you realize that you’re the power behind you own throne, you can rule your own life.


You’re ready now to get a better perspective on your life, to look long and hard at what’s stopping you getting to where you want to be. The Devil reminds you of all the nasty bits of yourself, and it’s up to you whether or not you want to own up to them or shut your eyes and pretend they’re not there. Pushing them away will give them more power, whereas recognizing that they’re part of you and that you can control them will put you back in the driving seat.


The Devil reversed could be an omen signalling the end of a relationship. You will become sick of what’s been going on and will want to end it. If it’s not a relationship with someone else that’ got to end, have a look at the way you’ve been treating yourself recently. If you haven’t given yourself the respect you deserve, who else is going to. Now’s the time to end the pressure you’ve put yourself under.

I coped that right out of my tarot card book I have. I hope that helps you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the tarot card that has a VIII on it, with elaborate crossed ‘C’s? It also has birds on it. Meanings?

In the middle of the crossed C-looking shapes, there is a star-type thing in the middle. I’ve looked in 2 different books and many different online sources and cannot find an answer.
Go to my profile for a picture of the card itself!

Answer by nycqt
no clue. Go to Tarot.com for card meanings.

Answer by maiingan2
Can’t see the card clearly.
Also don’t know what deck you have.

Need more information

Answer by Cosimo ♥ मरीय
VIII is normally Justice (sometimes known as Fortitude). This card symbolises the Universal Law, the Law of Balance between polarities such as positive and negative. This card is a symbol of equilibrium.

Ah, I can see from the picture that this is Justice … the things that look like C’s are the twin pillars of justice … in this case they are bent, which is unusual. That looks like a hexagram in the middle, which is another symbol of balance.

Answer by Mike S
VIII is probably either strength or justice, I can’t be sure because the picture is rather small and I have never seen that version of card before.

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The Tower Tarot Card Meaning Video

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