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how can i learn tarot card in just a week or maybe 2?i want to learn it..and also,how to spread the tarot card to read it for other person?help me..

Answer by Dashes
It’s simple Have someone pick a dozen cards at random and just make sh!t up to go along with every one they turn over ๐Ÿ˜€
Easy money.

Answer by Kiyah
any deck you buy has an interpretation guide. I learned all the spreads and meaning to all 78 cards in less than a week. Barnes and Nobles has some really good decks.

Answer by Cerridwen G
Why are you so desperate to learn this in a week? I’ve been reading tarot for almost 5 years now and don’t feel it is something to be rushed. The cards you choose are a personal thing and you need to get to know them so you will always get the best reading you can. This cannot be achieved in a week. The reading you will get may not be as acurate as it could be.

Also, if you are wanting this for yourself, it can be difficult doing your own readings. The reason for this is that you interepret the reading to suit our purpose. It is difficult to see beyond your own purpose and see the truth.

I think you need to think why you need to learn this so quickly.

Answer by aussie_witch_50
I am sorry to put a damper on your question, but in my opinion nobody can simply learn how to read Tarot in a week or a month for that matter..
It is not just a matter of learning about the different spreads, it is a matter of “tuning” into the cards, and therefore annalising the way in which the cards are spread and then determining an answer from the universe…
Any person who teaches Tarot will not be able to accomplish this in a weekend workshop, not unless they are just after your money, then you walk away with a small amount of knowledge, which is dangerous, in my opinion..
If you wish to really learn the Tarot, I suggest you buy a deck that suits your personality, as there are literally hundreds to choose from, the cards will choose you…
There is usually a book to accompany the cards, and I don’t mean the little booklet inside, I am talking a 300-400 page book on your chosen Tarot..
Then you tune in, read, spread, over and over for as long as it takes for you to become attuned to your cards and understand and respect every card in your chosen pack..
The cards don’t lie, only the pathetic, poor excuses of people reading them for a fast dollar, who care not whether the reading is correct or not…
Please don’t fall into this catagory, as you will pay karma for deception, as for that, I am sure..
I used to read Tarot, but I have had a breakdown and am no longer confident in my readings, so I only read for myself, which is taboo to some…
Blessed Be… )O(

Answer by Mike H
No body can learn any form of occult or witchcraft in a short space of time. It’s something that you simply must be patient with. If you rush it, you will find it either does not work, or worse, backfires.

Answer by TeePee
Great fire starters

Answer by Buzz B
A good way is to get a book (from the library or bookstore) that will help a lot..

and practice while you are reading. =)

I learned a lot about palm reading from a book.

Answer by Hamel M
as one person said, if you buy a deck, they usually come with a guide book on spreads and how to read the cards, if not, the book store should have a book called “Tarot Bible” by Sarah Bartlett, it helped with me and I only used Tarot once. I was able to predict something before it happened and the results were very good.

Answer by nightshadetn
its not something you can truly learn, when you buy your deck get a book on the subject but you have to have the natural abilities to get it and it work. I have tried tarrot and i might as well be playing rummy. If you dont pick up on it easily then you may try runes instead

i have been reading rines for years and they came instantly and naturally and I have never had a bad reading. its just whatever your natural abilities are.

Answer by Katy
Nope sorry. I have been working on it for 3 years and I just got the hang of it last year. I takes a while to get used to it and to become a fluent reader. Just be patient and have fun with it, because it takes 2 years at the least to get it down completly

Answer by goathead
If you have a good memory, you can remember all the book meanings to each card in a week. But putting the cards and their meanings from a spread takes a bit more practice and getting used to, that takes longer than a week.
I believe that learning tarot is a never-ending lesson. One learns from the booklet that came with the deck, but then there are other books as well, and everyone has something different to offer. There are many ways to use the cards as well, different types of ways to read, Gestalt would be one example. There is always something new to be discovered in the cards. Each card, every time you see them will have something different to say.

Answer by WebWeaver
Let me say first that I believe learning the Tarot is a life long journey.

You can learn to spark your intuition and meanings for cards by learning a SINGLE keyword for each card. You will need to spend time reading about the meaning for a card, define your keyword, and then go through the deck like flash cards until you can say the keyword for each of the 78 cards.

Then use that keyword to spark the meaning when your doing your reading. Also keep your book handy.

I think that this can be done in a week or 2, however you won’t have the depth of meaning that someone who has studied will have. It can be fun, and helpful, remember to look at the image for discussion while your doing the reading as well.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Which tarot card was the mortal cup hidden in the book City of Bones?

I know it was hidden in that ladies tarot card collection that Clary’s mom painted and I know it was one of the cups. Does anyone remember which cup though? I thought it was the cup of hearts but that’s not a real card.

Answer by wolf_girl24
that’s what I thought when I read your description, and I think it is a real card, and even if it isn’t, I don’t think that everything in that book is quite according to modern reality ๐Ÿ˜‰ I loved the series, and she threw in alot of twists I didn’t see coming. I was sad alot, and then happy at the end! love that series. If you liked that, you might like the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong. I am OBSESSED with that series. Love it!!! you should look it up, you might like it too.

Answer by brainamp
The Ace of Cups

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What would you recommend to a beginner tarot card user?

I’m curious about tarot cards and their uses in card games and divination. I’m wondering what deck should I look into getting if I’m brand new? Are there any books you could recommend to explain the whole tarot cards thing as well? Any help or information at all as what to buy would be appreciated!

Answer by philebus
As you mention, tarot cards are used for different things and the pack you buy will depend upon how you want to use them.

I’ll start with the cards for playing games. There are broadly two types of packs.

The traditional packs have the four Latin suits of Cups, Coins, Swords, and Batons, while the trumps feature the traditional Italian designs whose theme is a triumph procession. There are a few different patterns of these that are still in play, three of which are in Italy:

The Tarocco Piedmontese, which is a 78 card pack and can be used to play most, and with some substitutions all tarot games.

The Tarocco Bolognese is unique to Bologna and has an unusual arrangement of trumps, with a reduced number of pip cards – you will need these to play the games of that regions, such as the excellent Ottocento.

The Tarocco Siciliano is unique to Sicily and features some unusual trump designs that borrow from the old Minchiate pack (no longer in play) – you can easily use the Piedmontese pack to play the Sicilian games (and most of Sicily does so) but it is nice to use the regional pack.

A Latin suited pack is also in use in Switzerland for playing the games of Troccas and Troggu. It is known as the Swiss 1JJ and although it is sold in the UK and US the English titles reflect occult beliefs, so if you want to use them for game play, you will need to make sure that you are buying an import with the original French titles.

At the start of the 18th century, German card makers began to produce tarot cards that employ the French suits of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Trefoils (or Clubs). They also replaced the Italian trumps with a range of themes, such as exotic animals and local landmarks. This variety is now the most widely used for game play. In those countries that only play games with a reduced pack, the cards are sold as just 54 cards and the designs seldom vary. The French cards, used in France, Belgium, and Denmark, have the full 78 cards and come in the sort of variety that we see in Poker packs, with a range of novel themes featuring everything from pin-ups, cartoon characters, and films.

The best books to look for are rather costly – but you might be able to get them from your local library:

The Game of Tarot
by Michael Dummett with the assistance of Sylvia Mann
Duckworth 1980 ISBN 0 7156 10147

A History of Games played with the Tarot Pack Volumes One & Two
By Michael Dummett and John McLeod
Edwin Mellen Press 2004
Volume One ISBN 0 7734 6447 6
Volume Two ISBN 0 7734 6449 2
Supplement from Maproom Publications 2009 ISBN 978 0 9562370 0 2

There is also a small selection here:

The Penguin Book of Card Games
By David Parlett
Penguin 2008 ISBN-10: 0141037873 ISBN-13: 978-0141037875

You can find rules for many of the games at these sites:

The rules from this second site are being revised at a new site (still a work in progress):

For the shopping in the US:

Web Stores based in Europe (and who will ship to the States):

Occult uses of the cards are first seen at the end of the 18th century and for 100 years were limited to just France before they were introduced into the English speaking world by some British occultists. Occultists began to heavily redesign the cards to better reflect their beliefs, as well as to make divination easier by introducing illustrations for the pip cards. Today, most occult packs are based upon either the pack designed by Arthur Edward Waite (executed by Pamela Coleman-Smith ) or Alastair Crowley (executed by Lady Frieda Harris). Which of these you will depend upon your personal taste โ€“ but few of them will be suitable for playing the games with.

If you want to learn about tarot reading, then I would suggest this site:

Answer by George
Ive started writing articles on it and I’m also planning to create an online tarot deck that you can “shuffle”, drawn spreads and get help learning to read.
I’ve published 3 articles which should be a good starting point for any beginner here:

Answer by befeathered
If you are wanting a tarot deck for divination the best one to start with is the Rider Waite deck published by US Games Systems. If you don’t want to buy a book, the best website for learning tarot is
Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

Answer by Safรฟre
A lot of people will tell you the Rider Waite is the perfect “beginners” deck. Pffft. I’m not convinced. It may be appropriate for some, but I would suggest you write a list of things that you are drawn to. For example, if you want bright, vibrant artwork. Or you have a thing about cats. Or you are very in tune with Druidism or Celtic styles. Basically, something that you already have an affinity for.

Once you know what you are looking for, then go to They have the most wondrous array of decks available, with illustrations to show the cards and feedback from people that have actually used the deck. I’m sure you will find something that really resonates with you for your first deck. But if you are still unsure, try the Morgan Greer deck. Very bright artwork, and very easy to understand the meaning behind the illustrations.

Avoid some of the more obscurely illustrated decks (such as Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck or the Osho Zen deck).

As for a book… a good book for beginners (IMO) is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot, followed by the 78-degrees of wisdom (once you are more proficient). Check out Amazon if you are interested in either of these books.

Hope that helps.
In lak’ech

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