Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tantric Dakini Oracle Tarot deck vs Rider-Waite deck?

Each of the 64 cards in the Tantric Dakini Oracle corresponds with the Rider-Waite deck.

Is there an online source ?

Thank you
I have the Rider-Waite deck.

Is there an online source that shows the cards side by side,showing how each card in the decks compare to each other? A chart?


Rider Waite: Wheel of Fortune

Tantric Dakini Oracle: Wheel of Great Time

I appreciate the helpful answers and hope that someone can elaborate?

Thank you

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Use either one. I prefer the Rider-Waite deck.

Answer by Auntie┬ĚChrist {instainly arcane}
Aeclectic has a good review of both decks with a few decent images:

Personally, I would go with whichever one feels right to you. That is all that matters. I would gravitate towards the Tantric, simply because it’s a deck that I am not as familiar with, unlike the Rider-Waite, and the imagery is unusual and compelling in comparison to other decks I’ve used.

Answer by Infin8ly
A traditional tarot deck like Rider-Waite has 78 cards. So while I’m not familiar with the Tantric Dakini Oracle deck – seems as though something must be “missing”. They may have drawn inspiration from traditional tarot – but cannot have included the entire deck.

This is only a problem for someone like me – who is so used to reading with the traditional deck that I would be lost using something like angel cards or oracle decks – which often do not have the full 78 cards. However – the readers I know that use those decks feel very comfortable with them, and definately feel they are complete.

If you are wanting to learn traditional – I’d say go with the Rider-Waite – since most sources of learning (books, websites, etc.) use this deck as their basis – so it’s easier to stick to that – not because it’s better – but because it’s “traditional”.

If you are using your own intuition – and not interested in traditional interpretation – go with your own gut instinct and use whatever deck speaks to you. I’ve even seen people pull cards they like from DIFFERENT decks – to create a deck uniquely their own.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Will Allah forgive me?

Ok, so I used to always read about my horoscope and i believed in them cause the horoscope described me correctly. Today i tried online tarot reading and i remembered that it’s a major sin in islam. Then i also remembered about Astrology and i googled if it’s considered haram. And it was, can someone please tell me how God can forgive me. Please i don’t want to go to hell.
(I don’t want anyone saying God doesn’t exist or Believe in Jesus or i’m not a muslim but God will forgive you. I want answers from expert muslims)

Answer by gertystorrud
Only Jesus SAVES!! (He IS GOD!!) period.

Answer by MtoR signing up is easy
Maybe the answer lies in the stars

Answer by Yeshuaman
Don’t worry about allah, he can’t even find his camel.

Answer by Garden Man
No, but Jesus can!

Answer by Slayer of Christians
God will condemn you to hell for you abominable misconduct, so just become an atheist.

Answer by Bob
Pray for forgiveness, I’m sure you shall receive it if you ask. You are human, and prone to making mistakes. God is fully aware of that. Peace be with you.

Answer by Diamonds
Hello, I am a muslim, and I am kind of an expert in those stuff
First inshallah You won’t go to hell yarab. Remember God always forgive…and It is okay to read horscopes but not believe in them, and if you do for 40 days your prayer doesn’t count. I guess.
But I will tell you something do you know why you believe in them? It is because you have nothing to do…so read Qura’an and read the horscopes for fun and if something you read is true, it is just an coincidence trust me, sometimes it is not real, and remember people have written it and people are wrong sometimes.

Answer by Peedi
allah couldn’t save a penny. Jesus is the only saviour, and Muslims even know that.

Answer by Yasaman Setayeshpour
Allah will forgive you ­čÖé

Answer by Loomis is back!
Hussam Hussam

If you want expert answers, you ask Christians not muslims. My dear friend, islam is a false religion that offers no hope for humanity whatsoever. allah cannot forgive you simply because the boy doesnt exist. Jesus can forgive you!! He’s real!! The God of the Bible is real my friend! allah is just a figment of muhammads imagination. I bet you didnt know that did you? Please do yourself a huge favor & utterly abandon your false religion. Religion is not the answer my friend. Jesus is! Do that today! God bless!

Answer by Miss 6
Ok first off I am a tarot reader and I get a lot of Christians and Muslim clients. On line tarot does not work. So on that note I would not fret over it, since its not a true medium its just some machine generating cards. Astrology is not sinful. Remember that during the Golden Age of Islam there was a heavy study of sciences and prosperity one of the sciences was astrology. Also Al Najm has many references to astrology in it. It becomes sinful when you turn away from Allah and only follow the stars. He has given us the stars for extra guidance to avoid floods and earthquakes.
It is the Holy Month of Ramadan, continue your fasting and prayer that would be best.

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