Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : someone please help me with this spread of rider tarot cards?

I have Rider tarot cards of my own and I only pulled 4 cards, they where all SWORDS in this order 5,6,7,8. Some one WHO CAN ACTUALLY READ TAROT and is really psychic please interpret what this means for me because im confused please. Thanks so much in advance:)

Answer by EasyDo
OK. … The meaning will change depending on whether they are up the right way or not. You have already told me that IS the order of them & the suit is Swords. … So to the Meaning:: “Your journey has begun in the middle of itself. (another reading will tell you how it was meant to begin.)” .. “Your progress is slow, but steady without faltering or slipping backwards.” (so while you may think that you’re not really getting anywhere in life, at least you don’t fall flat on your ahhh’s!) .”However, you will never reach the end of your journey’s completion, regardless of what you do or how long you live. Every goal in your life will always remain just beyond your reach, but you will be able to complete most of what you set out to do.” …. “Just as the ‘Death Card’ does NOT usually indicate a person’s death, it is the same with the suit of Swords. Swords do NOT mean violence most of the time. Swords like the other suits represent one of the 4 elements. To draw All of any suit, indicates an imbalance in your character that you have to set about correcting to have a full & happy life.” …. I cannot say further without being physically with you. Nobody can really.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the lovers, the emperor and the high priestess cards mean?

displayd in this exact order, for two people who are separated, and whose odds are against regarding ever getting back together?

p.s. The hermit and the devil also tend to show up a lot in readings about this situation. And mind these readings have been done only with the major arcans.

Thank you, tarot lovers.

Answer by Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯
I know what it is you asked but I honestly cannot answer when I consider reversed cards. I take it you read them without reversed cards and they were speaking to you. A rough reading based on what you tell me it sounds as though you will be getting back together.

I can’t answer your questions directly but I can offer you a reading.

Your past speaks of how there is some suffering, always on mind and probably sleep lost because of this.

The present shows a time when things were at a stand still but will slow come around again. There will be some forward movement such as more talking, or a call…

the future seems to be very promising showing that there is some gain. I cannot say for certain if these two people will actually remain together.

Hope this gives you some direction or is of some help.
Shadow Storm

Answer by Kristy
Which spread are you using? Past-present-future?

It’s difficult to say without knowing more about the situation, but here goes. The Lovers are pretty obvious, especially if they’re in the Past position. The Emperor, in the present, is usually a symbol of stability and order. The High Priestess, in the future, represents intuition and looking within oneself for spiritual wisdom.

If I had to guess, I’d say that it was a bad relationship, although it may have seemed idyllic on the surface. While most people consider a break-up to be chaotic and destabilizing, this reading indicates that, for at least one if not both of them, separating is actually an attempt to REGAIN some order and stability in their lives. Hopefully, by separating they’ll both find some inner peace, and grow in understanding.

An alternate reading is that the relationship really was kind of idyllic, but that an outside influence, an authority figure, is somehow coming between them. (Do either of them have problems with the other’s father or maybe employer?) Either way, the High Priestess in the Future still indicates, if not a happy ending per se, at least an outcome that leads to introspection and wisdom, and a deeper understanding.

The Hermit, if he’s in either the Present or the Future, supports the reading of the High Priestess, as the Hermit indicates making a change and setting off alone to seek enlightenment. It also supports the first overall interpretation, as it implies that the separation was voluntary and the intent was to find peace/wisdom. (If the Hermit was in the Past, I got nothing.)

If the Devil is in the Past, that would support the first reading, as it might mean they felt trapped in this relationship or that one felt controlled by his/her partner. If he’s in the Present or Future, it would support the second reading, because it would imply that this outside authority figure is controlling and/or manipulating, and that the two don’t feel like they have any options other than to separate.

Answer by Danni
Let’s assume that these cards were drawn with the intention of interpreting the past, present and future of the situation.
This is my personal interpretation of what you are asking:

Past => The Lovers
– suggests love, romance and an emotional, spiritual and physical union
– any relationship connected to this card will be a powerful and meaningful one
– you may feel as if you have known each other always, you feel completely in tune on every level
– other important meaning is choice
– if this appears when you are trying to make your mind up, it is telling you to think very carefully
– choices indicated by this card are not black and white, not easily resolved in a logical way

Present => The Emperor
– represents structure, and the kind of power which arises from it
– symbolises worldly achievement and the competitive qualities and drive it takes to make your mark
– may be on the verge of promotion, or be in the position where others look to you for direction
– you are ambitious, and can make logical plans to ensure your success
– you could be dealing with authority in some shape or form e.g. large companies, governments, authorities, bosses
– may also represent your father, or anyone who plays that role in your life
– concerning a relationship, you may be involved with someone who finds it difficult to express emotions – this type of person is unwilling to let down defences, for they like to be in control at all times
– if asking about a man, he has been taught that ‘big boys don’t cry’ and has repressed his feminine side
– if asking about a woman, she may be financially successful but have little time to relax and be receptive

Future => The High Priestess
– represents sixth sense, heightened perception and a fascination with the unknown
– telling you to look within, pay attention to your dreams, and listen to the inner voice we all posses and seldom use
– invariably counsels patience, waiting for the right time, and relying on gut feelings rather than logical answers
– she can also represent an idealised lover, or distant woman he can never have a real relationship with because she has either rejected him or is happy with someone else

This is interesting because the first and last cards appear to cancel out the second card regarding whether to use logic or rely on gut feelings when deciding on a plan of action. It seems to me, looking at the results in your cards, that you may be trying to rationally think things through at the moment regarding your relationship with this significant other, whereas in the past you were happy to just let things flow and rely on what you felt in heart was right. Now things have grown complicated, possibly due to growing need for and preoccupation with material issues i.e. money etc, and you have lost the flow that existed previously in your relationship. You are trying to figure things out logically because this is how you have become accustomed to thinking over-time, shunning the inner cues that came innately to you.
The future heralds a time again for you to focus on the inner and let things happen at the right time by going with your gut instincts. Perhaps it is time to stop pressing this matter and let things unfold in their own time, at their own pace. Let things flow again.
Take some time out, learn something new. Look in other directions for a change, breathe fresh air. Things will begin to metamorphosise when you are ready and the playing field has become level once again.

A general interpretation of =>
The Hermit:
– pressing need to be by yourself in order to think, and make plans
– there may be a serious decision to be made – you may feel that you have achieved everything you have set out to do and wonder what’s next
– peace and quiet are important now, and you will not lose out if you drop out of the social whirl for a time
– take as much time as you need to reach your conclusions, consider every angle

The Devil:
– represents the material world, which is neither good nor evil in itself
– may be entering a phase when money, and material well-being become important
– perhaps you have rejected these things before, and are tired of never having enough money
– emotionally, warns against trying to buy friendship or love
– may signify someone that is overly concerned with material security
– these worries may be preventing greater fulfillment, by keeping him or her trapped in a relationship or job – bound by apparent success
– if concerning a relationship, tread carefully – the Devil is linked with lust and sometimes overwhelming physical desire

Hope this has helped. It’s also important to keep in mind that nothing is set in stone. You can always change the path that you are currently on. With hard work in the physical world, or you could alternatively try meditation or visualisation exercises. Sometimes, the most powerful aspect you could bring into an unhappy situation is knowing that change is the only constant.

All the best.

Answer by Helen
There is an application in the Students of Tarot website where you can enter your given cards for an automated interpretation. Scroll down to “Ask for a Tarot reading” and select the appropriate option in the 2nd or 4th bullet point.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you tell me what the tarot card I chose means?

The question I asked was “Can you give me insight on whether ____ hates me or not?”

and the card I picked was the Ace of Pentacles.

I asked the question about my ex. He cheated on me and I told him I didn’t want anything to do with him after that.

I know that the Ace of Pentacles is usually a good card to get, but I don’t know if it is in this instance or not.

Answer by Brandon S
It’s good. It means that things are over with the ex and that new guy you just met is going to sweep you off your feet!

Answer by IntuitiveImpressions
That card is not enough to show insight about whether he loves or hates you. It is a great card usually indicating good fortune and business matters. So a shallow reading would say he doesn’t hate you but rather thinks that you are a stable and solid person. Not a love interest love, though.

But when I pull one card and it is not clear, I pull three more cards over it to clarify. It doesn’t tell you whether a new person is coming into your life or not because that was not the question you asked. As a timing card, the Ace of Pentacles indicates a one-month time frame.

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