Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I get a Tarot Card Reading?

I am 16 and one set of my Grandparents have both died recently. My dad has had a tarot card reading with my mother and they said that i was not allowed to come in and be part of it. They also have a CD and everyone else in my Family (I MEAN EVERYONE) has heard the CD except me!

They wont tell me anything about what was said by the Psychic or anything!

No twats trying to convert me as I am a strict believer in this.

Thank you in advance =)

1st Answer: 😛
Other answers: Its like a reading, I have a lot of unanswered questions as they died very quickly and without warning.

This is my family we’re talking about, seriously, some of you have no emotions, Wait until it happens to you, and someone starts taking the michael out of a serious question!

Answer by How u Pooin’?
“No twats” Very eloquently put.

Answer by smoking frog
sure get on ur unicorn and ride to a card reader.

if ur lucky, the leprechauns r gonna give u some gold coins…

Answer by deletedaccount
Tarot readings have nothing to do with dead people, so I’m confused by your question.

Answer by Feathered Serpent
Meh however you want to waste your money is up to you.

Answer by shadowcatx2000
Honestly, believe what you want, but don’t think a tarot reading will solve all your problems. The tarot can be good for giving you additional insight by making you think, it can be good for making you face something you don’t want to face, but it is not a magickal easy button.

Answer by speedracer4u2c
sure, go get a reading… then have the pokemon crew come over and hold them all down while you and a bunch of faeries search for the cd. or just save time and get superman to drop by and use his exray vision, save time.

if you believe that some old woman can read a stack of cards and see the past and future you have to believe in these too.

Answer by Fine Frannie
I read tarot and I can tell you that we don’t communicate with the dead. Sometimes people do find closure from a reading. However many readers will not read for you since you’re underage.
Also you should not have been hurt by not being allowed into your parents reading sessions. Whatever they asked was between them and the reader and its not always OK to have a room full of people while getting a reading.

I’m sorry for your loss.

Answer by Miss 6
Tarot readings are private – we don’t communicate with the dead. I agree with the other post that says you’re underage so a Tarot reader may not do a reading for you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is getting a spiritual cleansing from a tarot reader a sin?

I have distanced from my faith for a little over two years now (im Catholic) yesterday i asked my kom to come with me to get a cleansing from a tarot card reader. Now im thinking i should have gone with my gut instinct and gone to confession. I really need some spiritual guidance .

Answer by E
Yes, witchcraft is a sin and it will encourage demons to follow you.

Answer by Friendly
How much does this “spiritual cleansing” cost?

Answer by Ms.DawnKey
I don’t believe in confession, but I still think you should listen to your gut. It’s always a good idea to listen to your gut

I doubt if people need spiritual cleansings, but confession can make you feel better, I’m sure.

Hugs from upbeat, positive people probably are as good, if not better, for you than a spiritual cleansing.

Answer by Thor is a loving God Too.
It is a waste of time and money. That is for sure.

Answer by kclady
Getting a “spiritual cleansing” from a tarot reader is a sin in the sense that wasting your money by giving it to an obvious con artist is a sin.LOL

Answer by Nick Danger
Nonsense. Utter nonsense. “Cleansing” and sin. Try not living in superstitious beliefs.

Answer by Jacqueline
Only God can cleanse your soul.

Getting a so-called spiritual cleansing from a Tarot card reader or any other type of fortune teller or medium would be false worship, which is a sin against the First Commandment.

Go to Confession, and receive forgiveness, cleansing and grace from Jesus Christ in the sacrament of Reconciliation.

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