Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Quick! I need help planning a bachelorette party! Any ideas?

This party is in a couple weeks! I’m pretty much doing all the planning on my own, so can anyone help me?

I have 2 things that I need to merge together! Tarot card reading/psychic and manicure/pedicure outing. She’s a classy bride (specifically requested no penises!). She loves martinis and cupcakes. There are approximately 5 guests plus the bride. I am on a budget but am very crafty, so give me all you can think of!

I have lots of ideas, but can’t merge them together. All the rest of the internet has is raunchy parties, so if some of you fine people could help me out it would be much appreciated. Will pick best answer!

Answer by Miss 6
Contact your local metaphysical store and see if they have any tarot readers that do parties. The reader may have a flat show up rate, but then have each guest who wants a reading pay an additional fee or not (either way its a good idea to tip).
The same goes for a manicurist, you may just pay a flat rate as a show up fee, and the guest tip the manicurist.
It may end up being cheaper to do it that way, just have one event maybe at your home or a friends home where the reader and the nail techs come over set up and your friends tip for the services. The reader should charge around $ 10 per session plus the show up fee. Of course the bride is free.
You can serve martini’s and cupcakes!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Someone you just cannot get over?

Do you believe in the idea of a soulmate, someone you were supposed to be with? What happens when the circumstances don’t work out and you part ways?

4 years ago I dated who I still believe is my soulmate. It was someone I’d known since I was 4, but we had reconnected as adults and the chemistry was definitely there. I can truly say it was the first person I’ve ever loved.

He abruptly broke things off with me, giving various excuses that he couldn’t do a long distance relationship (we went to different colleges) and needed to focus on getting into med school. Heartbroken, I respected his choice but agreed that I wanted to stay friends.

Not 2 months later I found out that he had been seeing someone else all along. I was devastated, and every time he reached out to contact me, it was a bittersweet twist in my heart as I thought that maybe he still cared for me (why he was reaching out) but newly devastated each time as he was still with the other girl. The first cut is the deepest, and I don’t know that my heart will ever love the same again after what happened.

I couldn’t take the mind games or him keeping in touch with me, and in the cloud of severe depression I did some things I definitely regret. We did not end well and haven’t spoken in 3 years.

Unfortunately our families are inextricably linked, and I still hear about him. His life has flown along and he has enjoyed all kinds of successes while I have stumbled and seen what dreams I used to have for the future evaporate into disappointments at what has actually become.

I think of him still every day, and although I know his infidelity is ultimately to blame for us breaking up, I still beat myself up, thinking that I should have known better than to be with him in the first place, not agreed to be friends after the breakup, etc.

I’ve had my tarot cards read 3 times since we broke up, and each time a different reader has identified that I was in a relationship with someone in the summer of 2006 who was supposed to be my life partner, but he made selfish decisions that caused us not to work out in the end and that wounded me deeply.

I’ve dated people since we broke up, and been in relationships, but I still cannot get him out of my mind.

With all of this in mind, how can I get over him? Will I never? What happens in these situations?

Answer by ShatnersToupee
if he cheated in you then no,you can do so much better.

Answer by Babylittle
i think you should call him up and you guys should meet up somewhere like a park so you can tell him ur true feelings and how you felt about him betraying your love for granted..than after your done simply smile and say have a nice day..In the back of his mind he will greatly be ashamed that he broke your heart..maybe just maybe he’ll call crawling just never know

Answer by abriannaa.
I can’t give you a really good answer, but in all honesty I don’t think you’ll ever get over him.
I’m young, but I really like this guy & I have for over a year. It may not be a long time, but I really like him & I’ve tried getting over him.
I’ve had boyfriends to see if it was just a state of mind kinda thing, but I can’t go a day without talking to him, or a class without thinking about him.
It’s just how things are gonna have to be, unless you try to get in touch.
Maybe meet him for coffee, but I’m not sure how his relationship is right now. Sorry for not being able to help much.

Answer by Carol
I think that if someone is truly your soulmate they will feel the same way about you that you feel for them. If he was truly meant to be your life partner than maybe later on he will come back into your life when it is the right time for you and him to be together. I’m really sorry to hear that you went through a sever depression over this. I strongly believe that in order to find happiness in love you have to be happy with yourself and move on from the past. It takes some time but you can do it! Don’t beat yourself up for being with him. It was a learning experience. Just have fun and do things in your life that you enjoy and make you feel empowered. Obviously this guy has moved on so why shouldn’t you? You deserve happiness!

Answer by boolprop
You need to breathe, calm down. Why do you think about him, even though he’s not worth it? That answer is because you regret, and your subconscious won’t let you forgive and forget. If you trail the same path as you did when this happened, then you will inevitably keep falling down in despair.

First thing you need to do is forgive him. If you forgive him, you can forgive yourself. Second thing is, don’t get into a relationship until you feel you’ve forgiven him and can let him go. If you continue to date, then the wounds will constantly be reopened and your memories will continue to pursue you.

Think about times you’ve been happy without him. If you don’t have any, you should remember back to before you dated. Remember how that felt and keep it with you. Try new things, like clubs and school and a job you really like. Meet new friends and have fun. You don’t need him to have fun, just a friend.

Ask your family not to talk about him near you. If you can’t, leave when they talk about him until you feel you can forgive him. Also, the only way your dreams can become a reality is if you want them to. If you can’t stop thinking about this guy, then you can’t fully concentrate on your dreams. Forgive, and concentrate on your dreams. If you forgive him and yourself of regrets, you’ll not only be freer, you’ll be happier and more carefree

Answer by floridacansuckit
I do not believe in soulmates. How could someone be put on this earth with just the purpose to make you happy? People love and lose love everyday. That’s why so many people write books, songs, movie scripts about it. I’ve been through it and have had friends go through it. This is especially hard when there is history with the othher person. The best thing you can do for yourself is cut tiess with him and when family members bring his name up ignore what is being said. You will love again, I promise, but you must get over your feelings for him in order to be able to fall for someone new. Use your free time to surround yourself with ones you love and spend all your time occupied so you won’t be able to daydream. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everything happens for a reason. I am a firm believer in that. Also if he was able to be with another woman while he was with you he doesn’t love you. Love shouldn’t hurt like that and once you’ve cleared your mind of him you wiill be a much happier person.

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