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***if you’re going to be ignorant and spam this thread about how tarot attracts daemons and only fools and scammers believe in them, go for it. I cant stop you. But you WILL be reported for spam and harassment. I won’t get involved arguing with you on here, though because you simply arent worth my time and once you are reported, your post is will be hidden to me, anyway.*****

Anyway, I have been reading tarot cards online, over Instant Messenger, and over the phone for professional tarot readers for a few years in exchange for them reading me. The readers normally charge up to $ 120/hr and have such a devoted client base that it takes most people about a year to get booked with them.

Now I want my own client base. Mainly because I want to have a steady flow of new people to interact with and read for. But of course, I want some money so I can purchase more tarot books and more tarot decks. I’m not trying to get rich. I would be happy doing $ 10 readings for half an hour over phone or IM is fine with me.

The thing is this, though. I live in a small area in the high desert in CA. We have no metaphysical shop within the 2 hour radius! My professional tarot reader friends have clients because they read face to face and at parties. How do I attract clients online without having to travel?
And yes (to the idiots that will ask): I have asked my cards for advice. they gave me some but I want to ask professionals, too. Anyone who thinks tarot cards knows everything and tarot readers are infallible are stupid, anyway….
its ok, anonymous. at least you werent blasting cards for being evil. And you either have low self esteem or something because I’m not mean to anyone unless they try to get abusive with me…
“Why don’t you find other professionals online?” LOL, thats what I’m trying to do by posting this question 🙂

Answer by anonymously_me
your mom’s brother’s baby’s aunt (your mom)
(Why don’t you find other professionals online?)
If I had more money I’d be a client but I don’t know the answer to your question. I’m of no help and you’d probably just be mean to me anyways! lol Hope you find your answer. I’d never spend more than $ 10 on a reading though personally & don’t think anyone else should either!

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is it true that you CAN’T do a tarot card reading online? someone on here did one for me, and it kinda did relate to me…here it is:

this was the question i asked:

Well, i’ve liked this guy for almost 3 years. I have never talked to him though, but he kind of showed some interest. However, he moved schools.I want to know, did he ever like me? What did he think of me? Is there a chance i might see him again? If it helps, my birthdate is on December 27, 1992 at 6:08 PM and i’m from Los Angeles, CA and if you need his birthdate, it’s on April 22, 1992 and i don’t know where he was born but i do know that he lives in Downey now… please help. Thank you!

and this is the reading…and the first card she pulled out is EXACTLY like me…

Using the relationship spread, the first card that is drawn is identified as the Knight of Wands and it is in reverse. The position of the card is how you view yourself in the present situation at this given moment in time. The meaning of the card is as follows: You are a person that has an exuberant personality and you care very much about your outer appearance, and how others view you. You can take these qualities to the extreme, almost to the point of obsession. This card warns against keeping your temper in check even when things rightfully anger you. This card also signals the sudden departure of someone that is deeply meaningful to you.

The second card in the relationship spread is how you view the person of interest. The card drawn is the three of pentacles in reverse. While you appreciate this individual as a unique and wonderful being, you also do not appreciate the person’s lack of attention to smaller, important details. Sometimes this person seems a bit too flighty in terms of imagination and you sometimes wish that this person would be more grounded and reality rooted.

The third card drawn is the four of cups upright. This card expresses how you feel about the individual in question. The four of cups suggests that you are truly devoted and love this individual. You are presently, however, seriously dissatisfied with what is happening and what you believe lies ahead. You feel a certain apathy being directed toward you; as if you are on the verge of an unrequited romance or unreturned feelings.

The forth card is the Judgment card in reverse; this is the obstacles that stand between you and the individual; your disillusioned and this relationship has the serious potential of stagnating if left on its present path.

The fifth card is the Knight of Pentacles in reverse and suggests how the individual perceives you. The individual views the relationship as already idle and in the process of stagnation.

The sixth card is what the individual feels about you, which differs from how you are perceived. The individual feels great satisfaction when thinking of you and you are in the individual’s desires and hopes.

Final Outcome: the Page of Pentacles: this card is suggestive of potential new beginnings but large obstacles will need to be conquered first. The undertakings of a studious nature have taken center stage, and the relationship or potential thereof has been placed out of the forefront of considerations. The existing gap has the potential of widening.

Conclusions: yes, he cared for you and still does. However, distance and scholarly obligations threaten to diminish such feelings over time.

do you agree with this tarot card reading?

Answer by Nik
yes small papers cards with pretty pictures have the ability to read your life outcomes

and bigfoot married an alien…and such

Answer by The Notorious White Moth
A tarot reading–like most divination–is deliberately general enough that it can be applied to just about anyone in just about any situation. Derren Brown, in one episode of his show Mind Control, gave each member of a group of complete strangers a supposedly random personality profile, saying that they were all different. Each member of the group was amazed at how perfectly their profile described them, until it was revealed that they were all given the exact same profile.

Answer by vid
You can do online Tarot readings. I wouldn’t expect to get an accurate reading on here, but if it does relate to you and you believe it’s accurate it might be.

Tarot is not “general” necessarily like what the other person stated. Sometimes a person will do a Tarot reading to learn about a person’s personality and sometimes those can fit other people’s personalities. However, I know that Tarot is not “general enough” to make other people believe in every reading they get. For example, I know when a certain card pops up that I’ll be getting an unexpected check in the mail. THAT can’t be “general enough” can it since it’s always right and pinpoints something very accurately? Also, if cards were “general enough” I don’t think I would have stuck with Tarot this long if–as the other person implies–a reading is “general enough” for just anybody. No, that’s incorrect on his part. Again, the reading he might be talking about is one for a person’s personality or something like that.

Also, if readings were “general enough” I don’t think people would get information into their relationships–some are single and some are married and/or divorced. Also, some people work and some are unemployed, so a reading is not “general enough” as far as my many years of experience goes.

Yes, you can do readings online or on the phone, but make sure not to do those computerized Tarot sites as those aren’t accurate. If there is someone that will read your cards and this happens to happen over the internet it doesn’t matter. It’s very similar to having a phone reading, but through the internet in can be done in a chatroom or through an email. Tarot is not limited by space and time and whether you’re in the same room or not. It’s a very powerful and accurate tool!

Answer by SadharaSatguru

Of course you can do readings online, you can do them anyway that a link can be created.

If you have ‘issues’ with a reading you have received from a reader, then it is that person you should go to for confirmation. If you do not hold any faith in what the reader has said to you, then you will also not see any wisdom in anything else given to you unless they are words that appeal to what you wish to hear.


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Someone who has an office that I can meet. Not those online kind.

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All tarot card readers are full of sh*t. There is no such thing as a good tarot card reader.

Actually, there are good liars and story tellers, which is what defines a good tarot card reader.

Don’t waste your money on that garbage. Get some beer instead!

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