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My little booklet that came with my Tarot Cards (Rider deck) I noticed has different meanings for each of the cards than other things I read about them online. In fact, sometimes websites say different things. Does anyone know of the true meaning of each card, somewhere on an accurate website? Why are they all different?
Can I use my deck of cards and go by the meanings of what it says on a site?

Answer by josh!!!! (*_*)
You go by intuition. Also each deck would have a different meaning to the cards. If you want to not read intuitively I’d say use the book, not the sites.

But if you can learn to read based off of intuition, you’ll get much better readings than if you didn’t.

Answer by Farasha
Every deck has different art, different symbolism, and therefore a slightly different interpretation. Most of the meanings you found have some similar correlations, right? If you find two wildly different meanings, that’s when it gets tricky – but until then, you can certainly use whichever meanings seem “right” to you, although I would encourage you to use the book that came with your deck, as the meanings listed there should be tailored to the symbolism on your cards.

For example, I don’t use the Rider deck, I used the Celtic Dragon deck. The cards aren’t read reversed, so some of the inversion meanings for some cards are taken over by others. I used a Rider deck for a long time before I got this one, and it was difficult to make the switch.

Oh, Tarot. Sometimes, I love and hate it at the same time.

Answer by xalice.blackx
Use your intuition, and cards that inspire your intuition. Rider is a good starter deck, but I never really liked their book that much. One problem with “accurate” meanings is that different cards have different meanings depending on the layout and the reader and the questioner. Kind of like paintings or books. I practiced with simple readings until I got a feel for my deck and how it “expressed” itself in different circumstances.

Answer by Wouter S
You can give the cards any meaning you want. They do not have any special meaning of their own.

Answer by soulfire_7_7_7
The Tarot cards represent basic archetypes — deep, basic human characteristics and experiences common to all people one time or another.

You’ll get different details from different sources but if you read about a card and then meditate on it, and really let the deeper meaning sink in, the core reality that is beyond words, then when you give a reading you will better be able to intuitively put the puzzle pieces together and “hear” what the cards seem to be saying.

There is no one “right” definition for each card, there are basic guidelines and you have to see how all the cards fit together in a reading and see what kind of picture it seems to paint. It’s more of an art than a science, and you have to learn to listen to your intuition. But knowing the basic meaning of each card is essential, because that’s what will clue you in and get the wheels turning to give you an “aha” moment where it comes to you during a reading.

For now I would stick with the book definitions, because other sources will probably just confuse you more than they help, until you’ve had more experience with reading the cards. Later, other definitions may help to expand your understanding of each card but for now I would stick to one source, and the best one to start with is probably the book that came with the cards.

Answer by dana w
The meaning is decide by the owner of the deck really thats how it works. Get rid of the boook its not needed

Answer by SadharaSatguru

They will all be different, each reader has their own take on each card, as will yourself in time.

see profile 🙂

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I wanna begin psychic development.how do you use tarot cards? What are the minor arcana?

Answer by Chrystal
There are 72 cards in a Tarot deck…they all have multiple meanings and you need ‘intuition’ to decipher the meanings.

Answer by Taylor
With so many cards in a tarot deck, we aren’t going to take the time to explain them all. Minor Arcana is the Pentacles, Cups, Swords, and Wands stuff.

Answer by Silver Leaf
There’s so many different ways you could develop your psychic abilities. You could try reading about tarot online and some other stuff. Being psychic is not all its cracked up to be. Initially, you think it’s gonna be wonderful……. Until you realize okay so there is a chance I might be psychic….. Then, your intuition heightens, and then you start to realize all these different things about how the universe works and how people are and how the world is and the realities of life…….. And your like well damn, I just didn’t want to know all of that. I just didn’t want to know that my friend Suzie secretly hates me. I didn’t want to know that Katrina cheated on Joey with Kevin. I didn’t want to know that my own cat thinks I’m weird. I didn’t want to know all of the evil thoughts people have in their minds. I didn’t ask to know all these things.Then, your like how do you make this stop. Where is the off button. Oh, snap! There is no off button. It’s like insane! Like insanity. Have fun! ; )

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where I could learn about tarot cards?

I write a fanfic where I require tarot cards for each characters, so I’ll need a web page information where tarot cards meanings are listed specifically. Anyone know where?

Answer by josh!!!! (*_*)
but the thing is…each card in a tarot deck has different meanings per deck/per person. there are base meanings for the major arcana but still each person can get so many other meanings from them.
for the minor arcana it that is very dependant on the deck, and the reader, plus their connection.

this will give you the basic meanings of the major arcana though. http://www.thelostfound.com/tarot/cards/meanings/major.html

Answer by sexy butterfly
I’m not sure but you could use goggle. Just be warned that every deck has its own specific meanings for the court cards and the minor arcana cards along with the symbols. Also some decks have stories to go along with the meaning of all 72 cards. But goggling it should give you the basics.

Answer by Mossflower Wood
This website should be able to help you understand both the basic story behind the cards, as well as their meanings in a Tarot reading.


This site lists all the cards of the Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana, and the suits.

The story of the cards is very fascinating. =]

Answer by Frou Frou
sorry no, i dont know any sites
but, i do know that usually there is a book that you get along with the cards you buy, if you didnt get a book, you need to get one
so that means probably buying a new set that has a book
(i have several sets)

its better than having a web site anyway, cos that way you have the info there instead of having to copy it out or look it up all the time

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Can’t help you with what you specifically ask for but here is a Forum with 5 tarot rooms ~ http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk & tarot course ~ http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/tarot_course_workshops.htm


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Tarot Card Meanings – It’s All In The Cards

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