Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Question about opposing and reinforcing cards mixed in my Tarot reading?

Ok, The Tower is my first card, and then 5 cards later, I drew the 6 of Wands and 1 card after that, The Sun. Well, according to this website:, The Tower is an opposing card for the 6 of Wands, and suggests humility and loss of acclaim.

However, The Sun is a *reinforcing* card for the 6 of Wands and suggests acclaim and prominence. But since I have both Tower and Sun in the row with the 6 of Wands, I’m not sure which definition to use. I’m leaning more towards The Sun, since not only is it after the 6 of Wands, but it’s closer to the 6 of Wands than The Tower.

The Tower is my first card, and the foundation of the matter and I don’t think that could represent humility later down the line.

Which definition is right?

Answer by Miss 6
Remember to combine the meaning of the cards with the position they are in. Currently you would be in a situation of potential humility. But your also in a position to turn it around with the sun. The Sun is right after the 6 of Rods so that would link it closer to the Sun.

Answer by KaBoom!!!
I think that site is just confusing you. Your discription sounds confusing to me and I’ve done tarot 10+ years. I suggest that you not go back there. One of the best ways to learn if you don’t have a mentor to teach you is to pay for readings and watch the reader.

You need to get to know the cards yourself. All that opposing and reinforcing stuff is useless. You have to learn how to use your intuition. This is the best beginners tarot book that I have come across- Stay away from online sources because you really have no idea where they get their information.

Answer by Justin M
I agree with Kaboom. Online websites are just confusing. It’s really best to get a teacher to teach you Tarot. A teacher would help you in learning to reading the sentences of the placements.

And actually, you are spot on with the humility part. The Tower is representing that you need to be more humble right now. Don’t allow your ego to get too involved, otherwise, you’re heading for a heavy downfall. (Remember those karmic choices?) There is no way to avoid this influence. The best thing to do is ride it out. If anything happens to be blasted apart, remember that it can be rebuilt. When you rebuild it, it will be much better than last time.

Although the Sun is saying to allow some time for fun and play, don’t get too swept up in that, or the Tower will come along again. The Sun is your momentary pause from all the work(6 of wands) you’re putting in right now.

In a Tarot spread, when cards in a reading don’t seem to go with the flow of the reading, you’re being challenged or reminded of something. Or, at least that’s what I was taught,

Answer by irishlady
The Tower shows deception distress calamity (1st card) this is your significator(you) it’s showing that now you’re feeling deceived & miserable Wands #6 shows Triumph great news victory & Sun material happiness contentment these 3 cards show that from you r distressed feelings the out-come will be successful Tarot cards take time to learn each one & it’s best to use same amt each time I use 11 cards & it looks like a Celtic cross then you take cards to see a whole picture if you use 6 cards one time & 10 the next you can’t get a true reading each card has to be placed in a certain position to form the picture

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Miniature tarot kit – misplaced sheet demonstrating order of cards?

I have a little tarot deck – Tarot: The Complete Kit, by Dennis Fairchild – and misplaced the sheet for arranging the 4-card spread. I tried researching it online because I do remember finding a picture of it once but this time could only find a picture that hides two of the positions. I know there is the Ponder This, and What to Do, and the other two from what I recall were related to past influences and the present but I would really appreciate if someone who has this deck could show it here for me, either by typing or through a scan. I’m also unsure as to whether there were additional instructions or a description on the reverse side. If so, those would be great too.
Thank you so much.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Li

I cannot help with the spread concerned as I do not know it.

You can however write your own layout, most readers do it at some stage, maybe now is the time for you?


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Not much into tarot etc but…?

Look,I don’t think much of tarots,psychics and all that(though I search for it and I’m curious) but today happened something strange…A girl taught me how to do the “How much percent” cards(a form of tarot) and she told me that while doing the cut,I should think of my question.Well,I did that once,and the amount was 90%!!I thought it would be a strange coincidence so I tried it again.Then it was 80%.Then I asked the girl to do it for me and she found 90%!!!Was it a devilish coincidence,or something more???

Answer by Pangel – Ty’s Huggoddess
I havent heard of this…
but the way I see it is the same with anything

the more you do it and the more results you get …. you can start to cross off that it may be just coincidence

Answer by Anonymouse
It’s a bit like randomly opening up your bible to find a scripture that applies to you at the time. You often find a really applicable one and feel as if God is talking right to you. With tarot cards, you also attract the messages and information that you need. God can use tarot for you too.

Answer by Rhonda B
From a scriptural point of view you’re better off not to get involved in it.

Deut 18:10 “There should NOT be found in you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, anyone who employs divination, a practicer of magic or anyone who looks for omens or a sorcerer, 11 or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium or a professional foreteller of events or anyone who inquires of the dead. 12 For everybody doing these things is something DETESTABLE to Jehovah, and on account of these DETESTABLE things Jehovah your God is driving them away from before you. 13 You should prove yourself faultless with Jehovah your God.”

Answer by bert_onestone
It is the random factor that counts in all divination systems, otherwise it would not work, from cards to dice, and sticks to stones.
I suggest that if you don’t believe in this stuff, you don’t dabble with it, you never know what might happen!

I will answer the sceptics though………..

No one can prove or disprove that any type of divination works or not. It’s just like religion, where is the physical proof that God exists. There is none! Nobody’s seen or heard him, ever.

So how do these diviners make divination work and why do so many people go to them for answers? There is no magic, spells or voodoo stuff, it’s just pure basic understanding of peoples needs and that’s all it is.
If you have any understanding of people whatsoever then you can give them advice easily and accurately.
That’s why Doctors are so good with people, it’s because they understand the basic principles of “Human Needs.”

Answer by Sean B.
ok man – I’am not exactly sure what the question is: there are alot of great sites online to learn and study the Tarot…which some have theorized means: “The wheel” as in the wheel of life…basically all human stories are the same…they all have villians and good guys and love and love lost…having said that…the “cards…” are merely representations of symbols for these “archetypes” we meet along the road of life…
You can throw the cards out – the idea is that the cards and the symbols on them represent energies around you or your psyche at that time…
you do not have to be psychic to read Tarot cards or evil or even good…
you dont have to be evil to play poker…or a card game…
or read a book…
you can have a “reader” or a person who has studied them interpret the “spread” of cards…
Ask a question: throw the cards…
will it tell your fortune? like in an old movie ? more often than not: in centuries past: “Gypsies” used the cards to just get money out of people…
or con them out of their money…by pretending to “read their fortunes…”
In the modern world the cards are kind of like colorful “Rorsachs” or they contain the messages you need them to…
but I’ve had people “show up” in a tarot spread and then wow here comes a person two weeks later – like the cards foretold…
The cards can be used in a variety of ways…a good “reader” though can interpret the signs– as it were and connect with your higher self…and give you feedback and what you all ready know to be true…
I believe we all have our own answers..but hearing it outside your head or stating the question or situation to another person helps for clarification…of a situation…
basically you know if a person is good or bad – really the cards affirm what you know to be true…
google search – Jung and the Tarot
or heres a site I use to refer to:
the cards are truly beautiful works of art..and many people create different decks: like angel cards, or Native American cards…for animal wisdom and the like…it would be hard to give the Tarot all the credit its due here…
but is it a tool of the devil so to speak…??
no more than a chainsaw is: you can use it to harm or build a house or hey even a church…its your call and how you use it like your words or your heart or tongue or feelings or actions…your intent…
life has darkness and people who are dark but not everyone is evil and dark…
>>>>>>>>>in fact most people are truly good and searching for answers just like you and a higher truth to live by…
I find the Tarot cards truly fascinating and one of the things I never tire of learning about…
things can make one more spiritual or more material — all of life is a process of purification….of your heart and soul…
heres the link:
your friend SeanB

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