Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Please explain the meaning of this tarot card?

So I ended doing those free online tarot card readings. & I did it a few more times because I kept on getting “the sun” and “the empress” which apparently means fertility, maternal, & babies… Every time I did it this card didn’t fail to come out. Can someone with experience explain the meaning of it. One of them said basically that my infertility phase was over, which I was having trouble with that.

Answer by DainiusNyko The Deinonychus’☭
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Answer by AmberWh
The Empress means giving birth, fertility, maternal, children, etc. You are correct. But if you were getting this in a “real reading” it doesn’t mean you are going to have a child necessarily. Just like the death card doesn’t mean someone is going to die. Giving birth to something can mean something along the lines of you are going to change the way you view something, or you are going to come up with a new plan. Heck, it can just mean you have children on your mind as tarot cards do not tell the future, rather they show a possible path…..if you believe in them.

Answer by Zen fan
Oh no! It means terrible trouble for the future. Using my projecting tarot cards I can see into yours. Yes, it’s trouble alright. I see pollution in the future. I’m now checking my chrystal sphere for clarification. Here it is, yes, it will be in the Gulf of Mexico. Ok now I see it, oh sweet spirits of niter, it’s another BP oil rig! I place the last tarot card on top of the sphere to obtain the final detail, ok, here it comes – yes this is it – It’s a BP oil rig named Atlantis. Stay away from Atlantis, it will be a disaster!

Answer by Zachary Meyer
The sun is materialism and the empress often symbolizes truth.

No. Trust God.

Proverbs 3:5,6


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot card meaning. The cards I got : The King, The Bee and The Focus cards. What do they all mean?

Tarot cards were The King, The Bee and The Focus cards.
I can’t find out what the meanings are? I’m a girl if that helps at all…
Thanks! 🙂

Answer by err
there is no such cards as the bee or the focus card. if you have these cards it is not a real tarot deck. also the king has to be part of a suit. ie wands pentacles cups or swords

Answer by Goblyn Queen
That’s no Tarot deck I have ever heard of. It must be an oracle deck, and every oracle deck has different meanings for each card, and rarely does one oracle deck have even one of the same cards of another.

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Reading the tarot cards together and understanding different meanings

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