Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Please answer this question!!!?

Ok so my freibd did tarot on me and my question was if I will be able to go to this rave this weekend and the cards showed from left to right in normal position: the hanged man, death, and the devil. Does anyone know what this means??

Answer by Solongsolo
The hanged man means that nothing will be happening for a while or you will feel like time is standing still, death means change and the devil means that someone will be influencing you or that you will be under some kind of influence. When people draw three cards, from left to right, to pe they represent past, present and the future.

Answer by Simply Monsterous
It closely resembles something I heard the other day:

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
If she doesn’t know how to read the cards, then why is she pulling them for you? Really, only the reader can interpreta a particular spread. Since the spread was meaningless to her, the spread was meaningless to you.

If you’d like a reading from someone who can actually interpret the cards, I’d be happy to help, but I’d be pulling new cards for you insgtead of trying to interpret HER spread.

Answer by Jennifer, Bitwine Inc.
I agree with Scarlet, if the person doing the reading does not know how to interpret this specific reading to your specific question, then they should look into learning.
You also need to look at the numbers of the cards, and also realize that they are all major arcana cards, which is indicative of events not controlled by you but another influence to the situation.
I personally would say that the hanged man means “plans in suspension and up in the air” the death card is “change” (of plans, people, event itself) and the devil could be a negative (to you or this event) situation, influence or person which would mean that you do not attend the event.

I suggest that you contact the Online Psychic Network, powered by Bitwine, and post on our “ask-a-psychic” forum your question and further inquire what our psychics and tarot card readers see happening regarding this rave and the situations surrounding it.
Jennifer Glover
Community Relationship Manager
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in past lives bestfriends?

My bestfriend had mentioned once during a tarot reading that she and I were best friends in one persona or another all throughout our ” past lives”. Nice thought. Well, I recently (few months ago) started talking to a contact off Yahoo and we became fast friends. I mean, it feels as if we’d been best and dearest friends forever. We experience the same exact feelings of hurt when we get into tiffs and don’t talk for a few days, we even think the exact same thing as to why the other person didn’t want to reconcile(at least that’s what he says)–it’s all very strange! It’s like we can’t go for very long without hearing from each other in some way. It’s like missing a part of you. What to make of it? I don’t know. Any ideas?
He lives about 13 hrs away and is 15 yrs older than me. (I’m 28) I’ve never met him and don’t know what he looks like, but we have this really strongly bonded friendship.

Answer by rosie recipe
…Make sure he’s not a paedophile grooming you for something unpleasant…….

Answer by anna
I don’t believe in past lives, no. You can “click” with someone in a special way, it just means that you’re the same sort of person or complementary to each other’s personality. Don’t dress it up in a lot of jargon, just enjoy what you have.

The tarot is open to interpretation; they’re just pictures, and like all pictures, the interpretation says more about the person doing the interpreting than anything else. If she was your best friend, it’s not surprising she would make such a claim. She wants to bond you to her even tighter.

What does it matter if you knew each other in “past lives”? You don’t remember them, even if there were such a thing–they’re gone, anyway. The point is, you’re together now. Appreciate what you have. Enjoy.

Answer by Ahriman
Sounds like a great connection, but you might have a different belief when you meet him.

Answer by seasaint7
It’s not from the past life you’re talking about. We chose our friends to fit our expectations of behavior we learned as children, so it’s just your own friendship model that you’re comfortable dealing with. The most important aspect of this is that people get married, find they are “not compatible,” and break up, but it’s not that they are really not compatible. Think about it, they obviously liked the person in the first place, right? What it is, is that they find themselves dealing with unresolved childhood (or past adulthood) issues that end up causing a lot of friction. It takes a lot of self-examination, spiritual strength, humility, forgiveness, and committment to thrive and grow in a marriage. I just wanted to throw that in since you mentioned the guy. ; )

Answer by Crystal Dolphin
It is believed by some that some souls become so close that they find each other again and connect in some way lifetime after lifetime.

I believe it.

My best friend and I met several years back through an online spiritual discussion group and seemed to “click” very well – and then we met in person at a Pagan gathering about a year later. She lives in the midwest, and I on the east coast. Without having talked to her via phone or email for a few weeks, I often know when she’s going through something – like I’ll sense she’s sick, or depressed, or really excited, and will then just have to contact her and see what’s going on, and I find out my senses were right on. And sometimes it’s the other way around and she contacts me.

Or we’ll both just get really busy with work and family and stuff and not touch base for a few weeks, and then suddenly one day we both end up writing an email to each other at almost exactly the same time – I write her a letter, click send on my end and two seconds later I have a new email and it’s a long letter from her that she was obviously writing the same time I was writing mine. These types of happenings, and the closeness we feel considering that we’ve never lived in close proximity to each other (in this life) and only see each other in person about once a year, makes me tend to believe we’ve been close for several lifetimes.

We often pick on each other about “sharing a brain” – or she’ll tease me and say that I owe her six months rent for residing in her brain.

On another note, my best friend and I are both Tarot readers. (she’s way better than I though.) I have never personally gotten any messages from tarot cards that referred to past lives, and nor has she. I would find that a bit odd in a tarot reading actually…but as someone else said, it could be just a matter of interpretation.

So, I’d say – don’t go nuts trying to analyze it, just enjoy the friendships you have while you’ve got them! It sounds like you have a couple of strong connections there.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I fix this relationship, let her approach me, or just keep it ended?

She was sweet when she was around. However, after her business closed and we didn’t see each other regularly. It was like she forgot all about me. I guess I need to give some background information. I was her waitress and she was my boss, and the owner of the business. We were extremely close and I was also close with her sister. Her sister and her always fought and this caused the business to close, but before it closed–everyone was kinda forced to take sides. I took my friends side and I quit just a few weeks before it closed. Ever since then I feel like I get treated like crap. She only has time when it’s CONVENIENT for her. I was there for her when her sister treated her badly, when all her friends walked out of her life, and even when she went through her depression. Being I was 16 til now, I’m 20. I’ve done more than any person, my age would do. I gave her friendship, caring, and understanding. I went to her the other day, when I truly needed her. She responded via text as I text her. Oh stop it! As I said ya know I truly feel like no one cares and I really need someone to talk to. She goes I’ll be online later. However, I went to sleep. She called me the next day and goes sorry I didn’t get online last night, but I wanted to see if you were ok and I love you. This voice mail followed my post on Facebook saying I see every time I need someone, I have to always still strong for myself because no one is around. And true friends are there even when it’s not as convenient for them. Other instances were I was lucky to see or hear from her once a month and sometimes two. She always said nice things but her actions made me feel like she didn’t appreciate me or our friendship. Well I took her off Facebook and out of my contacts, but I feel terrible. She sent me a text message on the 22nd and said I just wanted to say hi. This also following a message, I sent the night before saying you know I miss you, and I wish I heard from you more often. Then I text her Christmas Eve even though I deleted her from my phone and said Merry Christmas and she replied Merry Christmas to you too!!! I regret ending my friendship with her but I really don’t think I can fix it. She always tells me, that you either accept the friendship the way it is or not. And I did what I thought was best for both of us. But now, I’m hurting still. At first, it felt like a weight was lifted. Any ideas of why I’m regretting this?

She’s 58 and I’m 21. Both females. She was like an aunt to me

Answer by Predictions That happen
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