Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : palm and tarot readers?


Answer by Vanora S
I read tarot.

It’s all in the way you read them 🙂

Answer by Pangel
I have had many amazing tarot readings
I also do tarot
palm reading is more of an art than a psychic link , but can be amazingly accurate also

Answer by Kallan
I’ve been reading tarot for over 20 years. I have friends who read both tarot and palms.

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Answer by Reverend Red Mage

That was hard to read, wasn’t it?
Turn off your caps lock. It means screaming.

Answer by vinslave
Depends on who’s working with them.

A reading I did for a gal who wanted me to do hers was so accurate, but didn’t give her the answer she wanted so she got angry and had a fit. As long as the cards told her what she wanted to hear, she was fine, but the minute they “called her out” she lost it, subsequently proving the cards were actually right.


Answer by WiseOne
It is all a lie. The evil one excels at deception, and may even demon possess those who dabble in such evil things.

Answer by holdontowhatyouhave
,The bible says to stay away from this, because they will not be getting there information from God, so we know who is left.
There is such a thing as the gift of prophecy, that is prayed for and given by God, trust in what God tells you, all things work for good for those who put there trust, and future in him.

Answer by Energybeing
Well as a tarot reader maybe i can answer your question with a question. Have you ever walked into a room and as you walked in you felt the atmosphere being kind of thick or uncomfortable? Well you got info from that atmosphere. The same thing only difference is we “tune” into that atmosphere for more info.

Answer by ChooseRealityPLEASE
It’s all a brand of magic (that is, the type done by performers, tricks) known as mentalism. Anyone can do that stuff with practice.

Tarot cards were actually invented as an addition, kind of like a booster pack, for regular playing cards. They were trump cards used in certain games. Gypsies, and supposed mediums began using them as props for their readings. A lot of what i psychic appears to know about you is only a technique called hot or cold readin. Hot reading is when the fraud, er’ psychic, tells you something about yourself that they already know either from earlier conversation, clothing, or something else that can give them a clue to something they can say that will give them a hit. Cold reading is when they ask a series of broad questions and milk you for an answer. the more answers you give the narrower the questions become until it seems like all along he’s known what to say. Watch John Edward for this one, it’s obvious what he’s doing once you know the technique.

There is no such thing as a real psychic or medium… they are all using tricks to give the illusion of supernatural powers. The ones who want money for their services and claim to have real powers are frauds. If you are paying for a show, or entertainment that’s fine, but when the claim is made that it is real and money is exchaged… that’s fraud.

Answer by palaver
Rubbish, except when Satan and his minions influence the proceedings – BUT – they tell lies, so it’s entirely unreliable, and downright evil into the bargain.

Answer by selene_sama
I study both and to be honest…a lot of people are confused about how to use them properly. They are not a fortune telling too…any more than staring at a crystal ball or scrying through pages of the bible for hidden codes.

They are a tool for better understanding yourself and decisions you are likely to make. Sometimes when we focus too long on an idea or problem, our view gets narrow. Tarot can be a great tool for looking at a situation in a new light.
(ex… if you draw the tower while looking at a situation, ask yourself …”How could this situation drastically change, what would have to happen…if it did happen, could I withstand it…”)

Palmistry is great because we are starting to become aware of the connection between some aspects of the study and actual health/mental issues…

But with everything in life, they aren’t meant to be taken so seriously that they decome almost dogma…they are tools and nothing more.

^_^ sorry if that sounded rantish.

Answer by sdb deacon
Some fortune tellers are fakes. They read your body language and facial expressions as they give out vague information that becomes more specific as they read you. Others are fortelling the future through demonic influence. All are to be avoided. As one of my cousins (who used to dabble in tarot and palm reading) says, “Sometimes you’re better off not knowing what’s gonna happen.”

Answer by Jon C
If you want direction in your life ask God and he will send the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you. If you not asking God you are asking the world. Who is in the world? The Devil. He knows you too and will use these kind of people to decieve you and guide you down the wrong path. Remember evil doesn’t look or sound bad on the surface it lulls you in with false love and empty promisses. Gods love is unconditional and his promiss everlasting.

Answer by fitz5431
Fake, delusional,and retarded.God alone knows the future

Answer by leticia v
most alot of people

Answer by fireydarkangel_13
Yes, I read tarot.

If you can manage the connection, feel the energy, and empower your spirit, you can almost rely on a perfect read each time. But remember its all in your heart. You bring the cards power the cards do not bring you power.

Answer by Casper77mc
I tell you a reading. I’m going to be you future husband ,Beautiful. and your going to have a boy LOL
Oh yeah, my name isn’t bill.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Question about when i read my tarot cards?

I read my tarot cards because i had a question about a guy I was talking to. I wanted to know if we would ever end up together. My cards ever since i started them read pretty much, pregnancy, marriage, the sun, the world, the six of cups, the two of cups. This was pretty much what they were whenever i read them ( I did it a handful of times) Nothing changed since the last time i read them with all the good readings. But i was upset one day about something. And worried. Then i decided to read my cards. All of my cards said the exact opposite. They said it will be an unhealthy relationship, that won’t last etc.
-Are you sure nothing happened?
-You can’t read yourself (Cause you can. I have a whole book on doing tarot cards to yourself)
-Things can just change (Over time i read my cards about this guy approx. 9 different times and they consistently said the same thing)
-You have no control over the future, things happen…

**I am looking for more of an answer as to WHY my cards changed. And possibly how?

1-Was it my upset attitude that altered my cards?
2-What was the reason for my cards drastically changing like this?

Answer by Shawn Greenspan
Throw your tarrot cards away, they’re retarded.

Obviously tarot doesn’t work if it consistently gives you different answers to the same question.

Answer by I am 007NYC
Tell you what, what?

Answer by Kefka
1- simply put, yes, your attitude about your future is the main thing that influences it. if you have a positive attitude about your future you bring that future into play, not that all factors will turn out exactly as you want, but the outcome will be positive

2- as i said, your attitude, having a negative outlook created a negative future for you, changing the positive one you had been striving for, also, if you’ve made any recent changes in your life, they could have influenced your projected future

edit: ignore the ignorance above, and below, the cards are good for reading cosmic energies and pointing out the projected possible future based on the current path you are on and your attitude

Answer by blood_bought_saint
Those cards hold no real power. It’s just a random shuffle. Trust me, I used to use Tarot Cards all the time. I was really good at them too. When you start trusting inanimate objects with your future fortunes, something is definitely wrong.

What you need to do is burn those things and pick up a Bible. Ask your creator what’s what, instead of asking something made by an imperfect human being. I don’t know how many years you’ve spent with this stuff, but I had spent 12 years practicing with those things. It’s nothing but a demonic game in the end. It starts off nice, but the more you do this the more you lose yourself and the closer these unclean spirits will get to you.

Having been personally attacked by these things, because of my use of these cards, I came close to death. The only that was ever able to stand up to those demons is the power of Jesus’ name. I will say that they aren’t as likely to try and take your life if you just play with them. But, after so many years, I realized what was going on, so I tried to stop. It was at that point my life was in constant danger. But the God of the Holy Bible, through the name of Jesus, is the only true power in the world.

Answer by calamarine
1. someone who into tarot told me that yes, the attitude can effect the cards since the use of tarot is synchronize your mind and the cards

2. i’m not really sure about this one, but as we speaking, the world is constantly changing. the cards are only a method to know yourself better, so i think don’t rely too much on it. once in a while will be good because you need to ‘touch’ them in order to ‘know’ them well. the cards are like clues, whether how you interpret and act upon them is depend on yourself.

Answer by Cindy
I agree that your mood can affect the cards you draw. If you are worried, angry, distracted you obviously aren’t focused. Do you know someone who could do a reading for you? Then you wouldn’t have the “you” factor in it. Also, you aren’t the only person in the relationship. Is it possible that nothing changed for YOU, but something did for your partner?

Answer by Miss 6
I find that when I’m upset about a situation or its stressful to me then no *I* cannot read for myself. I honestly believe that when other readers say they cannot read for themselves they mean under those circumstances I just mentioned. I think it was due to your attitude. I can really own tell you from my point of view I have found that if I’m stressed I don’t get correct cards even when reading for someone else. I have to be calm too. So maybe you’re the same way?
I think the BEST way to figure out WHY they changed is to ask them! Ask the cards what was the reasoning for the sudden reversal for things.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone have any general advice for a tarot beginner?

I just began reading tarot card and am very interested in them. I was just wondering if any experienced tarot readers had any general advice for me. Thanks!

Answer by doctadave
try to study the whole birth chart if u really want to get into it the sun sign is just one of 12

Answer by elanabutcher
Yes, throw away the tiny book that comes with them in the package. When you have time, alone, sit down with each card, hold it in your hand, and very carefully look at it and write down what it means to you on a piece of paper. What the card means to you personally is more important than what the book says. YOU need to interpret the cards. Do that with each card and you will familiarize yourself with them. Also, wrap them in pure silk material to keep the vibrations in. Also sleep with them under your pillow for a few nights to get your energy into the cards. Good luck.

Answer by Boony
Yep. (1) Clear your mind of all negativity before starting the reading. (2) Dont assume that the cards are always right and/or accurate because the future is always in fluctuation and because a lot of different factors can affect what the cards tell you with your own misconceptions and/or wishfull thinking being the chief culprits. (3) Understand that any good tarot reading only shows you the most probable course of events and that nothing is written in stone. (4) Have fun with it.

Answer by goathead
Some good help given in the two answers above. Too add to that, practice, practice, practice. Spend time with the cards and don’t stick with just the stuff you find in the books. The traditional meanings are a basic foundation, but there is so much more to the cards when you really get into them. Listen very carefully to the little whispers in your head, even if it does not seem to apply directly to the cards.
Also, there is a wonderful warm forum where tarot ‘students’ and readers hang out and talk all about tarot.

Answer by chainlightning38
Tarot cards are massed produced by the same people that make other playing cards and other cardboard items. Since my company sells playing cards I’ve been there. So does that mean my cereal box has a power unknown before? Can baseball cards, that are made in the same place, same inks cardboard, and everything be used like tarot cards?

Being able to go to a store and buy psychic abllity.

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Prediction by Tarot Card Reader Priyanka Anil Dhaka for 26 august 2013

Written by ClairvoyantConni

Since the age of 2 I have had encounters and a personal relationship with loved ones crossed. In my opinion there are no better friends you can have. They are honest, without the capacity to hold ego or materialistic views and always give you accurate information to help you through whatever you are going through. They have the ability to see the past, present and future without judgement. Their accuracy is uncanny.

Having the gift of sight, hearing, sensing, smelling and tasting as well as empathy and the gift of communicating with spirit, gives me the ability to accurately read you without judgement.

Spirit has entrusted me with these gifts to help you in all areas of your life. It has been an exciting journey. This gift is generational and my grandmother and father both had the gift as well as my children.

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