Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : on-line psychic question ?

anyone know where I can find a good on-line psychic one that is legitimate and doesn’t cost much

Answer by Larry H
None are legitimate or on the up and up. SCAMS …….all of em.

Answer by STARZ
i would not trust anyone online, never found any to be authentic.if you are willing to pay, try a local card reader near you..(not tarot! straight regualr deck is much better for you)
avg. chg. is $ 40 short reading.
i sense a baby around you, but you are not pregnant..feels “Pink”= a baby girl coming into your family jan.09 or so..
there is and will be a money strain dont buy it if you dont need it!
any “changes”..home,job, etc..will be good for you in next 6 weeks.. then be careful of mercury turning retro again.. chill out during that period of time.. (google it if you dont have dates.)
good luck..
all will be fine.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Passion Party!?

Passion Party Extras?….?
I am throwing a Passion Party at the end of this month. I need advice on what foods to present and possibly some games for all the ladies.

Answer by Julie D
I went to a passion party that was also a bachelorette party not too long ago.

The passion party lady will probably have some games already…we played one where you sit in a circle and she’ll say something like “you’ve had phone sex”. If you have you move a seat to the left (possibly sitting on a lap), if you haven’t you stay seated (and possibly end up with someone in your lap). The first back to her original seat wins a little prize provided by the PP representative.

As for food, it was just little finger sandwiches and they had made rice crispy treats shaped into the male anatomy, balls included!!

It was a good time. If you want just call the passion party woman and ask if she has any fun games planned, otherwise just google bachelorette party games online….you’ll get lots of links.

Oh, after the passion party they also had a tarot card reader come which was really fun, then the tarot card reader got some toys too!!

Edited to add:
The statements for that game started off more innocent…
You are wearing a watch
You have painted toenails
and made it up to the point where she was saying
You swallow
You’ve had a threesome

And here’s a link:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Question for anyone who is psychic/spiritually gifted only?

What can you tell me about my these following situations in my life?

A- My workplace and what my boss/co-workers think of me

B- My current romantic situation and what will come in the future

C- Anything about my past life/spirit guide

Blessings! 🙂

If you are not psychic/gifted, don’t believe in any of it, or just looking for your 2 pts in general don’t bother answering thanks.

D- any nationality/background I have that I don’t know about, anything on my paternal grandfather’s ancestry

Answer by dddbbb
a. they think you’re funny – laugh/smile with you and at you
b. many false promises and pretense going both ways
c. a struggle to escape reliving the same situations – a need to change perspective.


Answer by Ray J
3 12 21 27 31 36 – 16

We both know what you really want are tomorrow’s lottery numbers.

P.S. They all think you are a putz for believing in psychics.

Answer by Himynameis
Honestly,if your looking for this type of information (yes I’m answering because I’m into it) then you should seek a tarot card reading,look for a botanica (places that sell candles and have practitioners of the wicca/santeria religion. Perhaps you can find your answers there.Because no one can tell you these things over a phone,online,or whatever. You will have to physically be around these people who are spiritual for them to grab a vibe from you. You have to understand that the stuff you see on tv about calling a hotline and getting a reading are not going to do help you with anything. The stuff your looking for is something you have to do searching for. Find a tarot card reader,and take any advice your given openly,because anything that is said, can easily be taken wrong and not all of it is going to be about your present situation or future,sometimes it’s going to be more about what might happen if you take a certain route or what is going on,if you decided to stay in a certain situation. Remember dont waste your money on anything online,you never know when your being taken for a loop. These things are best done in person,the real believers know this and the practitioners as well.

Answer by gekim784l
The orion group invades by 12/11/11 at 11:11 pm est.

you have 4 years of basically being skeptical about it, in which case you’ll kick yourself in the teeth if you survive the 80% population killing earthquakes that will ensue.

Only 12 service to self elite cult members will ascend to 4th density negative while only 1 will ascend to 4th density positive.. and it isn’t me.. I’m the physicalized manifestation of god that appears in every earth type planet on each galaxy at its 75 thousand year marker, just before it’s invaded and serves to re-update the babaji realm at the conclusion of the 100k million year cycle of density graduation unto the rediculously exclusive 8th density temporal capacity continuum.

You won’t take this all in. There’s a 0 percent chance you’ll get over yourself and admit it’s possible for god to be born human and to perform the 1 task that involves total free will in humble service to the cosmic alignment..

You were lost when you started thinking in “positive” and “negative” rather than service to self-harnessing the light and service to others-immunity to the light.

Answer by piemaker
just some things that popped into my head when i read your questions. may or may not be accurate – usually, i need face-to-face to pick up on much…..

A. i think they think you are either unhappy with the type of work you do or with the place you work at. a couple are concerned and a couple think you might be a troublemaker.

B. currently you are waiting for some particular person to show that he or she has an interest in you – and you should stop being shy and ask this person out for coffee.

C. past life – perhaps as a foot soldier – maybe Civil War here in America. spirit guide – animals will come to you first – wolf and/or horse.

Answer by Underestimated But Never Tainted
its easier to do a reading over the phone or in person. but from what i can sense, you are a cool person. you have the gift of sight as well, you just aren’t in tune. you know a lot of your own answers to your own questions, but you deny yourself the sense. your workplace seems to be a peaceful place, but keeps you busy, its not too much work, but your not working around people of your age, where you get to work in solo, without depending on teams of people. your bosses and coworkers seem to always watch you work and stare in your direction, and also they seem to trust you with a lot of responsibilities, and think you’re a good natured human being, which is rare now-a-days. you have beautiful people around you as far as girls, you just never took a look at them the way they look at you, your soul mate is around you, but you just don’t grasp onto her, because your looking for something physical, but this girl is so so looking, but deep. like her mental stimulation might set your spirit free. because your spirit has been blocked for so long. your past life seems to me to bring forth a great leader of a multicultural lineage, who grew up insecure and afraid, but acquired great knowledge through his trials and tribulations and became a great leader and educator, a great person with a great sense of where he is going, without fear of failure, but rather fear of the unknown past failure. that’s all i can say at this time. lol.

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Spiritual Energies for February 11th, 2013 (Monday) – Channeled Angel & Tarot Card Reading

Written by Kablan

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