Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Nine of swords showing up in readings repeatedly?

Done readings with different readers and the nine of swords keeps showing up in my reading in relation to my question about potential contact and reconciliation from an ex boyfriend. We have just broken up. It has showed in five different readings with different readers within a week. The other card is the lovers and then either the night of cups, knight of wards or knight of swords but it is the nine of swords that has showed up in nearly every reading. Any insight? A recurrent card is a first for me.

Answer by Casey
As if cards can do anything for you. Lmao.

Answer by Splash Frog
It means nothing. You’re just playing with a deck of cards with pictures on them.

What happens when an Ace comes up when I’m playing Solitaire?

Answer by scooterpoop supreme contributor
There are 9 assassins tracking you. If you haven’t noticed them in the crowds, I’d say you’re screwed.

Answer by Joe Blogs
cards ? .. you’re a looney tune .. I like the 10 of hearts

Answer by dreamofdjinni

Answer by Gio Peincke
Number 9 in tarot has to do with isolation and being alone. the swords have to do with thinking. The knight of cups that you might want to keep a relationship that you have outgrown. The knight of swords is bad news u dont wanna hear. Knight of wands is a good one I like.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do you believe in psychics , astrologers ,clairvoyants , tarot cards ect ? have you ever had a reading ?

do you believe in pscychics , astrologers , clairvoyants , tarot readers ect or do you believe its all just to make money out of people ?

have you ever had any experience with this ?

btw im not really sure what to believe but would be interested to hear your opinion
many thanks

Answer by Atheism-A nonprofit organization
Why are you addressing this to everyone. Everyone will have a different opinion.

Answer by Praire Crone
Some are cons and some aren’t. I do my own tarot readings.

Answer by Pasta Pavoratti – Priest of Quetzalcoatl
Nope, I don’t believe in any of that stuff and the closest thing I’ve had to a reading is that one reading where you drink a cup of coffee then the reader uses the leftover powder to tell your future.

Answer by Tarebear54
The bible says they are of the devil so thats what I believe. I am positive that some are very gifted, but we shouldnt be seeking signs we should be seeking the will of God.

Answer by Qil
The main difference when it comes to these people is whether they are scam artists or real believers of what they do. Sometimes they can give you good advice, or sometime its just sloppy and cannot be taken seriously. Of course if you’re a nihilist then it is all bunk anyway.

Answer by ABC
I don’t need to believe in them or not. They have been proven false. I don’t know of a single case proven right. Besides, there’s a million dollar reward just waiting for anyone who can prove psychic abilities, which is to this day unclaimed.

Yes, I have had readings and found them to be generic enough to apply to anyone. I had my astrology chart done and it’s worthless.

So not only has it been proven false scientifically, but my own personal experience indicates the scientists are right.

Answer by Susie H
I do believe some people can be psychic, however the things you mention are all of the occult and God tells us not to dabble with it because anytime you do you can invite demonic possession into your life.

Answer by darla
I believe in myself and I am and do so yes…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone do a tarot card reading for me?

I am trying to find out is someone is interested in me, but I don’t know any good tarot card readers and I am really bad at it.
I like this person but I am not sure they like me.

Answer by Psychic Sylvia
Hello dear. I’m a psychic and tarot reader and I did a reading for you and this is what I picked up:

I’m getting the impression that sometimes your hopes and goals are pretty unrealistic and then you aren’t able to complete them. And sometimes this can bleed over into your relationships, especially romantic relationships, where you want everything to be perfect and if anything goes wrong, it can be upsetting for you.

The number 2 is also showing up quite a bit. I’m also seeing a house. Is the number 2 in your house number? This is quite a clear impression I’m getting.

I also pick up that your need for people to like and respect you is very strong, and you worry about this in the career aspect of your life the most. I pick up that a lot of times you don’t feel very appreciated and sometimes your work and ideas are overlooked or go unacknowledged.

There is an indication that you have quite a well developed psychic sense in your own right. You’re probably the type who will be thinking of someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile and then out of the blue they will phone you right then! I’m seeing that your intuition is strong about the man I was seeing earlier and right most of the time, though sometimes he just completely perplexes you. I’m seeing that right now is one of those times that you’re just really confused about what exactly it is he wants and you really just want to tap into whatever is going on in his head. Some days you think you have him all figured out and then you feel you’re completely off-track again. I see how frustrating it is for you.

Now there’s an indication to do with money and financial concern. What this seems to be, if my interpretation is correct, is some sort of decision, related to money or finances, that could have consequences for quite some time to come. I see that you’re really trying to get creative about how to go about this problem. I do see things working out well for you, but in an unexpected way.


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Tarot Reading for May 15, 2013 Inuitive & Clairvoyant Insight

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