Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Need tarot readers to help me interpret ace of cups, death, and the 3 of pentacles?

My question was, if I let my ex go does it mean that we will never reunite? They were all upright in the positive position.

Answer by claudia
Death is a major indicator of life change. Seeing as they were all in a positive position I would say whatever is to be is a good thing and not to worry.

Answer by Puffinpie
Ace of Cups – new offering of love, seeing love in a fresh light, renewal of love, beginning of a new friendship or relationship.

Death – transformation, finality, ending, things can not be as they were before, ending of one thing making way for the beginning of something new.

Three of Pentacles – learning, study, apprenticeship, learning new skills, learning new ways of being in the world.

In my opinion, the Cards indicate that there is the possibility of you reuniting through;
1) Offering love to each other in a totally new and different way – Ace of Cups.
2) For the old way of being in a relationship with your ex is dead it cannot be revived – Death.
3) Learning from your mistakes, learning how to see each other anew, learning how to grow together within a Relationship – Three of Pentacles.

Whatever the outcome, letting your ex go appears to be a positive move.

Only take on board what I say, if it really feels right to you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How far are the witches responsible for Macbeth’s downfall?

Do u think the three witches in shakespeare play Macbeth is responsible for Macbeth’s downfall?

Answer by Leylani
to a certain extent…they did feed him exactly what he needed to do wrong…but they cant take all the blame cause macbeth’s wife and his own greed also helped a great deal- he could have done good instead and he chose not to

Answer by Brent A
The witches are the representation of the human tendancy to shift blame to the uncontrolable outside “evil” forces of the world and those in it who want you to fail.
In the end his down fall is ultimately his own.

Answer by MichaelMN
The witches or wyrd sisters are merely interpeting destiny. This play is based on the assumption that certain things are destined to happen and there is no getting out of it. The wyrd sisters are not commanding MacBeth to do any of the things he does, they just tell him what is to happen. Like reading tarot cards – the reader is not responsible, for what comes up or what plays out.
The term wyrd itself means inexorable fate.

Answer by Layla
its unfair to say that theyre completely responsible
i think macbeth was the most responsible, for he could have just ignored this foretold prophecy
but he was pretty much consumed by the idea of becoming king

Answer by augie6_1
The witches influence Macbeth but he made his own decisions.

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