Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : need an explanation about astrology n tarot? is the relationship between astrology n tarot (major arcana)? credible is tarot?
3.why is ophiuchus not one of the horoscope signs although it intersects the ecliptic?
please try to be as simple n clear as possible.thanx.

Answer by ChainLightning ⅜
1. Magical thinking not reality. No evidence that any fortune telling system is valid. Both are props for “psychics” and depend on random events.

2. Great idea to buy psychic ability.Tarot cards are mass produced. Same kind of cardboard and inks as cereal boxes. If you ever played poker you know that it is very, very rare to be dealt a royal flush. Since up or down have meanings the randomness is extreme. Not the same spread twice.

3. Astrology must be twelve signs because it divides easy. Add or take away one sign means a prime number. These can’t be divided at all. Add a planet no problem.

Answer by Miss 6
I just want to say something about the credibility of tarot. I read tarot cards and they are very accurate. It really just depends on how good a reader you have. Despite what the other post said about them being mass produced, some people create their own cards. I haven’t ever had a client tell me they’re reading wasn’t accurate or helpful.

Answer by CassysTarot
There is some relationship between tarot, numerology, and astrology with SOME tarot decks. Many astrological symbols can be seen on the major arcana cards, and numerology is very much in play in the entire deck. For example, in some decks, the fool is seen juggling the astrological signs. This shows the nature of the fool in that he is just emerging into the world, in new territory, and he has the world at his feet. He can choose which path he will take at this point. Some tarot readers correlate major arcana cards to ruling planets. An example would be The Emperor, the corresponding sign being Aries. These are used just like in astrology to describe influences, or energies surrounding the cards. So, The Emperor has strong Aries aspects and influences. Rams are often depicted on this card to indicate Aries.

Answer by Nep
Tarot is about interpreting Archetypes not about Magic as the first poster suggested. You can interpret tarot just as you interpret dreams. It is an ancient language of symbols as is Astrology and Numerology. The Symbols themselves are not the source of energy the are just ways to label it. That is why they all correspond and any type of Astrology can be used. Some people may be more adept at reading one method more than another but it is all connected as we are all connected.

There are a few sites out there that talk about the correlations. One of My favorites is Then there is a commercial site that has some substance to it called

Demetra George is an Astrologer that likes to look at many different symbols.

Here is a snippet from another site on Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology:

This page also includes some basic connections between numerology and the Tarot. Every Tarot card has a true and symbolic connection to different Astrology symbols. I also added a basic interpretation of each Tarot card including the planet, sign or element that it’s connected to. Many Tarot card readers and others will find it very useful. If you know a little about astrology it will give you a greater understanding of your tarot readings and interpretations. Or if you’re a astrologer who knows about the psychic side of astrology it may help you out when interpreting charts. Seeing or perceiving the future is possible if you understand the symbols and their meaning.

The Tarot cards are listed in Astrological order.
Moon is moo
Mercury is mer
Venus is ven
Mars is mar
Jupiter is jup
Saturn is sat
The Sun is sun

Aries #4 Emperor
2 wands mars 3/21 3/30 dominion
3 wands sun established strength
4 wands ven perfect work

Taurus #5
5 pent mer material trouble
6 pent moon material success
7 pent sat success fulfilled

Gemini #6 Lovers
8 sword jup shortened force
9 sword mar despair & cruelty
10 sword sun ruin

Cancer #7 Chariot
2 cups ven love
3 cups mer abundance
4 cups moon blended pleasure
Leo #8 Strength
5 wands sat conflict
6 wands jup victory
7 wands mar valor

Virgo #9 Hermit
8 pent sun prudence
9 pent ven material gain
10 pent mer wealth

Libra #11 Justice
2 swords moo peace restored
3 swords sat sorrow
4 swords jup rest from conflict
Scorpio #13 Death
5 cups mars loss in pleasure
6 cups sun pleasure
7 cups ven illusionary success

Sagittarius #14
8 wands mer swiftness
9 wands moo great strength
10 wands sat oppression

Capricorn #15 Capricorn
2 pent jup harmonious change
3 pent mars material works
4 pent sun earth power

Aquarius #17 Star
5 swords ven defeat
6 swords mer earned success
7 swords moo unstable effort

Pisces #18 Moon
8 cups sat abandoned success
9 cups jup material happiness
10 cups mar perfect success

Wands: physical activity, new, now, aggression, excitement, stimulating, courage, birth, start, masculine, passion
Cups: emotions, pleasure, partnership, love, sensitivity, relationships,
Swords: Mental, intellect, logical thinking, communicate, inventive, detached, study, ideas, decisions,
Pentacles: practical, money, economical, reality, material, patient, foundation, caution, stability, organization, firmness
COURT CARDS are the influence of your personality on others.
Page: youth innocence
Knight: energy drive
Queen: Understanding awareness
King: Strength of will

Ace: Beginning
2. Formation, coming together of opposites (initiative).
3. Growth
4. Practical attainment, material achievement (stability). Work
5. New circle, change, stability upset (activity)
6. Finding equilibrium, harmony in the face of constant change (ambition).
7. Facing complex choices, development of soul (versatility)
8. Setting priorities, putting things where they belong, balancing (shrewd). reaping what you sow.
9. Bring things to an end, completion, conclusion (dependability)
10. Over but not finished and about to begin again (persistent).

As for Ophiuchus… Some times as the Astral landscape changes over the centuries things are incorporated into symbols we use. Other times they are not because for whatever reason they did not fit in to our conciousness or our way of explaining energies.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can some one interpret this tarot reading?

somebody did me a 3 card reading and the cards that came out where The High Priestess, The Empress, and the 6 of coins.

Answer by BrianpussUK
They can’t have done much of a reading if they did not define what the cards revealed.

High Priestess interpretation:

* Knowingness – Love – Relationships
* Wisdom – Sound judgment – Serenity
* Common sense – Intuition
* Mystical vision – introspection – otherworldliness

The Empress interpretation:

* Mothering —– Fertility —– Sexuality —– Abundance
* Material prosperity —– Pleasure —– Comfort —– Power
* Nature —– Delight —– Desire —– Physical attraction
* Health —– Sensuality —– Beauty —– Satisfaction

The Six of Coins interpretation:

Signifies gratification, but also vigilance, for one cannot always gratify all the distressed.
Reversed, the card represents desire, cupidity, envy, jealousy and illusion..

These interpretations have all been divined from Wikipedia.

So, in conclusion, these three cards can mean whatever you want them to mean but more likely whatever the card reader wants you to believe they mean.

Verily, I tell ye now:

You shall come to experience a serene and loving mystical wisdom and a healthy abundance in beautiful, sexual nature. Comfort is also prominent. But, be vigilant! for you are more than likely falling for illusions so as to gratify your desires….

Sarcasm aside, tarot as fortune telling is BS. But the cards are pretty.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are you a bad christian if you use tarot cards?

I use them for fun like reading other peoples fortunes and what not.
Am I a bad christian

Answer by Sashimi
God calls you live in the light. You would be walking in darkness according to 1 John. I recommend you read it for yourself.

Answer by CinnamonGirl69er
Let nobody judge you lest they be judged is my opinion.

Have a good one!!

Cinn =)

Answer by FROG E
Tarot cards is witchcraft and a sin according to God…….you cannot please God if you choose to sin

Answer by lilith on her own
i use them for the same reason, does that make me a bad atheist?

Answer by psymistress
I wouldn’t say that you are a bad anything by using them but if I were a Christian I would probably say that God would frown on you using them. I am told all the time that only prophets can see or forecast the future because they are given the knowledge by God therefore I am constantly living in sin because my info must come from Satan. Wow, rambled a bit there, but I would say that in a Christian’s eyes it’s probably a sin but the rest of us would probably say have at it.

Answer by Moonbaby
Oooh, your pagan roots are showing, good for you!!! It all makes sense doesn’t it??

Answer by vid
Those that say Tarot cards are bad probably do not know what they are. No, reading Tarot cards does not make you a bad Christian. Many pictures on Tarot decks have Christian and Jewish imagery. So, no I don’t think it makes you a bad Christian. By the way, many Christians read Tarot cards, and many Christians–even those that frown on Tarot cards–go to Tarot readers. I know because I’ve read for many Christians that believe Tarot cards are bad. They tell others not to do it, but they themselves get readings. Funny huh?

Answer by starcherub
I thought all Christians were bad, which is why they go for salvation. It probably makes you as bad as any other Christian. It is a sin, just like eating pork and working on the sabbath. Repent if it makes you uncomfortable.

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