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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My friend did a tarot reading with my cards and laughed, but wouldnt say why.?

I just got a pack of tarot cards for christmas, my first deck and i dont know enough yet to read them, actually, im still letting them soak up my vibes as i get familiar with them.
So, my friend took them from me and set out a few, not sure if he did a reading or not, since he was raised in a church, i had no idea if he knew what he was doing.
He pulled out, Lovers, Death and Judgement, Magician. The last two were inverted. Im not sure what they all mean together, i know that if they are inverted, they mean the opposite.
I didnt think about it much then, i thought it was kinda BS because he was using MY NEW cards, not his.
But, later, he and I had sex and talked about how it would effect my boyfriend of three years. He was a wonderful lay, but now, i cant stop thinking about the cards.

Answer by Just Me
Interesting. Did the cards say anything about you being an idiot?

Answer by loufedalis
I find it interesting that you wanted Tarot cards for Christmas. It seems sad that you would celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by wanting something that is in total opposition to Christianity.
I do not know a lot about the world of Tarot readings, but what I do know, says “stay away”.
If the answers for life could be found in Tarot cards, everyone would have them. Do you have any idea the number of Bibles in the world today, compared to Tarot cards? As far as book sales are concerned, the Holy Bible has continued for years to be the number one best seller. Good luck with the cards…….oops, did I say luck?

Answer by Helen
I hope you used a condom.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : i had a tarot card pulled for me with a question about my life path and i got the WEASEL..what does that mean?

The tarot reader laughed and said be careful what you wish for…jus a little confused she was using a animal tarot cards.
does anyone believe in this kind of stuff?

Answer by shershersher
It doesn’t mean anything. Don’t waste your time on that crap.

Answer by MiniatureMayhem
It means you will turn into a weasel.
It’s okay, if you arm yourself with 6 pounds of rat poison and hide out in your basement for a few years, you should be alright.

Answer by Karlo
Not good cards to read best you find someone else eh!
Love and blessings…..Lord

Answer by Stevie M
The good news is you’ll meet an eligible bachelor.

The bad news is it will be Pauly Shore.

Answer by Avarice
It means that you happened to draw this card out of a deck of cards. These things are paper with dried ink on them, don’t stress over it.

Answer by ?
I’d suggest you find a reader who uses real tarot cards and who knows what she is talking about.

There is no “Weasel” card in the Major or Minor Arcana of a real Tarot Deck, nor fairies or unicorns or mermaids. A true tarot deck has 22 cards in the major arcana representing the fools journey and 56 cards (4×14) in the Minor. Anything else is not a tarot deck but merely “Guidance” cards, for example anything to do with Doreen Virtue and her angels.

Answer by ?
Interesting choice of a deck. But tarot readers use all kind of decks, just I wouldn’t think of using this type for clients. That’s amusing.

That reader only said “be careful”stuff about your life path? Based on that card? Did she pulled just 1 card? Unusual for a reading like this. Unfortunately I am not familiar with this particular deck. Very curious though.
Either go back to her again, she needs to clarify things for you. The work she did was supposed to help YOU, not to amuse her. And obviously you are confused. So she did poor job.
Or look for another reader.

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