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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : me and a friend had a scary experience with some tarot cards, was wondering if anyone had any insight to this?

i bought tarot cards, had them for one day, before taking them with me out of town. (a friend and her daughter went too) after we get to town and do some sight seeing we go to the motel. i do a reading on them then we all went to sleep. about 3 30 in the morning my friend wakes and tells me to get the tarot cards out of the room. she tells me that she was woken by (a man) in a hooded cape. his face and hands were a shining light. she on her side, he put one hand on her shoulder and one hand on her leg and held her down. he said nothing to her, she said she was unable to scream and was terrified. she reached her arm across to wake her daughter but this being took on hand off her and slowly grabbed her arm and moved it back. he then disapeared, but his energy shot across the room to the TV moved the lamp, then shot over to my side hit my lamp then was vanished. my cards are under the lamp where this think went. (right next to me) so i then put the cards in the hallway, outside the room, and went back to bed. then i had a bad dream. one of those odd dreams where your awake but you can’t move. something was saying it wanted me, i told it you cant ever have me. it was a very freaky dream, then my friend woke me up ( i was making some funny noises) so glad it was just a dream. i returned the cards to the store 6 hours later. i won’t be playing with tarot again. oh, and this being was solid, not see through, and as it sat on her bed it had wieght to it. (yes the room was locked up)
i am and always have been sensitive to spirits and do believe she was visited by something.
i was just wondering if anyone here can tell me what is was and what it wanted. i would like to add, we were not and don’t do drugs. not alcohal was involed either.

Answer by Yahoo! Answers Goddess
Drugs, lack of sleep, superstition and sympathetic suggestion.

Answer by Miche O
There may be many answers to your questions but really, you must clarify where you bought the tarot cards and if there were pre-used, where you were visiting, blah blah blah.

It could be the deck had an entity attached to it, it could be that the place you were staying had a spirit, or it could all be chopped up to being scared of the tarot cards and what they /could/ hold.

Answer by sweetie345
weird poor u & ur friend. I believe you maybe their evil spirit cards…

Answer by eljer55
I’m psychic, you were visited by a ghost, which has been stuck in that room for a while, since you were playing with the tarot cards, it determined that you might be able to communicate with it and help release it from it’s room, these types of ghosts are usually frustrated with not being able to communicate with the living, so when some one shows interest in the paranormal or things related like tarot cards, which are sometimes used to communicate with the spirits or ghosts, they are attracted to you. You had a bad dream because of what happened to your friend. What ever you do, do not ever use a wigi board, they bring evil spirits and open portals to evil spirits, please stay away from these types of things.

Answer by Maggie W.
Sweetie cards are just cards they were new and did not bring about the haunting themselves! That being said the way that you used them being untrained and with little knowledge used the cards to open a door that you were not prepared to deal with. It is like a person with average driving ability getting into a race car and driving in a race. Chances are that it is going to cause some problems. That being said there could have been some issues with the location where you and your friends were staying. Either way Tarot cards should not be in your hands or use because you are ill prepared to use the correctly. You did the best thing you could so please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Bright Blessings to you and yours…~M~

Answer by Kayla <3
Listen–it wasn’t the tarot cards that caused this sort of thing. They are simply cards, they can’t summon spirits that are going to scare you. Your friend was probably having a bad dream and it woke her up. It isn’t uncommon for people the have nightmares when they aren’t in their normal environment. If you weren’t ready for using tarot cards, then maybe it is best you returned them, but don’t blame them for your nightmares.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what cards do you use for the celtic cross card spread tarot game?

im just learning how to use tarot cards. i dont know which cards to use for the celtic cross card spread tarot game. okay there are cards in my deck with only pictures and no words. most of the pictures have swards. im not sure if i use these im the celtic cross game. does anyone know?

Answer by Cheryl E
You can use any deck for the celtic cross spread. The “classic” deck is the Rider-Waite, but there are hundreds of others. Get yourself a good book on tarot interpretation.

Answer by carmen c
There is a really good book called Tarot In 10 Minutes by R.T. Kasser. Get it its amazing and will answer all your tarot needs

Answer by Rachel_S165
IIRC, you use the entire deck. Choose one of the court cards (Page, Knight, Queen or King of one of the 4 suits — Pentacles, Cups, Swords, or Wands) as the significator to represent the person asking the question. then have the questioner shuffle the deck, and deal out the 10 cards for the Celtic Cross spread.

BTW, its not a “game”.

Answer by bdancer05
Mythology & Folklore is where you should be asking this question…..bd

Answer by Jennifer T
You use all of the cards for a celtic cross spread. All you do is shuffle them up while focusing on something that you want to know more about, then when your done shuffling separate the deck into three individual decks and put it back together in anyway that you want, then you can deal them.

You should have cards with swords, wands, cups, coins, and other non-suite ones like The Sun.
Go to this website to learn more and how to read each individual card: http://www.paranormality.com/tarot_meanings.shtml

Also, if while you’re shuffling a card falls out of the deck, it probably means that card is wanting to tell you something, so just put it aside and read it after you finish the celtic cross.

Some people can use them and others can’t. You just have to get comfortable with your own individual deck and basically just have the knack for it because otherwise you get cards that are just wayyy off.

Personally, I’ve only had a few circumstances where I dealt them and the cards were actually right at predicting how the rest of my night turned out.
Honestly, I think the cards just read how you are feeling right then in there (like reading your sub-conscious), so if your mood changes throughout the day I think they could come out completely off.

They’re nothing to really rely on or are all that “freaky” as some people think. It’s just a nice occasional reflection of your current situation in your life — probably won’t show anything you don’t already know.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Valerie

Tarot isn’t a game, they are a tool for guidance, insight, psychic & personal development as well as meditation.

You use the cards that are at the top of the deck once you have shuffled. You do not pick the cards.

As you are new to the tarot the Celtic Cross is best left as it is complex. A single card will be easier.


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Tarot Card Meanings – Minor Arcana Queen of Wands

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