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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Looking for real tarot card reader. Free?

Answer by yielding
You can get a free online Tarot reading here…
There’s another one here that requires registration (free), but also gives lessons and information about Tarot reading, numerology and astrology…

Answer by imstillsandy

I think they have a free reading a day.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : free virtual tarot card reader?

Answer by who da man?
I don’t understand ur question

Answer by timberleigh
I would not put much faith or stock into ther readings.
Card readings can be a very personal thing. Computers cannot give you the same readings as a person can.
Your cosmic energy will be no where near the cards .. there is nothing to acurately read from. No vibes to pick up ….and draw from…etc..etc.
If they are asking you for money to do this..please save your dollars.
Go to a real live person.

Answer by psychic-junkie
I’m often asked about how to find free psychics and tarot readers. Although I’m a professional myself and work for a fee I realize that there are psychics out there who offer either totally free readings or a free psychic question here and there. So I’m always updating this web page with all my tips and recommendations

Here is a free download demo for a great Tarot program. To keep the size of the demo manageable it contains the Rider/Waite deck, the actual program will have 10 complete decks. This Demo version of Tarot is a full working copy for 30 days. So you get 30 days of free tarot readings!

Answer by Anastacia
Try these sites……very impressive readings & if you need help with explantions and further understandings of the cards please feel free to contact me.

Hope that helps.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : tarot card/palm reader for free?

looking for a tarot card/palm reader…someone who doesnt charge

Answer by delirium
Try this:

Answer by baronvonstrudel
Readers need to make a living too…

Honestly, it would be easier to just learn the art of Tarot or palm reading yourself. Legitimate readers usually charge.

But you could try, it has lists of stores and a lot of stores have readers on hand.

Answer by southsider
the joke goes..if they are so good, they would know your coming.
watch out, mediums are forbidden in the bible, as are talking with the concerned with the living

Answer by carpentershammerer
That’s easy, just ask Satan. He will tell you whatever it is you want to hear.

Answer by Pam R
Hello Sensitive

Professional psychics will charge you, there is no avoiding that. The service & guidance that you get will probably be beneficial – as another has said – us psychics have to make a living to.

Have you tried searching for a psychic site such as mysticfamiliar etc – search for psychic chat rooms etc & see what pops up, there are a few out there where psychics donate time.


Answer by PsiTips
I’m always updating this web page with all my tips and recommendations about how to find free psychics.

Do you want to learn what your hands can tell you about your personality with the ancient art of palmistry? On this page Per Hogseth the acclaimed psychic palm reader from Norway explains how to explore the universe residing within your own hands.

Answer by Jolayna L
Well she’s just an amateur but so far her readings for me have been fairly accurate! Check her out:

Her Yahoo screenname is AmateurTarotReader

Answer by Mezmera
Good luck. Everyone is deserving of compensation for their time, most especially if they are very skilled. Have you considered appraoching someone and offering to barter with them for their services? And be careful who you go to, ask around.

Both of these websites offer free readings by real readers. No ads, no email offers, no nothing except a free reading.

Because they have a limited number of readers you might have to wait awhile before you can get a reading, just keep trying.

Answer by WebWeaver
I would try in groups that teach this art. You should remember the old adage “You get what you pay for.”

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