Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Lay-person councilor training for talking to somewhat disturbed people?

Ever since I started offering tarot readings to the public as a business I’ve had to turn down several opportunities from people who have contacted me that seemed to be… I don’t know how else to put it other then “disturbed.” One individual I suspected might have been schizophrenic (he claimed to be hearing the voice of Satan in his head) and another was telling me how much he wanted to die because his ex-girlfriend had left him.

I was alarmed by these contacts and felt utterly helpless, knowing that I could not help their major underlying issues just by throwing their cards and they left me worrying that I had to be very careful what I said to them or risk making matters worse. I always put up the disclaimer that my readings are for entertainment only, but on a personal level, I also strive to supply helpful practical, friendly advice when someone comes to me for a reading since, to me, that’s what the cards are for.

Is there any free or inexpensive training program that I could take to help? Something like the kind of training people who volunteer to work for crisis hot-lines might take? I don’t want to take advantage of mentally disturbed people who might not understand what I’m actually offering or take my readings for some kind of gospel rather then what it actually is: entertainment and untrained friendly advice. I’d also like to be able to direct them to the appropriate resources to help them and speak to them in a way that will help them feel like I really am taking their concerns seriously and want the best for them even if that means I’m turning down their business.

Can anyone point me to something that can help me deal with such people when they find me?

(PS: If you have a problem with tarot readers on a whole or the services we offer, please refrain from sharing your unsolicited opinion on the business. I think it’s pretty clear that I’m not trying to scam anyone. I’m looking for actual help here and if these troubled people don’t get the reading they want from me, they’ll probably just keep looking for a reader and may eventually find a scam artist that will only take advantage of them. I’m hoping to try to prevent that. Thank you.)

Answer by Durp
youve helped me out alot so ill help you 🙂 You can take classes about Psychology online or you can use a book from the libaray, my personal favorite is “The human mind” By alexander Tres. MY brother is a mental health specialist and he has helped many people in afghanistan refrain from suicide and or hurting themselves. Try using a few tactics for shorthand. BEfoe you read theyre cards, tell them that the card they will get might not necassarily mean theyre going to die if they get a death card, and so forth. I suggest checking out the books i reccomended, even though you may not be fully trained its better than nothing. I wish you luck!

Answer by punkuli b
Being a Tarot Card reader and Counselor I never entertain a person whom I recognize might require a psychological help. In course of time I’ve encountered such people whom I understood suffering from acute depression or anxiety. Some of times if the querent is receptive then I distress them by Visual Imagery technique. But always its not so easy, I can do as this I have undergone a specialized course on Psychotherapy. I feel being an Interpreter you too should not entertain people having some sort of psychological disorder or symptom. Just guide them with a Psychiatrist or Counselor. Unless God forbade anything happens blames might impose on you.

Still to further assist yourself you can undergo this site called:

It helped me a lot in my non-directive persona centric counseling. Remember Tarot Card readers are too play role of a Counselor some times (through prescribing alternative ways).

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can anyone interpret this tarot reading for me please?


Knight Of Wands- Present situation
The Devil- Your World
Queen Of Wands- Your lovers World
Six of Swords- Number of issues
King of Wands- Obstacles
The Sun- Lessons and signs
Four of Pentacles- Your hopes, fears and desires
Knight Of Pentacles- Your lover’s hopes, fears and desires
Justice- Challenges
Five of Pentacles- Outcome

And also my FULL SPREAD:

The Devil- What covers you
Nine of Wands- What crosses you
The hanged man- What crowns you
Page of wands- Whats is beneath you
Seven of wands- what is behind you
The Sun- What is before you
Page of Pentacles- Yourself
Five of Swords- Around you
Nine of Cups- Hopes and fears
Seven of Pentacles- Outcome

Answer by Biddy_Tarot
Firstly, it is nearly impossible to interpret someone else’s reading if you are not the reader who laid out the cards. The reason for this is that those cards were intended for you, knowing how you interpret them yourself. Similarly, when I read the Tarot cards for my clients, I believe that certain Tarot cards appear for me specifically because I have my own Tarot card meanings for them. (I hope this makes sense!)

Nonetheless, if you want detailed Tarot card meanings online, visit or for the Tarot card meanings eBook visit

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Gurly Party Ideas dor my best friend?

Its gonna be a surprise for her, dont choose the theme pink surprise party cause im havn tat for my birthday no websites only tips and wat theme!

Thanx from TJ Omaliliy Roxiania Rose
( jst call me rose)
Did u like the name Roxiana Roze, Its pretty, on 2nd no i like the nick name as Hot sexy Gal

Answer by gudy_16
the theme of the party should be pink

Answer by Rachel B
hawian theme! its soo much fun with coctails grass skirt and floers galore!

Answer by riiin <3
My Gf’s and i threw our bestfriend a “kiddie party” for her 17th birthday, we revisted our childhoods with fairy bread, cupcakes & pass the parcel. it was fun =) out in the backyard under the beautiful aussie sun. but if that’s not your style here are some more suggestions =)

Fortune Telling Party:
Hire a palm reader or have an adult dress like a gypsy and have their palms read. Also use tarot cards to learn to tell fortunes. Serve fortune cookies. For party favors give bangles, moon and star items.

Limo Romp:
Hire a limousine. Pick up the party goers and take them to a restaurant for dinner. Best best would be an “50’s Diner” someplace were they can play goofy games. Make sure the limo is stocked with soft drinks, music, etc.

Beauty Salon:
Take the girls to a beauty salon to have their hair and nails done. Or do up their hair and nails at home in conjunction with a slumber party. For an activity, decorate pillow cases. Purchase one plain white case for each girl.

Disco Party:
Rent a disco ball, strobe light and get together some 70’s movies. Have your friends come dressed for disco. Serve TAB

– murder mystery party (you can buy the setup for this online)
– lights camera action – hollywood chick dress up party
– disney – disney dressup party
– survivor party – have challenges and gross foods to make people eat, then have a slumber party in the tent.
– pool party

– sweet 16 party: Decorate everywhere with piles of Hershey’s Kisses. Have a karaoke contest.
Formal is very appropriate for this birthday. Have your guests dress in black and white. Try a nacho bar with all the fixin’s.
Have a 16 question trivia game about the birthday boy/girl.

goodluck =)

Answer by ♥Courtney♥
make it a….hmmmmm……a…….purple birthday? or idk….how bout a flower party? or like a….you know what? this is gay.

Answer by sxcANGEL
ignore her all day of her birthday and organize at her place of work a trumpet player dressed in a clown suit with balloons and flowers and choclates with all her closest girlfriends behind him singing happy birthday, then tell her you taking her to a bar for drinks but instead take her to a house where all her friends are having a barbeque whilst watching fire-eaters and doing the “how low can you go” dance.

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Tarot reading “Cards of the Day” – 17.11.12

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♥ Where is my life going?
♥ Is that person worthy of my love?
♥ Why can’t my partner and I get along?
♥ Will this be a long-term relationship?
♥ Will I be satisfied with this relationship?
♥ Is someone else involved with our problem?
♥ What caused the problem?
♥ Can we be happy together?
♥ What can we expect in the near future?
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