Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Just wondering if anyone could help me, looking for a psychic or tarot reader..?

hi IM looking for a psychic or tarot card reader who can help me with some spiritual healing, and give me some advice, if they can email me that would be great 🙂

Answer by Melany
Humm… not sure about that never been read before. What I suggest is meditation. Some people claim that before you meditate ask a question you want answered, and when your done meditating your suppose to get some sort of answer from your higher self.

Answer by clcalifornia
Hon, most of what you seek is already inside of you.
A psychic or card reader just holds your hand as you find your own truth.

Trust your self. Find what centers you. Find your passions.
Help others. Take care of you but not in a selfish way.

Get an education. Learn to stand on your own. We all eventually realize we are alone. And that personal truth isn’t bad, it just needs to not destroy any of us. Keep your hearat open for love, trust and companionship.

Don’t give in, give up or give too much of yourself away.

Others will walk along you in life,. They will love you.
You give them what they give you.

Spiritual healing starts with facing truth. Then realize that many things in life are beyond our control. Know that your hurt soul and heart hurts only yourself. Let Go and let God take care of things.

Feel the pain and reality of what harmed you. Then tell your mind that you no longer need to let this pain harm your life. Tell your mind that any trials are ways to grow personally. Remember, life isn’t always fair.

Healing comes easier when you reach out to others helping them.

Take a deep breath and realize that you have control over your feelings. Feel the pain, put it in a file way back in your brain, be determined to be a new person letting the toxic feelings go and surround yourself in healthy things, Like- nature, literature, prayer, meditation on positive things, Find ways to ease your physical reactions that make you become toxic. Seek out healthy ways to heal your soul.

Smile, laugh. and be determine to heal. It all starts in your brain.
If your brain chemistry is messed up (depression or anxiety disorder) get some help.

Work on a thing I call “stress pervention”
Know your triggers and change your reactions to the same old pain with the same old reaction.

Smile at the sky.

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Answer by allie
Root of the matter- The Hierophant
Feelings, emotions and relationships- The World
Thoughts and career- The Chariot
Heart of the matter- The Hermit
What is surfacing- Justice
Desires you have- Judgement
Outcome- The Hanged Man


Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Save up your money and go to someone who you can trust. If you don’t know anyone who can recommend someone, call your local New Age Bookstore, They almost always have psychics who work with them and that they can recommend.

These psychics have a track record and have to be good to continue to work with the bookstore.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who would like a free Lenormand reading?

Hello, I’m offering free Lenormand readings. If you would like one reply and send me an e-mail after. I’m starting my business and would like to preview my work to those interested.

Answer by isis’s brother
so this is a tarot reading you are offering. I do know some good local
tarot card readers, so I would be interested in hearing from you and
giving positive feedback if warranted.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why does my mom keep threatening me about the devil?

It’s kind of scary. I didn’t clean my room when she told me to, but I promised to do it tomorrow (I AM!) and she was like, “The devils going to get you, you’re going to see him since you didn’t clean your room right when I asked you”

THEN this one time she told me to put on my jacket and then she goes, “If you don’t God is going to get you”

I’M 14! HELP?

Answer by Morgan
What the hell??

Answer by ✞Only✞
Lmfao my grandfather use to do that to me when I was like 5. It use to scare the sh*t out of me. But that is a little weird for your mom to be doing that to you if you are 14. LMFAO omg lol lol lol. Just tell your mom I’m not 5 anymore. She is only doing it to you to scare you in hopes that you will listen to her.

Answer by David
the real God (Christian God: the Holy Trinity) created a set number of angels on the 2nd day…let’s say 30 billion. 1/3 of all angels rebelled against God…10 billion…God turned the rebels into spiritual darkness aka demons. well, technically, God had mercy on them because He didn’t kill them or send them straight to hell. God gave them a chance to repent of what they’ve done. so, demons had about at least 7000 years to ask God to forgive them. they didn’t do it. so, now they’ll burn in hell with all the people who follow them (aka witches/wizzards, astrologers/tarot card readers, mediums/seers, ghost hunters, etc.). well, of course, if these witches/astrologers/mediums/etc. repent of their sins and ask God to forgive them, God will forgive them. so, what I ‘m saying, everybody’s got a shot to go to heaven – they just have to ask God to forgive them their sins.
demons disguise themselves as ghosts, greys, aliens, pagan gods, etc. basically just everywhere u go (something paranormal or religious like ouija board, channeling, dead relatives during seances), it’s the demons almost all the time. to fight demons, u gotta be a christian. here are some christians’ thoughts. spread the warning, please.
jigsaw from ‘saw’ movie is the antichrist.
devil is black with red eyes.
antichrist is white with red eyes.
jigsaw will rule from jerusalem in a few years.
jerusalem is the whore of babylon.
mark of the beast is similar to the ‘in time’ movie tattoo; tattoo with three
green-glowing sixes will be given with small gray world passport by lasers.
Vyatcheslav Krasheninnikov (1982-1993) said this:
-china will attack russia
-jews will lose war against muslims
-80 foot dinosaurs will come out thru lakes and sinkholes. don’t go near lakes and sinkholes.
-statue of liberty will make one step forward and then collapse
-antichrist has white powder on his face. his eyes are red. don’t worship him.
-green electronic tattoo will be given by lasers when people stretch their hands to receive small gray world passport. don’t take chip. don’t take world passport. don’t take any tattoos.
-demons dress in fake human skin and fly in ufo ships. don’t go into a ufo ship.
people who go into ufo ships to be healed by demons, come out zombies.

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Tarot Cards Reading 2013 in Telugu – Tarot 2013 Predictions

Written by ClairvoyantConni

Since the age of 2 I have had encounters and a personal relationship with loved ones crossed. In my opinion there are no better friends you can have. They are honest, without the capacity to hold ego or materialistic views and always give you accurate information to help you through whatever you are going through. They have the ability to see the past, present and future without judgement. Their accuracy is uncanny.

Having the gift of sight, hearing, sensing, smelling and tasting as well as empathy and the gift of communicating with spirit, gives me the ability to accurately read you without judgement.

Spirit has entrusted me with these gifts to help you in all areas of your life. It has been an exciting journey. This gift is generational and my grandmother and father both had the gift as well as my children.

I have assisted over 15,598 people online in the last 9 years alone. I have thousands of other clients as well. This is what I dedicate my life to as I know it is my life calling.