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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is there any one who will give me a free tarot card reading?

all of the sites i have checked are all “now we need your credit card number” but i don’t have a credit card so is there any one who can give me a free tarot card reading?

Answer by tinkerbelle kisses
Sure I do tarot readings via email id be happy to help you out.
Email me through here and we will organize something 🙂

Answer by GCram
If you are on Facebook I made an app for this: http://apps.facebook.com/the_tarot/?fb_source=bookmark_favorites&ref=bookmarks&count=0&fb_bmpos=4_0 try and tell me what you think!

Answer by Priestess
I will give you a free cross of truth tarot reading if you go ‘like’ my facebook page and write me a comment. I also have a 50% sale on any of my services. You don’t need a credit card for my other services, you can use a debit card because I use an easy system.

Answer by Thinkpositive911
This site does a free tarot reading..

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do you do when you give a tarot reading?

How do you, personally, give a tarot reading?
For instance, do you light any certain candles or incense? Do you have the person shuffle the cards or do you shuffle and simple have them cut the deck? Do you do a three card reading or something more complex?
I would very much like to know how other people do readings =)
I understand the cards and know how to read them. I just want to know what other people do when they do readings. I don’t need to know anything about what the cards mean or where to look up info.

Answer by Moby
I don’t lie, so no. I’ve never done it.

Answer by END TIMES
follow demon spirits.

Answer by Al Bundy
Ask for the money in advance.

Answer by Fezzywig
one time I got a full house.an the cat blew up

Answer by Lilly
Depends on what deck I’m using. I pretty much only ever use my Oracle cards. They are not so good at giving specific info, but mostly used for telling you what you need to know at this moment in your life. I don’t do readings for many people. Mostly just myself. I do a 5 card pull. First two usually work together, the next two cards work together, and the fifth card shows how they all work together in my life. Always works for me. But then again I don’t believe they can tell me anything concrete about my future anyways. So many things happening every day that can radically change the outcome.
When I do readings for other people, I never let anyone touch my Oracle cards. I don’t care if they want to play with any of my other decks, but no one ever touches my Oracle cards. I still get perfect readings for people off them even if they haven’t touched them. But to each his/her own.

Answer by tarot_realms
I do not light candles or anything like that.

What I do is ground myself and welcome in all the Universal energy that would like to participate.

Then I shuffle the cards for the person. I never let them shuffle the cards. Every reader is different. I connect better with their energy and can feel and sense the energy between them and also with the cards.. also, I primarily read over the phone and internet, so it’s not feasible to allow the querent to shuffle. Also, I don’t shuffle in the playing poker way. I feel this is disrespectful to all involved, including the cards.

I do a mixture of readings during the course of a session. Mostly larger spreads though.

What you should do is do what is comfortable for yourself. If you are curious about other people’s readings.. either do some exchanges with friends, or go out and purchase readings from professionals, or even take classes. This will give you a feel for people’s styles. Everyone has a style.. just find out what’s yours! 😀

Answer by vid
I do not light any candles or incense. Also, I generally have the person shuffle the cards–unless I’m doing a reading for them over the phone or something. However, sometimes if I’m reading for a stranger and I’m not comfortable really with that person touching my cards I will shuffle for that person, but generally I have everyone shuffle the cards and cut them.

The question depends on the spread I use. Generally, I do a very long spread that uses 30+ cards and takes quite sometime to do, and that is my most favorite if a person wants a general reading on the numerous areas of their life. However, if a person wants to know about their relationship I have a spread for that. I have spreads for every type of question really.

Sometimes I will use a three card past, present, future spread but that isn’t that common for me. I am also not a fan of the Celtic Cross spread as there are too many variations for where to put which cards, and I just am not a fan of that spread in general.

Also, I have numerous decks but I always go back to the Rider-Waite-Smith deck and there are only two versions of that deck I like. I’ve found that most of the RWS decks are mere clones painted or colored differently by other artists.

The wonderful thing about Tarot is there really aren’t any right or wrong ways of doing Tarot. Whatever a person is most comfortable is the right way for them. Some readers have everyone shuffle the cards, but some readers won’t allow anyone to touch their cards believing that they will taint the cards with the person’s energy. I like the fact that there aren’t any real rules with Tarot and it works usually regardless of anyone’s rituals.

Answer by Crystal Star
How you develop your routine when you read cards is a pretty personal thing… what ever you are comfortable with.
I do light candles and I choose white and/or pink candles. I quiet myself for a moment and say a silent prayer to let me bring wisdom and guidance to the person asking the question(s) of the cards. I also surround us ( in my mind with a white light of protection) . I usually will read several questions for a person. When there is a new person asking the questions I “recenter” myself with a silent prayer before I begin handling the cards again.
I ask the person what their question is or if there is an area of their life they want to know about. I shuffle while thinking about their question and then I place the cards on the table for them telling them to keep the ? in mind and shuffle at least three times but as much as they feel comfortable. I have them place the cards into three uneven piles and then I pick up the largest pile first then left to right.
How you develop in your readings is not a cookie cutter idea. You will do what comes natural for you; the thing is to be consistent with the meanings of each card and the method of your approach to it.
At home a have a scared place that has something representing each of the elements ( as each suit of the tarot does)…Some times I burn incense but not always. There are other things are on my table which I read on. I am careful that nothing negative happens near my “sacred place” not even a TV is near my husband & I do not discuss things that have a negitive feel to them near my sacred place .( On my table there is a candle ( or more) representing fire, the is usually insence representing air, I have a rooted plant in water representing water and earth. I also have a small seashell with a few stones from the earth ( I have a rose qurartz, and other kinds of crystals representing healing and truth).
I never travel without my cards so the things I do at home are not always possible when I read.. however a prayer and the white light is always available to me where ever I go.
It’s alot like praying not everyone gets on their knees or uses holy water before entering a church… you’ll figure out what is best for you because it will feel natural and have purpose to you.
Best wishes on your readings.
Light, Love & Blessings

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What this four card tarot reading means?

I did a reading about the future of my current professional situation ( I’m very unhappy at my job) and got the folowing cards:
1 – Nine of Swords
2 – Tower
3 – Eight of Cups
4 (sumation) – Four of Wands

What could it mean?

Answer by Ding-Ding
Short, but maybe not so sweet.
Anxiety and stress over a situation.
A collapse of plans that happens suddenly. “Out of the blue.”
Walking away from a situation.
A “coming home” (finding the right place) and a celebration.

Written by LoveadvisorJoyce

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